Supernova Elite: Two is company

2007 was a brand new year, full of possibilities and promise. Player BigJoe2003 sent an e-mail to his contact in the PokerStars VIP Club, Scott Y.

"At the start of the year, he emailed asking what are the rewards for two million and three million VPPs," Scott Y. said. "I thought he was joking."

It was no joke.

BigJoe2003 at work

Last week, when Team PokerStars' ElkY became the first to reach the Supernova Elite level of the PokerStars VIP club, the online poker forums and message boards went nuts. Now, ElkY has some company.

Over the weekend, BigJoe2003 crossed the one million VIP Player Point mark for the calendar year. Now, with the Ten Billionth hand promotion underway, BigJoe2003 is racking up VPPs by the tens of thousands. With Aston-Martins available in the VIP FPP store, BigJoe2003 could be riding in all kinds of style. As he wrote on his website, "I should get three Astons by the end of the year, which I think is pretty hilarious. I'll probably have to sell some of them, but if I make millions at the WSOP I'll just keep them until I have seven and then get the license plates to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., because that would just be awesome."

Awesome, indeed.

Congratulations to BigJoe2003 for achieving this incredible accomplishment. And Joe, if you don't feel like driving your "Friday Aston," on a regular basis, give me a call. I'd be interested to see what it looks like in the parking lot of my local card room.

Brad Willis
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