Romania wins final World Cup of Poker live event spot

Team Romania has snagged its spot in the World Cup of Poker IV finals. Last Sunday, Teams Romania and Hungary played to a tie in the Division finals. Today, PokerStars hosted a heads-up match to decide which of the two teams would head to Barcelona. Team Romania's captain took a pass on the tie-breaker and put Tardeea in the chair to fight for his country's spot. He went head-to-head with Hungary's captain Belabacsi.

After a hard-fought match, Team Romania watched its player come out with the win. Now, Romania will join Teams Iceland, Mexico, Portugal, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and USA in Barcelona's live finals next month. With the final team in place, here's who we'll be watching play for the World Cup of Poker IV championship.

Barcelona Live Final Teams

USA National Team 1
tnetter, shaundeeb, principe4, d-28
(USA Division)

Canada Province Team 1 (Newfoundland)
tilterino, SirWatts, gummer2004, poppyoppy
(Canada Division)

Bayern--Province Team 3
Rennwurm, bolsans, kosa28, Corn0815
(German Division)

Team Ireland
ROONEY_DIVES, luckysod, Conno!!y, greenrizla
(Britain and Ireland Division)

Team Iceland
Squrell, uglyjoes, @tl@sinn, frikki
(Europe Division I)

Team Portugal
spxdes, zumytime, Guto ,jojo19713
(Europe Division II)

Team Romania
razvan1ian, alin111, Tardeea, keke22
(Europe Division III)

Team Mexico
onasis16, coronabeach, xmeteorox, elricardomt
(Rest of World Division)

Now that all eight teams are in place, a celebrity player from each country will join the teams to play for the championship. Stay tuned to find out who will step in for the fifth spot on each team.

Congratulations to all the teams for making it this far. Good luck in Barcelona!

Brad Willis
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