PokerStars' RikkiTikki: PokerStars Sunday Million Winners

When RikkiTikki won the Sunday Million this week, it was really, really late. I ended up writing something that referred to the winner as a "he." Boy, that was a mistake. I rarely, if ever, slip into sexist writing, especially when it comes to poker players (I learned my lesson about female poker players years ago when playing with Team PokerStars' Isabelle Mercier). In all honesty, I saw the first name "Lone," I took a guess and was wrong. As it turns out, RikkiTikki is a hard-charging female poker player who politely informed me "girls can play poker as well." With that in mind, here's a bit more about RikkiTikki.


Real name: Lone
Age: 31
Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark
Profession: Marketing entrepreneur and poker player

Poker background: My boyfriend, who's a talented poker player, taught me to play poker three years ago. And since then it has been a great interest of mine and I've trying to improve myself ever since and right now I'm playing poker for a living.

Life outside poker: When I don't play poker I'm doing sports, taking care of my animals, travelling, oil painting, reading books, watching movies or documentaries, diving, hanging out with my family and friends and I work as a volunteer for a NGO, and that work means a lot to me. I'm a University graduate in marketing and communications and have been working with marketing and campaigns before and are now in the process of starting up my own little company.

Plans for winnings: This is my biggest win. Some of the winnings go to the bankroll, other to investments and others again to travels, etc. with my family.

The post-win celebration: My boyfriend was the only one here. He was sleeping and I woke him up when I reached the final table, so he was cheering of course and giving good advices and it was nice to discuss hands with another person at that time (I was getting tired since it was night time here most of the time the tournament took place). I called my brother and my parents - and told them that I won and how much.

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