2008 World Series: Mixed fortunes


Here are the hard numbers from Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier's table in the short-handed no limit hold 'em event in the Brasilia room this afternoon:

  • Table no: 11
  • Players: 6
  • Hoodies: 3 (With garish patterning: 2)
  • Sunglasses (pairs): 3
  • Baseball caps: 4
  • Chips: many
  • With the exception of the tallies for baseball caps and chips, the Team PokerStars Pro from France contributes "one" to each list. The hoodie is down at the moment, but the shimmering gold and diamond swirls are hard to miss, likewise the glint from the gold-rimmed shades.


    In the chips category, however, ElkY can contribute significantly more. In fact, he can offer approximately 300,000, which is good for the chip lead as they plough deep into the money and, eventually, to a final table late tonight. No one is counting any chickens yet -- things change exceptionally rapidly in no limit hold 'em -- but for ElkY this side of the bubble looks remarkably like the other side, as described previously. ElkY is raising frequently and with impunity, daring anyone to tangle. Most refuse.

    It's a bit of a trek to the Brasilia room from the Amazon Ballroom, where we are holed up on media row. But suffice to say, we'll continue to beat that path probably late into the night as the Frenchman continues to make a deep charge.

    In the HORSE event, meanwhile, there have been movements. Unfortunately, if not entirely surprisingly, Dario Minieri has departed. He clung on, bobbed up and down for a while, before finally busting during a razz round. He'll need to wait to add another bracelet to his collection. But it will come. He has also just been joined on the rail by his Team PokerStars Pro team-mate Isabelle Mercier, who lost a three-way coup against Perry Friedman and Justin Bonomo.


    Isabelle Mercier and Joe Michael

    At the other end of the ladder, the PokerStars player Joe "bigjoe2003" Michael is our tournament chip leader with about 740,000 in chips. Watch this space for more on Joe in the coming couple of hours, but for now we'll tell you that the Supernova Elite (the second ever, incidentally, after that man ElkY) is going exceptionally well here.

    There are 50 players left at time of writing, and we're an hour into level 13. Still 34 places and about a day from the money, but this one is definitely hotting up.

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