2008 World Series: Flying the PokerStars Flag


It is now impossible to watch the World Series of Poker without thinking of PokerStars.

Out of the 23 remaining players in the 2008 Main Event, 14 are flying the PokerStars flag.

Among those players is Staten Island, New York's Albert Kim. After graduating from law school, Kim moved to Los Angeles and dove into the big no-limit cash games.

"I don't play poker just for the money," Kim said a few minutes ago. "I love the game."

Last night, he didn't feel as well.

"It was a total debacle for me. I just got too excited," he said. "I felt like I got knocked out last night."

Albert Kim.jpg

This morning, however, he had a good breakfast and feasted on the encouragement of his friends.

"I've been getting text messages and calls. I'm feeling a lot better than last night," he said

Kim knows all about coming back. A few days ago, as the World Series reached the money bubble, Kim was down to 60,000, barely anything at that time.

Now, he is back up around 5 million. It will not be enough to get him through the night without some work, but it's a good start on the day.

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