The BIG Ten Billion Trivia Answers

The PokerStars BIG Ten Billionth hand is just around the corner. PokerStars has a ton of promotions leading up to the big event. Among those events are a series of Trivia Freerolls. You can get into the freerolls just by answering a trivia question. You can find all the answers on the website, the PokerStars software, or, in some cases, here on the PokerStars Blog. Just in case you were wondering about the answers to the trivia questions, I'll be posting them here over the next week. If you need help finding answers on the PokerStars Blog, feel free to use the search box at the bottom of this page to search all of the PokerStars Blog and

Q. What job did 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker hold before becoming a professional poker player?
A. Before Chris Moneymaker set out on an unplanned mission to revolutionize the poker world, he worked as an accountant.

Q. Where is the EPT final event held?
A. For the past three seasons, the European Poker Tour Grand Final has been held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Rob Hollink, Jeff "yellowsub86" Williams, and Gavin Griffin have walked away as champions.

Q. Fill in the blank: The Sunday ________ is the largest poker tournament on the internet?
A. PokerStars Sunday Million changes somebody's life nearly every week. In just a few short years, the guarantee has doubled and the tournament has become appointment poker for thousands of poker players every Sunday.

Q. What year did Tom McEvoy win his World Championship?
A. Team PokerStars boasts of four poker world champions. Tom McEvoy won the World Series main event in 1983.

Q. How many Pokerstars Themes are there available for download in the software? -- answer in numbers
A. You can use up to 11 themes on the PokerStars software.

Q. What color are Diamonds in the PokerStars Four Color Deck?
A. Blue.

Q. Which country won the 2006 PokerStars World Cup of Poker?
A. Although Team Costa Rica won the first two World Cup of Poker championships, it could not pull a three-peat in 2006. That year, the World Cup of Poker championship went to Team Poland.

Q. What was the screen name of the player who won the Main Event of WCOOP 2006?
A. This was one of those neat cases in which the person's screen name was barely known but his real name was a poker household name. In fact, since winning the 2006 WCOOP Main Event, J.C. Tran has gone on a most impressive rush and killed a lot of big tournament fields. His screen name on PokerStars? Well, that would be "area23jc."

Q. When did PokerStars run the first World Championship Of Online Poker?
A. It's funny to look back to July of 2002. Back then, most people who play online poker today were still busy doing something else. Now, there are thousands upon thousands of people who look forward to WCOOP. In 2002, Sweden's MultiMarine won...wait for it...$65,450 in the $1,000 buy-in main event.

Q. What is the screen name of the Sunday Million Tournament of Champions winner?
A. Sooners

Q. When did PokerStars first have over 100,000 players simultaneously online?
A. That was February of 2006. And what a time it has been ever since.

Q. PokerStars' donation to the 2005 Tsunami relief fund was broadcast by which major US TV network?
A. In 2005, PokerStars had a sense for its ability to harness the power of online poker for good. Its phinthropy, combined with its players generous hearts, allowed PokerStars to give $400,000 to the Red Cross for tsunami relief. PokerStars presented the check to the Red Cross on NBC.

Q. At what percent of the normal rate do SilverStars earn FPP?
A. 150

Q. PokerStars has a _______ World Record for most simultanous players online.
A. Guinness

Q. What is the first name of the PokerStars Moneymaker Millionaire Winner?
A. Quillan Nagel won the Moneymaker Millionaire Freeroll. His screen name wasn't hard to figure out. It's his first name, "quillan."

Q. What is the screen name of the PokerStars 5 Billionth Hand winner?
A.The winner of PokerStars Five Billionth Hand had quite a story. She was in need of eye surgery but couldn't afford it...until she won the money for the Five Billionth Hand. Her screen name was "marajade."

Q. How many EPT tournaments were there this season?
A. 8

Q. What is the screen name of the second person to make Supernova Elite?A. BigJoe2003.

Q. What is the screen name of the Anniversary Sunday Million winner?
A. After a successful year of Sunday Million, PokerStars held an anniversary party with a lot of added money and a huge prize pool. PokerStars player "zeddor" won the whole shooting match.

Q. A player must be at least a ____Star VIP to join a 1-table match with a World Champion.
A. Gold

Q. What country is 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem from?
A. Here's a hint: "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!" That doesn't help? Well, you should know that Hachem is actually a native of Lebanon. However, he now calls Australia home.

Q. What year was PokerStars founded?
A. 2001

Q. How many FPP do you need to buy a stress ball?
A. 300

Q. In what month in 2006 did PokerStars deal its 5 Billionth Hand?A. That was one year ago this month, in May of 2006.

Q. How many PokerStars qualifiers reached the final table of the World Series Main Event in 2006?
A. Three PokerStars qualifiers--Dan Nassif, Erik Friberg, and Doug Kim--combined for more than $5 million in prize money.

Q. What is the PokerStars screen name of 2004 WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer?
A. FossilMan

Q. What city in Germany is one of the stops on the EPT?
A. Dortmund

Q.How many FPP do you need to buy an Aston Martin?
A. 5,000,000

Q. What country won the PokerStars World Cup of Poker in 2005?
A. Costa Rica

Q. How many FPP do you need to buy a PokerStars 2 GB mp3 player?
A. 5000

Q. When did PokerStars introduce Frequent Player Points?
A. September 2001

Q. How many VPP do you need to earn in a month to become a SilverStar?
A. 1500

Q. In what hotel does the annual PokerStars' Carribean Adventure take place?
A. Atlantis

Q. When did the PokerStars Sunday tournament first reach a prizepool of $1 Million?
A. December, 2005

Q. What four legged animal has the same name as one of the poker games offered on PokerStars?
A. Horse

How many PokerStars Qualifiers were at the final table of the EPT Grand Final in 2007?
A. 4

Q. What is the first name of the PokerStars qualifier who won the Monte Carlo Grand Final at the end of EPT Season 3?
A. Gavin

Q. What brand of sportscar associated with James Bond did PokerStars give away in a tournament series?
A. Aston Martin

Q. What is the total cost of a normal Sunday Million entry?
A. 215

Q. What is the nickname of the editor of the PokerStars blog?
A. Otis

Q. How many FPP do you need to buy a Name a Star from the fpp store?
A. 2500

Q. What color are Hearts in the PokerStars Four Color Deck?
A. Red

Q. What is the screen name of the Team PokerStars member who is the first Supernova Elite?
A. ElkY

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