PokerStars upgrades software for new languages and resizable lobbies

PokerStars released a new version of its software on Thursday. Though the changes are subtle, they stand to offer you even more flexibility when playing.

The biggest change that stands to affect the most users is the ability to re-size PokerStars' lobbies. If you'd like a bigger look at PokerStars' main lobby, you can now just click your mouse on the edge of the lobby and drag it out to the size you want. The same thing goes for the tournament lobbies. The new feature is especially great for checking out tournament payouts. Rather than opening a new window to see some of the deeper payout places, you can now make the lobby bigger and use a scroll bar next to the prize pool section of the lobby. Click on the images below for more detail.

PokerStars also released a "Language" section at the top of the main lobby. Now, users can pick from 13 different languages when enjoying PokerStars, now including Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Hungarian. You can, again, click on the image below to see the language options in detail.

So, if you have not yet logged into PokerStars this week, be looking for these changes.


Brad Willis
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