WCOOP Event 28 Limit Omaha High-Low Live Blog


Live blog coverage of WCOOP Event #28 $530 WCOOP Event 28 Limit Omaha High-Low is brought to you by David Aydt, Jason Kirk, Dave Behr, and Carol Kline.

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9:41am--And we have a winner!

After a marathon heads-up match, Big10 finally managed to get all of the chips to his side of the table. Blinds were at 70,000/140,000 when Big10 limped in from the button. lolovitch raised to 140,000, and Big10 made the call. The 3c-Qh-6c attracted quite a bit of attention (and chips) from both players. Action was capped heading into the turn. When the Qc came on the turn, lolovitch committed the last of his chips. He flipped over Ac-td-4d-5c for the ace-high flush, but he was drawing dead for the high half of the hand -- Big10 held 6s-6h-Jh-8c for sixes full of queens. lolovitch could still win half of the pot if a low card hit on the river, but it was the 9d instead. lolovitch won $61,801.87 for second place.

Congratulations to Big10, winner of Event #28 and the $69,801.88 and WCOOP bracelet that go along with the title!

9:35am--Big10 presses the advantage

We've pulled tantalizingly closer to a conclusion to this epic heads-up match. Big10 currently has a four-to-one chip advantage thanks to scooping a 770,000-chip pot with a wheel. He got two bets in on the river after the board ran out Qh-2c-Ah-Kc-5d. lolovitch called, to see the bad news -- Big10 held 4d-5s-Jd-3h.

9:28am--Orders of magnitude

At this point, every pot that's played to the river (and that doesn't chop) results in a minimum of a one-million chip swing. That's 500,000 up for one player and 500,000 down for the other. With only four million chips in play, you'd think that would mean that this would be over quickly. The snafu is that pots keep chopping, resulting in no net change in chip position. Neither player has been able to find that sustained rush which, it seems, is needed to put an end to the tournament.

9:27am--lolovitch refuses to die

In the first hand after the break, lolovitch picked up a much-needed pot to pull to 1,111,164 in chips. He didn’t have a made hand on the flop, but watch as he gets there by the river.

9:21am--Unbelievably, we've hit the next break

Level 31
Stakes 70,000 / 140,000

Average Chip Count: 2,072,500
Players Remaining: 2
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. Big10 3,523,836
2. lolovitch 621,164

9:19am--Queens up for Big10

lolovitch was the initial aggressor, raising to 120,000. Big10 made the call from the small blind and checked the Td-Qh-6h flop. lolovitch bet 60,000, and Big10 responded by putting in a raise to 120,000. Big10 bet the 3s turn, which lolovitch called. The 5d came on the river, bringing a check-check from the players. Big10’s Jc-8d-6c-Qs was good enough to take down the entire pot because neither player had a qualifying low. That gave Big10 an almost 5/1 chip advantage.

9:15am--...and we're back to where we started

This heads-up match started at 8:23am, with Big10 having a roughly three-to-one chip advantage over lolovitch. Lots and lots of chopped pots, scooped pots, and chip lead changes later, we've hit the "reset" button. Big10 again has a three-to-one chip advantage over lolovitch.

At least they managed to get a deal accomplished during that hour. That's something.

9:06am--Big10 regains chip lead

Big10 has just scooped two pots totaling more than 1,560,000 to regain the chip lead from lolovitch. In the first, he flopped the low end of a straight on a board that read 9c-8s-Td-6s-6d. lolovitch rivered trip sixes to lose the 720,000-chip pot. In the very next hand, Big10 turned a six-high straight on a board of 8h-6c-3h-2s-Ts for an 840,000-chip pot. That put Big10 at 2,353,836 chips to lolovitch’s 1,791,164.

9:02am--Pushing the chips around

As can be expected from a high-low split game, most of the big pots are being chopped between the two remaining players. Although lolovitch has a slight chip lead over Big10, most of the pots have been more than 500,000. With the total number of chips in play 4,145,000, that can create some sizeable swings in the blink of an eye. No player has blinked yet, so we might be here for a while.

8:50am--lolovitch out in front

lolovitch has gone on a tear, winning five of the last six pots outright and chopping the other. He now has a 3/1 chip lead over Big10. But it’s not over yet. With betting levels of 60,000/120,000, each pot can turn into a huge one rather quickly.

