World Cup of Poker: Team Portugal's Guto

We continue our look at the players who are headed to Barcelona, Spain for the World Cup of Poker IV finals with an introduction from Team Portugal's Guto in his own words.

I am a business lawyer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Originally from Brazil, I have been living here in Lisbon since 1.990. I am a national of both Portugal and Brazil. I am married with three children. Besides poker, I am also passionate about contemporary art. I usually divide my free time these days between poker and taking care of my art collection.

I started playing draw poker at high school. At that time we had a regular table with friends that met every Friday and Saturday to play poker for hours. Unfortunately, after high school I lost contact with most of these friends and also stop playing completely.

Three years ago, totally by accident, surfing about poker movies in the internet, I came across some poker internet sites and started playing some free rolls at Poker Stars. At that point I didn't have a clue about Texas Holdem and was a big fish at the 5 and 10 dollars tourneys and Sit & Gos.

After six months, I decided to read more about the game and started buying and studying some very good books like Super System I and the three Harringtons. Since last year I think my game has improved a lot with the help of PXFactor.

I intend to continue playing poker on the internet and whenever possible live but just as a hobby. This year I was second at a $109 buy in tourney and fourth in a $55 tourney. I was also second at a live tourney at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London (£70.00 buy in) and second and third in some tourneys at Binions , Las Vegas last year.

I think I played very well in the two first World Cup of Poker rounds against the Portuguese, being 4th among almost 400 and then 1st in the final 18 players Sit & Go. Then I did not really had a good run of cards in my Divison play off and kind of lost my patience. I think I should have been more cautious even more considering that we were playing for adding points to the team.

I am really amazed by the efficiency of PokerStars and very much looking forward to being in Barcelona--lots of competition, fun, and, of course, to win and bring the cup to Portugal.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in