EPT Warsaw: Friends will be friends


Despite Thomas Wahlroos doubling-up any sense of camaraderie between him and Andy Black would soon disappear when the Irishman saw him off with a rapier thrust from the ugliest of hands. Calling Wahlroos’s all-in with A-K; Andy showed T-6, catching a ten on the flop to send the Finn to the rail. No hand shake, and Thomas has a long memory.


Alexia Portal

Back to the table where we started in level one and to French actress Alexia Portal who was all-in - with Miika Karjalainen, complete with spiky hair preparing to call. The table doesn’t look that different to how it had started over six hours ago, with just big Ed de Haas and Henri Boutboul missing. Dariusz Paszkiewicz is still in seat one, complete with his glass stuffed with orange slices, and Dutchman Joris Jaspers has also made it this far.

Miika Karjalainen mucked - Alexia survives a little longer.

Joris then tried the same move for himself and again it was Miika with the option to call. This time he took it, unsurprising really given that he was ably armed with two aces, aces that made Joris wince and Miika smile; the Dutchman’s hopes for a second EPT cash gone with A-Q.

“Will you be in San Remo?” Someone asks him.

“Yeah, see you there...”

Confirmation of the payouts from a total prize pool of Zl7,180,000 (Euro amounts are approximate)

1st -- Zl2,154,000 or €609,782
2nd -- Zl1,220,600 or €345,543
3rd -- Zl718,000 or €203,261
4th -- Zl538,500 or €152,445
5th -- Zl437,980 or €123,989
6th -- Zl344,640 or €97,565
7th -- Zl272,840 or €77,239
8th -- Zl201,040 or €56,913
9th and 10th -- Zl122,060 or €34,554
11th and 12th -- Zl100,520 or €28,456
13th and 14th -- Zl78,980 or €22,359
15th and 16th -- Zl57,440 or €16,261
17th to 24th -- Zl43,080 or €12,196
25th to 32nd -- Zl28,720 or €8,130

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