World Cup heat 4 - all the action

Andri Arnthorsson, Iceland, wins heat four and earns 15 points

7.20pm: Tyler Netter, USA, eliminated in second place
The heads up duel was short and sweet, especially if you're an Iceland supporter. Two key hands swung it. Firstly, Andri Arnthorsson got it all in with A-10 against Netter's pocket fours. The ten hit to double up. Soon after, Netter was the player all in, this time behind J-3. Arnthorsson held A-Q and although a three flopped, a queen rivered and the heat was over.

7.15pm: Ricardo Rios, Mexico, eliminated in third place
Another one down. Rios moves in with Q-10, which is no match for Tyler Netter's A-Q, especially when an ace flops. Rios earned Mexico's first top-three finish, and more points (nine) than his team-mates put together. It still might not be enough, though.

7.10pm: Cristian Tardea, of Romania, eliminated in fourth place
Again an elimination and again it's Tyler Netter, of the US, who is responsible. Cristian Tardea, of Romania, moves in with A-7 and it's a very simple call for Tyler and his big stack. He has A-A, after all. The flop and turn brings a backdoor flush draw for Romania but it fails to hit. Romania are out of the top three for the first time, but still head the standings.

7.05pm: Luiz Freitas, of Portugal, eliminated in fifth place
Tyler Netter claims another scalp. This time Luiz Freitas moved all-in pre-flop with pocket tens and they were racing against the American's A-J. Team USA won this one, when an ace flopped. Freitas takes five points for fifth, but Portugal are in trouble in the overall standings. They have 18 points from four heats.

6.40pm: Noel Peare, of Ireland, eliminated in sixth place
Team Ireland take the walk in sixth as Noel Peare gets it all in pre-flop behind A-9s. Tyler Netter, of the United States, called with A-K but must have been cursing when a nine flopped. However, the American calls from the stands for a king were heard this time as it popped out on the river. Ireland take three points for sixth.

6.35pm: Double up for Ricardo Rios, of Team Mexico. The whipping boys so far at this year's World Cup were just thrown a lifeline when Ricardo Rios moved in over the top of Tyler Netter's pre-flop bet. They went to the races with Rios holding A-J and Netter 5-5. Greg Raymer conducted Team USA in a chant for a five, but in fact it was a jack that flopped to give the pot to Mexico.

6.15pm: Double up for Tyler Netter, of the United States. And a fortunate one at that. He open-raised all in pre-flop and was called in the big blind by Cristian Tardea who had him well covered. He also had the far better hand - A-K against Netter's 7-9 - but fortune favoured the bravery of the American and a nine rivered for the scoop.

5.55pm: Katja Thater, Germany, eliminated in seventh place
Auf Wiedersehen, Katja. Forced to play all-in poker after running into Romania's aces before the break, the Germany star player got it all in with A-10 and was up against Iceland's A-8. Thater was a good favourite, but an eight flopped and that was that. Germany take two points, but remain in grave danger of missing the final. Germany has 9 points from four heats.

Glum Germany

5.30pm: Players are taking a break while the small denomination chips are coloured up. When they return, they'll be playing level five with blinds of 200-400.

Their chips stacks are:

1 - Jody Thompson, Canada - OUT
2 - Ricardo Rios, Mexico - 3,200
3 - Cristian Tardea, Romania - 6,300
4 - Noel Peare, Ireland - 3,100
5 - Andri Arnthorsson, Iceland - 13,800
6 - Tyler Netter, USA - 5,600
7 - Katja Thater, Germany - 2,100
8 - Luiz Freitas, Portugal - 5,900

5.20pm: A lucky escape for Katja Thater and Team Germany. Tyler Netter, of the United States, raised from the button and Katja pushed her remaining 1,470 in from the small blind. Tyler called with A-8 and Katja was dominated, with just A-6. The flop was 9-2-7, no help for Germany. But then two more sevens on turn and river split the pot, and Germany survives.

5.10pm: Big pot for Romania. Already dominating the overall standings, Cristian Tardea just made a play for the chip lead in heat four. He flat called Katja Thater's pre-flop bet, then check-raised all in on a board of 3s-4h-Kc. Katja, of Germany, didn't like it, but she was priced in for the call, holding 2-2. Tardea had slow-played aces and they held up. Germany in trouble.

Katja Thater: Deuces don't beat Aces

4.55pm: Still seven in Barcelona, although the chips are moving. Andri Arnthorsson has consolidated his, and Iceland's, chip lead by taking down a pot of 2,500-odd. He raised pre-flop, got two callers in Irish and Romanian colours, but then bet out on the queen-high flop and picked it up.

Iceland Team Captain: Andri Arnthorsson

4.30pm: Small pot goes the way of Portugal. Luiz Freitas is one of three players to see an all-club flop, and then re-raises a bet from Romania. It's called by Noel Peare, of Ireland, and Romania gets out the way. The two players check it all the way down from there as another club fails to materialise. Noel shows the bare ace of clubs for ace high and Freitas's pair of fives scoops.

Noel checks his cards

4.15pm: Jody Thompson, Canada, eliminated in eighth place
And suddenly fireworks. There's nothing like aces versus kings to get all the chips in the middle, and the World Cup is no different. Andri Arnborsson, of Iceland, raised pre-flop, Jody Thompson reraised, Andri called. That call was the best play of the heat so far: he was holding aces and disguised them beautifully. The flop was 4-9-4 and Canada bet out, holding kings. Iceland moved in, Canada called and we saw those pocket monsters. The aces stood up and Jody, the Canadian captain, is out. He takes one place for eighth.

3.55pm: There's something of an early morning feel in the Gran Casino Barcelona. After four days of "getting to know one another" the players and media greeted today's 3.30pm start as though it was 7am. It's transferred to the tables, where early skirmishes have been kept to a minimum. The lethargy is sure to lift once the caffeine kicks in.

Heat 4 kicks off

3.40pm: With two heats to play today, we were anxious to start on time. And just a five minute delay is practically unheard of in poker. So, we're off already and Katja Thater, Team PokerStars player, WSOP bracelet winner, and Germany's star player at the World Cup, took down the first notable pot. She raised pre-flop, bet on flop and river and took 1,000 or so from Noel Peare, of Ireland.

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