8:42am--Big10 flops a monster to draw close to even

Big10 picked up a 1.3 million-chip pot when he flopped a full house with 8d-5c-Kc-Th on a Kd-8s-Kh board. He was able to get a call from lolovitch on the flop. When the 6h hit on the turn, lolovitch led out, only to watch Big10 raise. Another raise from each player meant a pot of 1.1 million going into the river. lolovitch check-called Big10’s 100,000-chip bet on the river and mucked when he saw the bad news.

8:33am--lolovitch draws first blood

lolovitch has taken down the first million-chip pot of heads-up play. He started the action by raising to 100,000 pre-flop and bet the Qs-4d-3s flop. Big10 check-raised, and lolovitch just called. Big10 led out on the Jc turn, but a raising war erupted, resulting in each player committing four big bets (400,000). The river Ts was checked down, and it was lolovitch’s turned Broadway that brought him the scoop. Big10 had two pair (fours and threes) on the flop but could never fill up.

8:25am--Chop chop

With both players sitting roughly even in chips, you knew that talk of a deal was soon to arise.

lolovitch: deal ?
Big10: even?
lolovitch: do y want deal 50 50
Big10: fine

After the tournament was paused for discussion, the players agreed to an even split of first and second place prize money, giving them $61,801.87 each, with the required set-aside of $8,000.01 and the WCOOP bracelet going to the champion.

8:23am--lolovitch draws level

They're all big pots at this point. Losing just one causes a significant shift in the chip counts. Losing three in short order has brought Big10 down to lolovitch's level. Both players are sitting behind approximately two million in chips.

8:19am--Diamonds are not flk&nit’s best friend

With blinds at 50,000/100,000, it was getting to be quite expensive for flk&nit to stick around for a hand. He was already down to 379,120 in chips when he decided to three-bet from the big blind. Big10 and lolovitch both made the call. All three players committed another 50,000 on the Qd-Jd-Ts flop and another 100,000 on the 7s turn. The river Td brought a check from lolovitch, and flk&nit bet his last 79,120. Both players called. flk&nit had 9h-9c-Ah-Qc for a pair of queens to go along with the pair on board, but Big10 showed 4d-3d-4h-8h for the rivered flush. flk&nit’s third-place finish netted him $41,450.

At the start of heads-up play, the chip counts are as follows:

Big10: 3,003,836
lolovitch: 1,141,164

8:11am--Still going

Level 29
Stakes 50,000/100,000
Average Chip Count: 1,381,666
Players Remaining: 3
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. Big10 2,295,596
2. lolovitch 1,120,284
3. flk&nit 729,120

8:01am--Nut nut for flk&nit gives him some breathing room

flk&nit started the hand as the short stack at the table, but he rivered nut nut to scoop a 640,000-chip pot. Big10 raised on the button, and both lolovitch and flk&nit called. flk&nit check-called on the 8d-3c-Ac flop, while lolovitch got out of the way, and check-called again after the 7d hit on the turn. The river 5h was a dream card for flk&nit, and he led out for the first time this hand. Big10 made the call and mucked when he saw flk&nit’s 6c-2s-6s-4d -- an eight-high straight with a wheel for the low. flk&nit moved to 1,056,080 in chips after the hand.

7:55am--Aces are no good for Bonitaines

With blinds at 20,000/40,000, Bonitaines was staring down the barrel of a gun with only 121,484 in chips. Big10 raised on the button to 80,000, and Bonitaines decided it was time to make a move. He three-bet, only to have both lolovitch and Big10 call. The flop was Ks-Qc-5c, and Bonitaines shipped his last 1,484 into the middle. lolovitch and Big10 both called. lolovitch check-called Big10’s turn bet when the Jc fell on the turn, but folded on the river (8d) when Big10 bet again. Bonitaines had the bullets Ah-9c-Ad-Jd for his high hand, but Big10 flipped over Tc-6c-3h-Jh for the flopped flush. Out in fourth place, Bonitaines collected $31,087.50. Big10 now has 2,751,676 in chips, almost three times as many as lolovitch and almost seven times as many as flk&nit.

7:44am--Row, row, row your boat

Bonitaines just rivered a full house against flk&nit’s turned nut flush to stay alive in the tournament. Bonitaines hit the 6c-7c-Jd flop well with a pair of jacks (ace kicker) and the nut low draw while holding Jh-Ad-9s-2d, but flk&nit had the nut flush draw with Ac-6h-5c-9d. The Jc came on the turn, completing flk&nit’s flush draw and giving Bonitaines trip jacks. The As on the river filled Bonitaines and gave him the timely double-up.

