PokerStars Sunday Million Results (6-3-07)

Sometimes a good deal is hard to pass up. After more than 7,000 players started the June 3 Sunday Million, the final table was all about a good deal. The top five players all decided on a chop. After the deal was in place, the UK's pokerjoel1 walked away with the official victory. Final table results are below.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results
Based on finishing order and five-way deal that left $30,000 for first place

1. pokerjoel1 (United Kingdom) $113,415.77
2. mrp123 (United States) $80,603.53
3. Bonuskort (Norway) $100,824.04
4. PLAYAMAN (United States) $115,524.62
5. varuni (Italy) $58,416.04
6. nickym998 (United Kingdom) $31,064.00
7. bootlegbobby (United States) $21,886.00
8. Xpugn0 (United States) $12,708.00
9 . Sangreal76 (Netherlands) $8,330.80

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