World Cup of Poker: Conno!!y

This week, we're intriducing you to some of the more colorful characters from this year's World Cup of Poker live finals in Barcelona. Forty players from around the world will be headed to Spain in just a few weeks. Today's player is from Team Ireland and goes by the name Conno!!y on PokerStars.

My name is Joe Connolly, I live in Connemara County Galway in Ireland. I'm 20 years old and have been playing poker for about two years now. I play under the alias Conno!!y on PokerStars. I starting playing for just play money and then made a deposit for just $5 and haven't looked back since. Making the Ireland team is my biggest poker achievement to date. My best tournament win is $850, for a $2 entry fee. I feel I played well in my World Cup match. I didn't make too many mistakes and finished 2nd.

I played tight to start off, winning small pots and loosened up my game as the blinds increased. I won a nice pot with pocket jacks when the flop came down KJT. I knocked out a player when I limped with A8 suited from the small blind to his big blind. He was raising a lot of the time. He then pushed all-in. I made the call and he showed T3 offsuit and my hand held up. I got lucky in one hand when I called a
shot-stacked player's all-in with an A6. He showed A8 and I spiked the 6 on
the turn.

The World Cup for me so far has been great. When I entered that first freeroll, I never thought I'd get this far. It has been a great run to date and I hope it continues and Ireland wins the event. I'm looking forward to Barcelona a lot. I've never been to Spain. I'll be bringing a few mates to support me and the Irish team. I'm confident we can do well over there.

Thanks once again to PokerStars for giving me this opportunity.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in