WCOOP Event #25: shaundeeb mops up final table, claims PLO bracelet


Pot limit Omaha is a gambling game to its core, so it lends itself well to rebuy tournaments. That was obvious when 748 players showed up to take a shot at Event 25, the $320 plus rebuys PLO. Along with the initial buy-ins, a total of 1,254 rebuys and 560 add-ons built a prize pool worth $768,800, crushing the tournament's $500,000 guarantee.

A full complement of Team PokerStars Pros turned up for their shot at this WCOOP bracelet. Among them were Chad Brown, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, Gavin Griffin, Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso, recent EPT Player of the Year Luca Pagano, Dario Minieri, Bill Chen, and Chris Moneymaker. Most of them would bust out before the money, but three would go on to cash. Chris Moneymaker went out right after the bubble burst, finishing in 105th place, but Minieri and Grospellier would go much deeper.

Dario Minieri's path to busting out was the sort that one can only see in a big bet game like PLO. With each orbit still only costing 4,500, he went from 142,000 to zero in three hands. The final blow came in a four-way limped pot when Minieri shoved on a flop of Qd-5c-8s; his Ad-Qh-Ts-9s couldn't outdraw astarisborn's set of fives, and the Italian pro was out in 44th place.

ElkY would make yet another deep run in this event but come up just short of the final table. With 18 left in the field he sat in fifth position, but he would fall as low as 130,000 before stacking back up to 555,000. Eventually the increasing blinds and a few preflop calls that missed the board would cost him; he got all-in for his last 92,400 with Th-9c-7h-6d but couldn't survive when Miraclos flopped a set of kings to send the Team PokerStars Pro home in 12th place.

WCOOP Event 25 final table.jpg

Seat 1: kAmIkAdZeEe 670,834
Seat 2: Canuck 235,351
Seat 3: ely_cash41 1,832,522
Seat 4: caprioli 328,265
Seat 5: TheNew 1,269,061
Seat 6: MiniKipDK 1,402,832
Seat 7: Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy 555,570
Seat 8: Miraclos 487,737
Seat 9: Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb 2,583,828

kAmIkAdZeEe, in addition to having a screen name that is very difficult to type, also had an internet connection that didn't seem to work too well. He managed to last through the bubble and make it to the final table, much to the consternation of his fellow players. He'd been disconnecting on and off for so long that the other players began to protest profusely when, by PokerStars tournament rules, he was given 240 seconds to reconnect and make a decision. Shaun Deeb asked for a 10-hour break, which nobody ever agreed to, and some of the other players wanted to take 30 minutes. In the end no break was taken and play continued. His connection would eventually stabilize and the pace of play would take off into the stratosphere, including his three double-ups in the early going.

Despite being arguably the most experienced player at the table, JohnnyBax was the first to go at 6:11 am ET. After being crippled in a previous hand, Josephy shoved for 91,000 with Js-Jh-3c-3d and Shaun Deeb called with Jd-7d-Tc-2c. The board ran out 8s-Ad-9d-Th-9s and Bax took 9th place for $10,837.26.

ely_cash41 would be the next player eliminated. He was crippled a few hands before with A-A-x-x against TheNew's K-K-x-x, putting him off aces; he claimed to have laid them down preflop a few hands later after opening under the gun and being reraised from the big blind by Canuck. Finally, he got his chips in the middle with As-7d-5c-3s against Shaun Deeb's Ad-Qd-9s-6d. A dream flop of Ah-Ks-7s came for ely_cash41, but the turn and river came 6h-6c and Deeb caught the full house to sent ely_cash41 packing in 8th place with $17,293.50.

It became clear that Shaun Deeb was going to be in command unless someone stepped up to stop him when he took out caprioli just a few hands later. Deeb raised from early position and then called caprioli's all-in bet of 325,375. The board hit his Ad-Js-4h-5s hard: he made a straight on the 6c-3d-2h flop. caprioli held Ks-2s-Kd-9d, but was drawing dead after the turn came Tc. He earned $24,979.50 for 7th place.

Miraclos was the next to fall to Deeb, getting all in for 118,810 with Ac-Qs-Jc-Ts to Deeb's Kd-Tc-7h-5d. A board of 6c-3d-8s-4d-5s gave Deeb a straight and Miraclos $32,665.50 for 6th place.

Only 20 minutes after JohnnyBax's elimination, Deeb then rolled over kAmIkAdZeEe, the formerly disconnected player who had tilted the table, when his Tc-8d-6c-5s conquered kAmIkAdZeEe's Ah-Qd-8h-7c on a board of Kd-Th-4d-2d-Ks. That gave kAmIkAdZeEe a 5th place prize of $40,351.50 - not bad for a guy whose connection was so unreliable at a crucial time in the tournament.

Another four minutes would pass and then Canuck would end his run in 4th place. This time it was TheNew who dealt the killing blow when he made two pair, tens and threes, to beat Canuck's Ac-Ks-Jd-5d on a board of 2c-Ah-Ts-3s-8d. Canuck took home $57,645 for finishing in 4th place.

Shaun Deeb resumed the role of executioner just 30 minutes after taking it up, sending MiniKipDK to the rail in 3rd place. Both players showed two pair, aces and nines, on the 9s-Ad-4c flop, but Deeb was freerolling with Ah-Qs-9h-3c against MiniKipDK's As-9d-8h-6s. The Jh made no difference, but the Qc on the river gave the pot to Deeb and $76,860 to MiniKipDK.

The last two left standing had faced off against each other heads-up twice in the past, and it looked like the match might go quickly because of Deeb's 5-to-1 chip lead at the start of play. TheNew battled hard, though, actually claiming the chip lead at one point before relinquishing it again.

Finally, 19 minutes after the start of heads-up play, Shaun Deeb would close the deal. All the chips went in the middle with a flop of Ks-7d-8s; TheNew held Kc-Qs-Js-4c for top pair and a flush draw, while Deeb had 6s-7s-8d-9d for two pair, an open-ended straight draw, and a smaller flush draw. The 3c on the turn helped no one, but the 5h on the river gave Deeb a straight and the win.

TheNew took the runner-up cash of $103,761, while Shaun Deeb claimed $144,112.50 and a WCOOP bracelet for his efforts.

WCOOP Event #25 Final Table Results

1. Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb $144,112.50
2. TheNew $103,761
3. MiniKipDK $76,860
4. Canuck $57,645
5. kAmIkAdZeEe $40,351.50
6. Miraclos $32,665.50
7. caprioli $24,979.50
8. ely_cash41 $17,293.50
9. Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy $10,837.26

For full coverage of this tournament from start to finish, check out the Event 25 Live Blog. Check out the WCOOP homepage for full info on all this year's WCOOP events. Watch PokerStars.tv for streaming coverage of WCOOP events. For comprehensive coverage of all WCOOP events, stick with the PokerStars Blog.

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