7:38am--Big10's rise comes at Bonitaines' expense

Things can change quickly when limits get this big. Just a short while ago, Bonitaines seemed to be comfortably in the chip lead. However Big10 has amped up the juice, winning six of seven pots outright, several at Bonitaines' expense. The combined losses have sent Bonitaines' chip count under 500,000 and have made him the short stack at the table.

7:32am-hazardous88 unlucky on the river

Three players put in three bets each before the flop. Bonitaines led out on the 6d-7h-Kc flop, and lolovitch called. hazardous88 made it two-bets, and both players called. Bonitaines checked the 8c, allowing lolovitch to fire 60,000. hazardous88 called all in for less, and Bonitaines made the call for the full amount. lolovitch bet the Ah river, folding Bonitaines in the process. That river ace spelled doom for hazardous88. He went into the turn holding Ac-Jd-9s-2d, which was good for the nut low, but the ace on the river gave him an 8-7 low. That was no match against lolovitch. He held 5s-Kh-4s-Tc for an eight-high straight and a 7-6 low. hazardous88 took down $21,761.25 for his fifth-place finish.

7:30am--cpfactor eliminated in 6th place

cpfactor made a stand with four small cards, Ad-3s-5c-7c. He was called by the big blind -- Big10, his tormentor from just a few hands ago. All of the chips were in after a flop of Th-9s-6h hit the board. cpfactor had some draws to both sides of the pot when Big10 tabled 2h-5d-6s-Kc, but none came in. The turn was the 9d and the river the Tc. Big10's tens and sixes carried the day and eliminated cpfactor in 6th place. cpfactor's fall will be cushioned by $17,616.25 in prize money.

7:28am--cpfactor crippled

Disaster has struck for cpfactor. He went all the way to the river with Big10. With the board showing 6d-5s-9h-Kd-Ad, cpfactor called a river bet and was shown a scooper when Big10 turned over 4s-Td-3d-Ah for a small flush and a 6-5 for low. That left cpfactor with 44,236 chips, and although he managed to double up out of the big blind shortly thereafter, he remains in critical condition.

7:26am--flk&nit joins the million-chip club

flk&nit called a pre-flop raise from Bonitaines and check-called his bet on the Qc-2h-8s flop. When the Ad hit on the turn, flk&nit check-raised Bonitaines to 120,000. flk&nit led out on the 5d river and got the call from Bonitaines. flk&nit’s two pair -- aces and fives -- was good for the high. He also had a live three for a 7-5 low. That 555,000-chip pot put flk&nit at 1,026,282 in chips, good for second place behind Big10 with 1,430,236.

7:18am--Kings good to flk&nit

A four-way limped pot took a big bite out of the stack of hazardous88. He started the hand in the small blind and called flk&nit's bet on a flop of 9d-Td-Kd. The turn was the As, and again hazardous88 check-called one bet. The river Th paired the board and brought one more check-call by hazardous88. flk&nit showed Kc-3d-3d-Ks for a full house, kings full of tens. That was the winner; it dropped hazardous88 to less than 400,000 in chips.

7:15am--It's go time

With limits making a big jump from 20,000 and 40,000 to 30,000 and 60,000, we expect things to start moving at a much brisker pace than they have been.

7:05am--Break time

Level 27
Stakes 30,000/60,000
Average Chip Count: 690,833
Players Remaining: 6
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. Bonitaines 1,154,428
2. Big10 1,069,854
3. lolovitch 663,337
4. hazardous88 622,667
5. flk&nit 419,969
6. cpfactor 214,745

6:58am--Bonitaines climbs to 1.3 million

It's been slow-going at the final table for all participants, with many pots ending in chops. Not so for Bonitaines in a recent hand against flk&nit. Bonitaines raised from under the gun preflop and was called by flk&nit out of the small blind. By the time the board ran out 5s-Jd-Kd-4d-Ts, there had been a bet on every street. Bonitaines showed first, and showed a winner with 4h-Ac-Td-6d for a diamond flush.

6:52am--This is what quads looks like

cpfactor picked up a much-needed 340,000-chip pot when he flopped aces full and rivered quads. Wanna know what quads looks like? Watch below.

