LAPT Rio: Nasty and nastier


"You think there's any chance they can change that 'n' to a capital?"

Such was the primary concern of Ronnie "Ronasty" Bardah, the PokerStars qualfier from Brockton, Mass, who enters the second day of the tournament with close to 70,000 in chips. But let's not worry about a potential $785,000 pay-day when it's you're online moniker we're talking about.

"I made it a small 'n' when I signed up, but I really wish it could be a capital," he said.

LAPT Rio_Day 1_0049.jpg

There's no doubt that the stress on "Nasty" could be kind of cool, but for my money there's nothing cooler than taking down a major tournament. Still, this 25-year-old has seen all this before. He's got a condo rented for Vegas for the World Series, he's a regular around Foxwoods, the Commerce and any major tournament venue across the States.

"I chase the action," he explained, talking about the lucrative side games when all the sharks are in town. "I'm well known as a grinder," Bardah said, who is no stranger to the MTT scene but prefers to play cash.

It was more of a cash-game style approach that yielded him the most profit yesterday. "No one seemed to notice that I was playing tight," he said. "When I entered a pot with a big pair, they just wanted to re-raise me."

* * * * *

Update: All this talk about cool has spectacularly managed to usher in the dreaded cooler to our man Bardah. Within moments of the tournament re-starting, he saw a 140,000 pot heading in the wrong direction. He found 8-9 on a flop of 8-9-10. His opponent, Eduardo Henrique, from Brazil, had pocket nines for the flopped set. A jack turned, offering chop possibilities to the straight, but it never came.

Barduh shipped his last 10,000 into the pot soon after, this time he had the nines. The jacks elsewhere were never threatened and Ronnie is done.

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