2008 World Series: Turning qualification success into main event best


The World Series is where the young and old, rookie and veteran come together to play their game of choice. A famous player once said it’s a collection of all the best local game players in the world, which isn’t far off - everyone here thinks they can win this, and why should it be any other way?

One of those players used to the Vegas experience, and having his best year, is Peter Gould who’s making his third appearance at the World Series as a PokerStars qualifier. Qualifying is nothing new to the Englishman who makes regular stops on the European Poker Tour thanks to that most sought after of knacks – qualifying via PokerStars satellite. But it’s a different story in the World Series and as far as the main event goes Peter has never made it past day one. Today that might change - at the dinner break he’s up to nearly 30K.


PokerStars qualifier Peter Gould

“I had a nasty blip early on when I had top pair and walked into 2s. The other guy hit a set so that took me down to 17,000 but it’s been going OK since then – slow and steady. I’m playing well so now I just need to dodge the bullets.”

Like all players Peter can remember which hands sent him to the rail in years gone by. Twelve months ago his World Series ended with aces cracked on the river, the year before that his set was busted by a flush – on the river of course. But like we said, his qualifying record is impeccable – seven seats one for this year’s event alone – both via the $650 qualifier and on Steps satellites.

When playing the EPT Peter usually travels with his son Josh, who famously busted his father out of the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo earlier this year. He’s with him here again but being too young to play in the US World Series glory in the Gould family will be entirely down to dad.

World Series glory? He already has some of that. Since arriving in Las Vegas six weeks ago he recorded his best finish ever, coming third in event 5 for $245,997, only narrowly missing out on an even bigger haul to fellow PokerStars main event qualifier Jeff Williams.

All that’s in the past now though – the main event is the order of the day.

Another player used to the whole World Series thing, and who has had success in it is Team PokerStars Pro Hevad Khan, a final table finisher last year, who talked to the PokerStars video blog team earlier this week...

Watch WSOP 08: Hevad Chats About The WSOP on PokerStars.tv

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