World Cup of Poker: shaundeeb

This week, we're highlighting players who will be representing their home countries in the World Cup of Poker IV finals. Today, we offer an introduction that likely doesn't need to be made--PokerStars player shaundeeb.

I would think it's gotta be hard running around in the poker world with a name like Deeb. After all, between the ugly shirt, the ESPN coverage, and winning this year's $50,000 HORSE event, most people think Freddy when they think Deeb. Or, at least, they used to. These days, there is a guy tearing up the online tournaments who threatens to take over the Deeb name and claim it in the name of Troy, NY.

If you don't know shaundeeb (and, yeah, his name is actually Shaun Deeb), you don't play much tournament poker online. Deeb is a young, consistent, and constant player who is best known for turning a $30 deposit into $33,000 in just a couple of weeks. Deeb made his place on USA's national team after running roughshod over the PokerStars tournament leaderboard and earning his spot on the team.

If you happened to miss Deeb at the online tables (and if you have, I have to wonder what tournaments you're playing, because Deeb seems to play them all), you've probably seen him playing at Turning Stone or in Las Vegas. If you missed him there, well, check your DVR for an episode of ESPN's World Series coverage. That segment where they guys are playing Monopoly with real money? Yeah, Deeb is in there. In fact, I'm not uncertain that Deeb isn't everywhere. He's been known to play 30 tournaments at once. Not 30 SNGS. Thirty freakin' tournaments. It's like playing most of the World Series in one sitting.

As he said in an interview, "Anytime someone asks me how I play so many tables at once, I tell them it took a lot of practice. Anyone who tries to play a lot of tables right away will be a significant loser at the tables. You are afforded so little time to make decisions that it's not something new players should try. If you take it baby steps and don't try to jump from three tables to thirty tables, it can be done."

Right now, Deeb is looking forward to his trip to Spain and is hoping to extend it a bit by winning a seat in the European Poker Tour event in Barcelona that precedes the World Cup finals by a couple of days.

So, if the entire Freddy Deeb thing is still messing with your brain, you can check his blog, Shaun Not Freddy Deeb. That should set you straight. If not, stay tuned for the World Cup of Poker IV finals. What Shaun does there may just secure his rightful place in Deeb name ownership.

Brad Willis
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