2008 World Series: The four minute frenzy


Then suddenly it all kicked off. Three eliminations in the space of four minutes and now just two tables remain.

One of those players was PokerStars player Paul Snead, who busted in 21st place for $257,334.
Among the animated players here this week, Snead was up and about at his table, clearly enjoying his moment in the limelight when the faces around him were often riddled with pressure. But his day ended when he was crippled by a two-outer, a hand that cost him a return here in November.

Paul Snead.jpg
Paul Snead

“I got two-outered again!”

Snead had raised from the button and was re-raised by Scott Montgomery on the big blind. Snead called to see a jack high flop. A bet followed and then Snead raised which saw his opponent shove all-in. Snead tank called with Jh7h for top pair and a backdoor flush draw which looked good when the 8h came on the turn. Holding A4 Montgomery now had just two outs but one of them, the Ad, hit the river, sending Snead to the rail.

But Snead was upbeat enough.

Paul Snead talking to Ylon Schwartz as he was eliminated

“I really enjoyed the support I got. It was great to feel that. I really thought I’d be back in November. Actually, I coach football, seventh graders, and November 10 is right around our playoffs. I would have had to miss that”

Albert Kim.jpg
PokerStars player Albert Kim

Busting in 20th place was PokerStars player Brandon Cantu. He had nines against Peter Eastgate’s AQ off suit, a hand that with four diamonds on the board made an unlikely flush. Cantu was followed two minutes later by PokerStars player Albert Kim, completing a tumultuous few minutes before the break, when his AK ran into pocket nines. Both Cantu and Kim take $257,334 for 20th and 19th place.


PokerStars player Albert Kim may be out, but he spoke the the PokerStars video blog team earlier today about his World Series experience...

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