EPT Copenhagen: Negreanu sunk in shock battleship defeat


Whilst the tournament has been reaching critical mass in the playing area there have been one or two diversions for anyone here simply to watch the tournament; for those already eliminated, or for press people looking for a distraction from the marathon of hands.

The PokerStars hospitality suite had its fair share of visitors with heads-up battleship matches as well as being the best place to find cakes and coffee. A reception last night went down well with press and players and tonight promises the arrival of a popular Danish illusionist – stay tuned.


Freeroll winner Jonas Martinsen

But one event earlier this week saw Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu getting an impromptu lesson in heads-up battleship poker by newbie Jonas Martinsen who happened to win a freeroll to play a $1,000 heads-up match with Negreanu here in Copenhagen.


If you expected Daniel to see off the challenge in a few hands you’d be wrong. It was the other way around, as Jonas explained.

“He bets half the pot almost every time on the turn,” he said, after apparently watching videos of Daniel playing, “so I had to call often even if I didn’t hit.” Whether that was true or not the tactic served him well.

Staged as part of the Scandinavian Poker Awards, 21-year-old Jonas, who had little prior experience of poker, received a quick masterclass from Daniel before taking just seven hands to bust him. Daniel may or may not have known what hit him.

“What can I do, this guy outdraws me every time” said Daniel, getting into the spirit of things. “I hit top pair and he makes two pair. I hit two pairs on the flop and he makes a flush on the river..!”


The two at least enjoyed the match regardless of it being so brief with Jonas $1,000 to the good.

But all’s fair in love and battleships...


Whilst Jonas didn’t have time to give away too many tells in seven hands, the art of reading your opponent as well as hiding information yourself, is a tricky one, as Rolf Slotboom, Annette Obrestad and Trond Eidsvig explained to the vBlog team...

All photos © Neil Stoddart

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