World Cup of Poker action underway

The action is already hot in the PokerStars' World Cup of Poker.

The final Round 1 Qualifiers for the remaining countries are now taking place. Nine players from each tournament will qualify for their country's final match, from which the top 2 players will join the top 2 TLB players to form their countries WCP team.

In other news, PokerStars says it has heard from from about 2/3rds of the TLB players they have contacted so far. The people behind the World Cup of Poker suggest you check your e-mail. They need to speak with you ASAP to see if you want to play on your country's team.

Congratulations to the players who have already qualified for their teams and the division finals on Sunday August 5th! For more information, visit PokerStars' World Cup of Poker page. Or follow the action by click on Events and WCP in thhe PokerStars lobby.

Brad Willis
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