PokerStars Sunday Million results (7-1-07)

On the same day PokerStars announced two new big Sunday tournaments and increased the guarantee on the Sunday Warm Up (see below), the Sunday Million drew an impressive 6,813 players. The players never cut a deal and Germany's tonijeromi walked away with a massive $192,126.60 in prize money. Congratulations to all the winners. Final table results are below.

PokerStars Sunday Million

1. tonijeromi (Germany) $192,126.60
2. NSD1 (United States) $96,744.60
3. Dsavo (Denmark) $68,130.00
4. Fatman84 (Norway) $54,504.00
5. AlusivPnkBny (United States) $40,878.00
6. Dyzalot (United States) $29,977.20
7. -BBJ- (United States) $21,120.30
8. HR_Dub (United States) $12,263.40
9. Pokermäklarn (Sweden) $8,039.34

Brad Willis
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