LAPT Rio: Ready for day two


In about 90 minutes, the currently-empty tournament room at the Intercontinental Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will fill with 103 poker players with one thing on their mind: $785,000, the first prize in the inaugural LAPT event.

LAPT Rio_Day 1_0044.jpg

Yesterday was a chaotic introduction to Latin America of high-stakes poker tournaments. More than 300 players stumped up $2,500 to join in the fun, but more than half of them were back to the beach before play ended just before 1 a.m. local time.

By that point, the following players remained, sitting behind the following chip stacks, which they will take into battle today.

Carlos Alberto Lopez Neira (Spain) 121,200
Julien Nuijten (Holland) 92,750
Cyril Thierry Bernard (Brazil) 84,650
Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) 77,425
Ronnie M Bardah (USA) PokerStars qualifier 69,775
Piragibe Lindolfo Ataide (Brazil) 68,300
Jose Carlos Domingues Latorraca (Brazil) 67,525
Nicolas Ragot (France) 64,325
Paulo Gaspar Marques (Brazil) 58,050
Bruno Cesar Scheffer (Brazil) PokerStars qualifier 57,450
Leonardo Silveira De Castro Pires (Brazil) 55,350
Daniel James Aldridge (USA) PokerStars qualifier 55,300
Jonathan Dull (USA) PokerStars qualifier 53,725

Michel Alexandre Pereira Marques (Brazil) PokerStars qualifier 52,750
Salim Dahrug (Brazil) 49,000
Victor Ramdin (USA) Team PokerStars Pro 48,025
Carlos Guilherme De Faria Nadal (Brazil) 46,475
Rodrigo Strong (Brazil) 45,000
Jose Vaughan 44,525
Rafael Pardo (Colombia) PokerStars qualifier 42,475

Eugenio Carmo Neto (Brazil) 42,250
Marcos Felipe Arend (Brazil) 42,025
Gualter Jose Fortuna Salles Santos (Brazil) 41,775
Bruno Da Cunha Junior (Brazil) 41,650
Sumit Kumar (USA) PokerStars qualifier 41,050
Bruno Gonzalez (Brazil) PokerStars qualifier 40,150
Farhad Sinaei (USA) PokerStars qualifier 38,625

Alberto Victor Bari (Brazil) 38,550
Helio Chreem (Brazil) 38,450
Nikolai Senninger (Germany) PokerStars qualifier 38,375
Alexander Fitzgerald (USA) PokerStars qualifier 38,225

Hermann Debiagi (Brazil) 37,000
Eduardo Henriques David (Brazil) 36,925
Marcelo Valadares De Resende Costa (Brazil) 34,900
Gustavo Kein (Argentina) 34,100
Frank Ewald (Germany) PokerStars qualifier 33,900
Ricard Fasanaro (Brazil) 33,775
Oliver Sascha Kugler (Germany) PokerStars qualifier 33,350
Sebastián Eduardo Simonetti (Argentina) PokerStars qualifier 32,825

Tal Atias (Israel) PokerStars qualifier 32,650
Murilo Dantas (Brazil) 32,250
German Simon Dansker (Argentina) PokerStars qualifier 31,800
Brandon Demes (USA) PokerStars qualifier 31,625
Vitaly Kovyazin (USA) PokerStars qualifier 31,600

Alessandra Dos Santos (Brazil) Prize winner 30,425
Alberto Ferreira Da Cunha Neto (Brazil) 30,025
Amritraj Singh (USA) PokerStars qualifier 29,850
Rodrigo D Bandeira (Brazil) 29,475
Roman Nevtípil (Czech Republic) PokerStars qualifier 28,275
Mauro Edison Nomura (Brazil) 28,200
Micha Hoedemaker (Holland) PokerStars qualifier 27,700
Severin Walser (Switzerland) PokerStars qualifier 27,700
Sjoerd Bos (Holland) PokerStars qualifier 26,900

Eduardo Alfredo Santi (Argentina) 26,800
Jesus Bertoli (Venezuela) PokerStars qualifier 24,925
Andrew H Li (USA) 24,725
Reinaldo Antonio Da Rocha Silva (Brazil) 24,250
Fernando José Saboya De Albuquerque (Brazil) 23,550
Rafael De Azevedo Marques Endres (Brazil) PokerStars qualifier 23,200
Jeffrey Hakim (Canada) PokerStars qualifier 23,125

Alexandre Richard (Brazil) 22,425
Jose Severino (USA) PokerStars qualifier 20,975
Felipe Steinfeld (Brazil) 20,450
Cinthia Escobar (Brazil) 20,150
Marcio Murilo Da Silva Motta (Brazil) 19,550
Sylvain Taddei (France) PokerStars qualifier 19,150
William Sullivan 19,125
Frederico Morgenroth (Brazil) 18,125
Marcos Grosso (Brazil) 18,000
Armin Mette (Germany) 17,550
Luiz Edmundo Verie (Brazil) 17,325
Michael Naughton (Ireland) PokerStars qualifier 16,425
Marcos Xavier 16,350
Ivan Marquez (Venezuela) 16,300
Juan Carlos Burguillos (Venezuela) 15,825
John Daniel Webb (USA) PokerStars qualifier 15,525
Andreas Karl Rieger (Germany) 15,000
Kien Hwee Goh 15,000
Carlos Alberto Franca Cunha (Brazil) 14,900
Ricardo Soares Tenorio (Brazil) 14,875
Joao Hermann (Brazil) 14,550
Albertino C Vilela (Brazil) 14,500
Etienne Bargibant (France) PokerStars qualifier 14,475
Rodrigo Rinaldi Balbi (Brazil) 13,800
Jesper Roll W (Denmark) PokerStars qualifier 13,375
Fabio Lomelino Costa Barros (Brazil) 13,250
Jorge Arias (Venezuela) 13,175
Artur Roberto Szcsupak (Brazil) 12,775
Petr Brezina (Czech Republic) PokerStars qualifier 12,425

Hugo Adametes (Brazil) 12,300
Barry O'Callaghan (United Kingdom) PokerStars qualifier 11,650
Luiz Noal Neto (Brazil) 11,450
Mauro Sussan (Italy) PokerStars qualifier 11,450
Nilson Pascoal Da Silva Junior (Brazil) 10,475
Eduardo Fernandes (Brazil) PokerStars qualifier 10,000
Marcio Gimenes Correa (Brazil) 10,000
Armando Jose Rinaldi Balbi (Brazil) 9,900
Rodrigo Kubitza (Brazil) 9,700
Mario Martinez Do Canto (Brazil) PokerStars qualifier 9,500
Nemesio Carracedo Orueta (Chile) 8,250
Leandro Guedes Burlamaqui (Brazil) 7,800
Griselda Sonia Coronel (Venezuela) 7,125

As you can see, the field is swelled, as ever, by 37 players who won their seats at the event via a satellite tournament on PokerStars. PokerStars qualifiers have dominated tournaments in North America, Europe and Asia, and few could be surprised that they have also found the going good here in South America.

There's also the familiar name of Victor Ramdin in the mix, the sole surviving representative of Team PokerStars Pro. But Victor played a very similar game to this at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas in January, and edged well into the money there. Keep a watchful eye.

As always, we'll be sweeping the room throughout the day to bring you the major stories. Which short stacks will make a charge? Which others will fall by the wayside? We'll have it in words, pictures and video.

As we get closer to the money and edge onto the upper rungs of the prize ladder -- full details HERE -- we'll endeavour to get slightly more functional; cut the features and focus on the hand-for-hand details.

In the meantime, take a look back at the first day's play, courtesy of our video blog crew. Remember, all the video action can be found on

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