WCOOP Event #17: poker1O1 schools the field for pot-limit victory


It’s happened so many times before. It will happen so many times in the future. The rapid fall from grace is the poker player’s tragic occupational hazard.

So many talented individuals have experienced the rapid crash and burn. It’s painful. It’s disappointing. It happens at the blink of an eye. This just happened to be Chad Brown’s time to experience the crash-and-burn scenario in the WCOOP $530 Pot-Limit Hold’em tournament. poker1O1 was fortunate enough to avoid a similar fate, perhaps, as he himself explained it because he "ran insanely good.”

Brown was just one of several players in WCOOP Event #17 with a prize pool of $480,000 to be at or the near the top of the leaderboard one second, out of the tournament the next. In fact, Brown was in the top ten for pretty much the first 10 hours of the event. Then, with one hand, it was basically over. Brown ran into s00tedj0kers’ pocket kings and lost almost his entire chip stack with nothing more than top pair and a straight draw. Soon enough, he was out of the tournament, ten hours of solid play negated by one hand.

It just goes to show that this type of calamity can happen in pot-limit hold’em almost as briskly as it can in no-limit. And it can happen to anyone. Ask cdbr3799, who experienced a similar fate.

youg171 was at the other end of the spectrum, spending almost his entire tournament mired in last place among the non-eliminated players. youg171 navigated his shortstack through countless levels with epic precision. As one of his tablemates wrote many times, “HE JUST WON”T DIE.”

youg171 was at or near the bottom of the chip count for approximately three hours, but managed to hang on long enough to finish in ninth place and collect $8,400.00 for the amazing effort. It was a classic effort that would have made any poker coach proud.

But that was nothing compared to poker101’s $80,400.00 victory in the 960-player field. YanniYankiev finished second. poker1O1 avoided the downfall that plagued Brown and so many others as he entered the final table with the chip lead.

Starting final table chip count:
Seat 1: poker1O1 1,403,813
Seat 2: mikek15 1,295,635
Seat 3: QUEEN KAZU 236,065
Seat 4: s00tedj0kers 628,000
Seat 5: YanniYankiev 428,128
Seat 6: Str8$$$Homey 808,359

Str8$$$Homey made the first move at the final table, making a good call on the river with a pair of nines to capture an almost 900K pot. S00tedj0kers was the victim, getting caught trying to bluff the river for 240K. You were not going to get away with a bluff at this final table.

Just moments later, s00tedj0kers was gone, taken out by YanniYankiev’s pocket queens when he had KQo. It was the beginning of YanniYankiev’s ascension.

poker1O1, however, was not about to be outdone. He needed more chips. He wanted more chips. He collected more chips.

poker1O1 knocked out Str8$$$Homey and took his more than 700K in chips when all the money went into the middle with the board showing Qc-Tc-3h. poker1O1 had pocket jacks and Str8$$$Homey an open-ended straight draw with Kh-Jc. Two blanks later, poker1O1 had even more control of the final table than he did before.

And he never relinquished command. The next victim was mikek15. poker101 took his 723,507 chips when his As-6s hit two pair on the flop. mikek15’s 6d-8d hit two pair on the turn. The turn card contributed greatly to mikek15’s demise. The river couldn't save him.

Down to three-handed play, QUEEN KAZU was severely shorstacked, with just 320K chips compared to poker1O1’s 3.3 million and YanniYankiev’s 1.1 million. Even though QUEEN KAZU lasted quite a while, the deficit was too much to overcome. poker1O1 eventually disposed of QUEEN KAZU too with AQ vs. AJ.

Heads-up play then began with the following chip count:

poker1O1 3,831,726
YanniYankiev 968,275

poker1O1 again had a huge chip advantage. Clearly, however, after seeing what happened to Brown and several others, it was apparent it could all change rather quickly. poker1O1 never let it happen.

He remained in control of heads-up play throughout. It all eventually ended when YanniYankiev put his final 670,775 chips into the middle with Ah-Tc. poker1O1 had Ks-Qs. The board came Ts-6d-Qc-7d-Jh.

poker1O1 had run insanely good and avoided the dreaded crash and burn. For that, he was rewarded with the $80,400 first-place prize and a bracelet for the prestigious WCOOP victory.

WCOOP Event #17: $530 Pot-Limit Hold 'Em:

1. poker1O1 $80,400
2. YanniYankiev $60,000
3. QUEEN KAZU $45,600
4. mikek 15 $31,200
5. Str8$$$Homey $20,592
6. S00tedj0kers $14,400

If you missed any of Event #17’s action check out the live blog, which takes you from the first hand to the final bustout. For full final table analysis go to PokerStars.tv. Any additional information go to the WCOOP homepage.

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