EPT San Remo: The deft and the defeated


With Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri storming ahead (another big pot, busting another player) and French PokerStars qualifier Eric Koskas well in front, a few more players have felt the bite of the blinds, made a move and been banished to the rail including Theo Jorgensen, and PokerStars qualifiers Henrik Warn, Mikael Gibbemark, Matt Kay, Yung Hwang, Soren Eriksen, Maurizio Marchese, Justin Truesdell and Luca Mortarino.

Tournament officials announced earlier that we will play down to 32 players or a full nine levels, whichever arrives first. At this pace I would predict the former outcome.

Eliminated for € 8,000

49th -- Hakan Sahl -- Sweden
50th -- Giorgio Marletta -- Italy
51st -- Jochen Heirman -- Belgium
52nd -- Niels Rikhof -- United States
53rd -- Liz Lieu -- United States
54th -- Jesse White -- United States
55th -- Massimiliano Trifoglio -- Italy
56th -- Brandon Schaefer -- United States -- PokerStars qualifier


Liz Lieu, eliminated in 53rd position

Eliminated for € 7,020

57th – Luca Mortarino – Italy – PokerStars qualifier
58th – Sandro Bellusci – Italy
59th -- Steven van Zadelhoff -- Netherlands
60th -- Dennis Baratta -- Italy
61st -- Justin Truesdell -- USA -- PokerStars qualifier
62nd -- Maurizio Marchese -- Italy -- PokerStars qualifier
63rd -- Soren Eriksen -- USA -- PokerStars qualifier
64th -- Yung Hwang -- USA -- PokerStars qualifier

Eliminated for €5,750

65th -- Roberto Masullo -- Italy
66th -- Matt Kay -- Canada -- PokerStars qualifier
67th -- Anders Vind -- Denmark
68th -- Mikael Gibbemark -- Sweden -- PokerStars qualifier
69th -- Henrik Warn -- Sweden -- PokerStars qualifier
70th -- Theo Jorgensen -- Denmark
71st -- Filippo Galtieri -- Italy
72nd -- Loic Perret -- France


Theo Jorgensen, eliminated in 70th position

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