6:48am--fabsoul eliminated in 7th place

63,000 chips is not very many when blinds are 10,000 and 20,000. fabsoul found a hand he liked and went with it, raising to 40,000. hazardous88 called out of the big blind. Both players checked the Jc-Th-2c flop. As soon as the turn 4d hit the virtual felt, hazardous88 bet 40,000. fabsoul just as quickly called all in, but he didn't have much -- just a lowly pair of deuces with 3s-Ks-2h-6d and a gutshow straight draw and low draw. hazardous88 didn't have much either with Ah-Qs-Td-8s, but his pair of tens was the best hand. fabsoul needed to improve to stay alive but couldn't do it when the board paired on the river with the Js. He was eliminated in 7th place and walked away with $13,471.25 in prize money.

6:46am--And then he gets them all back

After dropping down to 709,428 in chips from taking those two hits, Bonitaines made it all back in two successive hands. The first was for a 240,000-chip pot where lolovitch folded to his turn bet on a 2d-5c-3c-4d board. lolovitch had check-raised the flop, followed by Bonitaines’ three-bet, but that board and that kind of pressure on the turn prompted lolovitch to get out of the way. In the next hand, Bonitaines three-bet pre-flop, getting calls from lolovitch, flk&nit and fabsoul. Bonitaines continued to fire on the Jh-Th-8s flop, and both flk&nit and lolovitch stayed in the hand. Bonitaines again bet the 9d turn, eliciting a fold from lolovitch and a call from flk&nit. The players checked the river Qc, and Bonitaines showed Qs-8d-2c-Ad for the turned straight. Just like that, he was back over the million-chip mark.

6:41am--Two hits in a row for Bonitaines

Bonitaines was scooped out of back-to-back pots, resulting in a resdistrbution of about 300,000 chips around the final table. The first pot was played three-handed to the river with flk&nit and Big10. With the board showing Qh-7d-4h-Js-Kh, all three players checked the river. flk&nit turned over the best hand, As-8c-2h-Th for a heart flush.

The very next hand, it was Big10 who put a hurting on Bonitaines when the river deuce was Big10's gin card. It fit nicely with a board of 4s-6d-3s-Tc-2d, and even more nicely with Big10's hand of As-3d-5s-Qh to make a six-high straight for high and a wheel for low.

6:35am--DrParkinson finally succumbs to lolovitch

DrParkinson’s good run has finally come to an end. He was all in after the flop against lolovitch. On a board of 2c-3d-2h, DrParkinson held 3h-Ac-Kc-Qc for a pair of threes. That was no match for lolovitch’s Js-6c-Jc-3s. After the turn came Ts, DrParkinson needed an ace, king, queen or the case three to survive. The river was the 6d, sending DrParkinson to the rail in eighth place. For all of that work, he will take home $9,326.25.

6:30am--DrParkinson crippled by hazardous88

There was no lucky river for DrParkinson this time. In fact, the river was very unlucky. He found himself deep in a hand against hazardous88, who snap-called DrParkinson's turn bet on a board of 3h-Kd-2c-Qc. When the river fell 5d, DrParkinson quickly checked. He tanked for about thirty-five seconds before calling hazardous88's bet. hazardous88 showed a wheel with Ac-9d-4d-2d.

DrParkinson has only 50,000 chips remaining.

6:24am--DrParkinson bailed out by river again

For the second hand in a row, DrParkinson was all in by the river in rough shape. He raised, then called when chip leader Bonitaines three-bet from the button. DrParkinson led out on the Jc-5h-4h flop and Bonitaines quickly called. When the 3s hit the turn, DrParkinson's bet was raised by Bonitaines. DrParkinson tanked for forty seconds before calling all in. He held As-Jd-7s-3d for two pair, jacks and threes, and a 7-5 low. Bonitaines showed Ad-Td-5s-2h for a wheel, but a river 6c made a seven-high straight for DrParkinson to chop the pot. He lives to see another hand.

6:21am--911 . . . we have an emergency

DrParkinson was in a rough spot on a board of Ah-Th-Js-6h. He had already committed all but 22,637 of his chips at this point against fabsoul, holding only top pair top kicker. The river 7d, however, gave him an emergency low with 8c-As-Kd-3c against the turned second nut flush of fabsoul. That chop kept DrParkinson alive, but still on life support with only 122,637 in chips.

6:12am--Flopping the nizzuts

hazardous88 recovered from getting quartered by picking up a 312,000-chip pot. He raised pre-flop to 32,000 and was called by both flk&nit and cpfactor. hazardous88 check-raised the Jd-Qd-7d flop, folding flk&nit but getting a call from cpfactor. cpfactor then check-called the turn (6c) and river (Ks) only to find that hazardous88 held Kh-5d-6h-Ad for the flopped nut flush. hazardous88 moved back up to 541,596 in chips.

