World Cup of Poker: Team Germany

As we continue our look at the World Cup of Poker IV finalists, we now turn our eyes to the members of Team Germany.

Sasa "kosa28" Kojcinovic
Age: 21
Location: Augsburg
Occupation: student (computer science)

I've been playing poker for about one and a half years. During the first half year I played just for fun, so I've been playing "seriously" for a year, though seriously doesn't mean lot in this context. It's just the fact that I'm trying to improve my game. I'm still a micro stakes donk.

I've not made a big score yet. Playing at the World Cup of Poker finals is definitely my biggest achievement so far. I'm still working on my first tournament win. I don't play as much as I'd like to but this may change soon.

It was very exciting playing for a team and my team is great! We had so much fun in our meeting room. I can't wait to meet the guys in Barcelona! I'm looking forward to playing in a televised event, having fun with my teammates, and the money, of course.

David "Rennwurm" Windisch
Team Germany Captain

I am 26 years old, studying at a University of Applied Sciences hoping to finish it this month I started playing poker online at in the end of 2005, so it's about 20 months ago. I never played the game before. I only play the smaller cash game stakes at PokerStars, currently No-Limit $200. My best tourney result is a 2nd place out of 2,000 players in the $3 Rebuy. and I won a couple of $20 180s SitnGoes, but it's all nothing to mention. Like I said, I don't play that many tournaments.

It's been a fun tournament and I'm happy making it this far. I'm looking forward to having a good time in Spain and having a great experience, since it's the first time I'll play a live tournament. Congratulations to all my teammates who played a great qualification tourney.

Patrick "Corn0815" Kuebert

My name is Patrick Kuebert. I am 25 years old and live in Karlstadt,Germany. I am studying "Ingenieurinformatik (mechatronics) in Schweinfurt. When I'm not playing poker, I spend my free time with playing online games, badminton, or going out with friends. I've been playing poker for nearly a year now--first only freerolls, then, since late 2006, mostly fixed limit till $1/$2.

I took a break from poker during this semester. After the tests had all been written, I swapped to playing SnGs. After having qualified for the final 18 2 table SnG for the Bavarian regional team i started practicing short-handed SNGs

Aside of the qualification for the World Cup of Poker Finals, I haven't made any greater tournament finishes. So my best result would be my $1,000 earnings in fixed limit cash games. This has been a great experience for me so far. We had a lot of fun with our team so far. In the finals I hope we will continue to succeed and be a good representatives for our country. I am not afraid of any other team, especially on my table. So, our goals for Barcelona are, of course: having a lot of fun, playing some live poker, and, of course, a money finish for our team.


I'm 48 years old, married and I have two children and two grandchildren. I'm an electrotechnical engineer and have worked at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg for the past 26 years.

I have been playing poker for more than 30 years (5 card draw with 32 cards and 5
card stud). In 2001, I started playing 7 card stud, Omaha, and Texas Hold'em. I started playing with online poker in the year 2001.

My major achievements include a win in in Austria in the 7-card stud Bodensee Masters, and a win in Omaha. I often make final tables. I placed 33rd in the 2004 European 7 card stud event in Baden/Austria. I think I've won collectively more than $100.000 in the past few years. My biggest prize was the 11,000 EUR (7 Card Stud Bodensee Champion).

Now, with the World Cup, playing for a team is an indescribable emotion. It's great to play for a national team with a chance for big glory.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in