EPT Copenhagen: What's all the fuss?


Kara Scott has a round up from earlier today...

Time is ticking on and the pace of players being eliminated has remained high. It’s looking more likely that the 40 player mark will be reached before eight levels of play.

One player, who we briefly met earlier whilst gold suited Kristian Pedersen grappled with a caller, is Soren Jensen.

Soren shall we say, wears his adrenaline gland on his sleeve and at three points today has almost brought the building to a standstill with celebratory chants after hands of something sounding like “Soren Man!” And possibly all in the third person.


Soren Jensen

Baseball legend Ricky Henderson was famous for talking in the third person. “Ricky going to get a hit... Ricky’s going to steal second base.” To some it was slightly unnerving, but to those who knew the Hall of Famer they knew it was just his way.

I’m guessing it’s the same with Soren. He’s obviously a likeable guy; he just happens to be the point man on an exciting day and is playing fully in the zone.

Three times - and each time he gets up for a walk to cool off. People give him space, they stand back, they watch. Something’s working for Soren though, who grinned when I went over to check on him – he’s well above average – about 100k’s worth of nervous tension.


Voicing similar emotions but in a slightly different way is Dutch player Leroy Soesman, who had the video blog treatment earlier today...

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