World Cup of Poker: Team Mexico

Over the past couple of weeks, we already introduced you to two of Team Mexico's players in the World Cup of Poker IV finals, CORONABEACH and onasis16. Here are the two other players who make up the foundation of the team from Mexico.


My name is Ricardo Rios Rodriguez. My friends call me "Barandales." I'm the youngest of my family, I'm a communications student in the University of Monterrey (UDEM), I'm 23 years old. I was born in Matamoros, Mexico. I'm in my last semester. I'm about to graduate. I play a lot of sports like soccer, basketball and poker. I have been playing poker for five years. Going to Barcelona to this tournament is my biggest achievement in poker to date.

I played really good in the qualifications tournament for my country, but when I reached the division finals my goal was to be in top three and I ended up in fourth place. I still won some important points for my country.

This has been very exciting. I'm very proud of myself and never thought I could get here. All of my friends and family are being very supportive. We are bringing back that cash to Mexico!!


I'm a student right now. I am 18 years old and I like to play poker, chess, soccer, and hang out with my friends. I've played poker since I was 15. I won a play money tourney with 5000 players, so I realized I was good. Then I started to play real money; my best cash and place were 2nd out of 1600 players and I won $850. I have also won tickets in satellite tournaments, so I think its a good beginning for me in poker.

In the World Cup of Poker preliminary rounds, I played well, but not as well as I wished. I made so many mistakes in the finals that cost me lots of chips, and I didn't make the goal. The goal was to finish top 3 for all members of my team, so we could make enough points to beat them all.

Brad Willis
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