Scott "DorinVandy" Dorin - High Roller Champion of WCOOP Event #5


n4701768_33020464_883.jpgScott “DorinVandy” Dorin was a 22-year-old recent college grad seated at a final table with an EPT Champion, a World Series MVP and a WSOP World Champion. To say the table was stacked might be considered an understatement. But when the dust settled and the last card was dealt, is was Dorin, not Glenn Chorny, not Orel Hershiser and not Chris Moneymaker who took down Event #5 in the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker. The $10,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold’em event was the biggest buy-in tournament in WCOOP history, and we caught up with Dorin shortly after his win.

A recent graduate of Vanderbilt University (you guessed it, that’s where the name comes from), Dorin now lives in Las Vegas and plays poker for a living. He got started in online poker like so many of us, playing $5 SnG’s on PokerStars. He graduated from those to bigger events and cash games, with his biggest score before Event #5 coming in a PokerStars Sunday Second Chance tournament last year. Nowadays he plays mostly live cash games but according to Dorin “I just like playing the well-structured big buy-in tournaments.”

Dorin isn’t the only poker player in his family, as he joins sister Joanne as professional poker players. Joanne Dorin has a string of live successes over the past two years, including a preliminary event win at the 2007 Foxwoods Poker Classic. Scott Dorin took up the live game in college, but feels that he really learned the game by studying online training videos and playing online. A student of the game, he appreciates the players that have worked their way up through the cash game ranks. “I really appreciate studied players like dan harrington and david sklansky.”

As it would be for most people, taking down WCOOP #5 was Dorin’s biggest score ever. He felt pretty confident he could make the final table when he “sucked out on steamraise with 10c-7c vs. Ad-Kd all in preflop. That was for an enormous pot with about 25 people left.” Enormous, indeed. That pot moved Dorin over the million-chip mark for the first time when the board ran out 10s-10d-8s-Qh-5h. Once he took down that pot, Dorin went into the final table against a star-studded field including perhaps the most famous PokerStars qualifier ever – Chris Moneymaker.

Dorin was impressed with Moneymaker’s game, saying “He clearly has recrafted his game because he played quite differently than how I saw him play when he won the main event. I didn’t really play many big pots with him but he played a good tight aggressive style from what I could tell.” From the time he took to the final table with a huge chip lead to the time he collected the $617,000 first prize, Dorin only needed three hours to dispose of his final eight opponents.

With a huge boost to his bankroll, the young pro doesn’t plan on changing much in his life, maybe investing some of the money and getting into real estate. We certainly expect to hear more from this young poker stud as his career kicks off both live and online at PokerStars!

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