Team PokerStars grows by four

PokerStars' elite stable of poker pros and enthusiasts just grew by four members, and they are all faces you're bound to recognize. Getting a spot on Team PokerStars is no easy task, but these four players showed their stuff at this year's World Series. If you've not yet seen them on television, keep your eyes peeled, because you will soon.

So, who are the four players stepping into the Team PokerStars dugout?

Tuan Lam only started playing poker so he could deal cards in a friend's poker room. It turned out to be a move that would change both his and his family's life. After turning pro, Lam went to the 2007 World Series and nearly won the Main Event bracelet. He placed second and won nearly $5 million.

Dario Minieri is one of the best-known poker players from Italy. Perhaps most famous for using his PokerStars Frequent Player Points to buy a Porsche, Minieri also went deep in the 2007 World Series and made the final table of a European Poker Tour event this year.

Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan was once suspected of being a bot, because he played so many SNGs at a time. It turned out, he was simply a highly-animated, super-multi-tasking poker player. RaiNKhaN made the final table of the 2007 World Series Main Event and won nearly $1 million

Raymond Rahme was the first person from the entire continent of Africa to make a World Series Main Event Final table. He did it in 2007, just two years after picking up Texas Hold'em. Rahme placed third and won more than $3 million.

To learn more about these players and all the members of the elite team, visit the Team PokerStars homepage.

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