PokerStars third Supernova Elite: marchinvest2

In the world of marketing and business, advertising gurus toss around the word "elite" like a teenager would toss out the word "awesome." At PokerStars, the word "elite" actually means something. How so? Well, this year was the first year for the PokerStars VIP Club's Supernova Elite level. In the first nine months of the year, only three people have achieved this top ranking. ElkY was the first. BigJoe2003 was the second.

Now, this elite level has a third member: marchinvest2.

ElkY and BigJoe2003 made it to Supernova Elite largely playing SNGs. Marchinvest2 took a different approach. He did it playing cash games. So, it seems like a good idea to introduce you to the player behind the game.

Marchinvest2 is a 28 year-old owner of several fast food restaurants. He lives with his girlfriend on Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis, MN.

With his Elite status, marchinvest2 will pick up some great live tournament entries and a great bonus on his FPPs while he plays. And what is he playing? In the nine months since the beginning of the year, he's been playing a lot.

"I play six to nine tables of 10/20 to fifteen tables six-max and full-ring limit games," he said.

By this point in a persons poker career, they have amassed enough FPPs to just about anything they want. Marchinvest2 is different.

"I don't have many FPPs right now, because each time I get 100,000, I buy a $1,500 bonus," he said. "I have bought countless bonuses over the course of the year. I really appreciate PokerStars offering a cash bonus. It is much better than any other poker site for player bonuses."

Congratulations to marchinvest2 for becoming PokerStars' third Supernova Elite.

Brad Willis
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