Stars sign prize baize for ‘Ocean’s Thirteen Charity Tournament’

Now here's a scene you don't see everyday outside of the silver screen. The producer and stars of Hollywood blockbuster 'Ocean's Thirteen' taking time out to sign a PokerStars' poker baize and copies of the movie on DVD. The stellar cast was reunited at the Hotel Du Cap in Cannes, France, while attending the movie’s worldwide premiere, to sign the prizes for our third 'Ocean's Thirteen Charity Tournament', to show their appreciation for PokerStars' involvement in the charity Not On Our Watch (see below).

This was the first time the cast had all gathered together for a photo call since shooting the movie poster. Also in attendance was Team PokerStars' 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem, who gladly offered up playing tips to the stars, in particular Don Cheadle and Matt Damon who turned up early to meet the champ. Visit the PokerStars Gallery page to see more photos.

The cast and crew of the movie are all keen poker players, and had a poker room built on the movie lot to entertain themselves when they weren't shooting. But this time the stakes were much higher...

Producer Jerry Weintraub, together with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle, have together launched the charity Not On Our Watch to help raise awareness of the suffering in Darfur, the western region of Sudan, Africa.

The plight there is very real -- hundreds of thousands of people there have lost their lives due to the ongoing instability in the region, and millions more have been displaced and are entirely reliant on international aid for their survival.

It's a situation that requires help -- and fast. And that's exactly what PokerStars and its players have provided. First, PokerStars donated $1 million to the charity. Then it ran two charity re-buy tournaments. Not only did it donate the entire prize pool created by its players to NOOW, but it also matched it!

PokerStars players' efforts have been fantastic so far. And, for their charitable efforts, eight of the players -- with guests -- have attended the 'Ocean's Thirteen' premieres in both Cannes and Los Angeles. Other winners will receive copies of the DVD when it goes on general release.

The prize for the third 'Ocean's Thirteen Charity Tournament' will be no less spectacular. The winner will receive a signed baize, framed.

Details of the tournament will be revealed soon. But don't miss this chance to join PokerStars and the producer and cast of 'Ocean's Thirteen' in helping to stop the suffering in Darfur.

If you want to donate direct to the charity it couldn't be easier. To transfer funds simply go to the main lobby, then to Requests, and drop down to Transfer Funds. Type in the User ID NOOW and the amount you wish to donate. The funds will then be taken from your account and credited to the charity. All money will go directly to the charity and PokerStars will match all funds donated!

NOTICE: Any money contributed to Not On Our Watch through PokerStars may not be considered a tax-deductible donation in some jurisdictions.

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