6:06am--A big pot to start Level 25

It didn't take long to get things going after the fifteen-minute break. On the very first hand, three players played a half-million chip pot. lolovitch raised from early position and cpfactor three-bet. hazardous88 called three cold, and the hand only got wilder from there:

That river quartered hazardous88, as lolovtich wound up with three-quarters. cpfactor didn't get any part of the pot and fell to about 300,000 in chips.

5:51am--We've made it to the second fifteen-minute break

Level 25
Stakes 16,000/32,000
Average Chip Count: 518,125
Players Remaining: 8
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. Bonitaines 1,155,768
2. Big10 868,854
3. cpfactor 597,745
4. lolovitch 432,360
5. hazardous88 367,596
6. fabsoul 281,071
7. flk&nit 250,969
8. DrParkinson 190,637

5:43am--porcelet misses everything

porcelet was the first casualty of our final table. He raised pre-flop to 24,000 and was called by Bonitaines, lolovitch and cpfactor. porcelet was the first to take a stab at the 2c-Th-9h flop, but none of his opponents folded. He checked the 5c turn and called all-in for 14,411 after Bonitaines bet 24,000. Each of the remaining players stayed in until the river -- Ks. The three players in the side pot checked it down, and Bonitaines had the best of it with 9s-6d-5d-7h for two pair. Meanwhile, porcelet had Ah-4h-5h-3c for a pair of fives. He had the nut flush draw on the flop and an uncounterfeitable low draw with an open-ended straight draw on the turn, but nothing materialized for him. porcelet will collect $5,803 for his ninth-place finish. That will go along nicely with his seventh-place finish in Event #27 No-Limit Hold'em Triple Shootout in this year's WCOOP.

5:42am--Big10 joins Bonitaines at the top

Another scoop has resulted in another change in the chip counts. Big10 showed down Ac-2s-3d-6s on a board of 3s-2h-Jh-8s-5c to make two pair, threes and deuces, and a six-five for low. That scooped against lolovitch, who had put in three bets preflop, one bet on the flop, then called a raise on the turn and a bet on the river. The total pot was worth a quarter of a million chips and gave Big10 a stack of more than 900,000 chips.

5:30am--Final table snapshot

With kleberAA’s elimination, the following players made it to the final table of Event #28.

WCOOP Event 28 Final Table.jpg

Click image for full version

Seat 1: cpfactor (651,745 in chips)
Seat 2: DrParkinson (172,637 in chips)
Seat 3: hazardous88 (430,596 in chips)
Seat 4: flk&nit (226,969 in chips)
Seat 5: porcelet (323,411 in chips)
Seat 6: Big10 (475,854 in chips)
Seat 7: fabsoul (350,071 in chips)
Seat 8: Bonitaines (1,060,357 in chips)
Seat 9: lolovitch (453,360 in chips)

5:27am--Bonitaines jumps to the front of the pack

Bonitaines has just gone on a card rush, winning six of the last seven pots and chopping the other. This has propelled his chip stack to 1,060,357. He is the first player to hit this milestone.

In the last of these hands, DrParkinson opened the action with a raise to 24,000. kleberAA decided to get all of his 33,884 chips in the middle, and he was called in three places: flk&nit, Bonitaines and DrParkinson. Bonitaines bet the 9c-Th-Js flop, and both DrParkinson and flk&nit called. The Jd came on the turn, which prompted a check from all three players in the side pot. DrParkinson bet the 8h river, forcing a fold from flk&nit and DrParkinson. Dr Parkinson held 4d-7d-Qc-Qh, which bested kleberAA’s 3c-9d-6c-Ac.

kleberAA’s elimination in tenth place was worth $4,145.

5:24am-cpfactor scoops against porcelet

The aim of the split-pot games is to get three-quarters or, better yet, to scoop. porcelet has been scooped two hands in a row, first by cpfactor and then by hazardous88. In the first pot, cpfactor rivered two pair to go along with his nut low; in the second pot, hazardou88 held a flush with no qualifying low on board. Those two pots put a 200,000-chip dent in porcelet's stack, bringing him back to the pack with about 389,000 chips.

5:22am--Getting quartered isn’t going to cut it

A chop of the high hand isn’t as common as a chop for the low hand, but it just happened to flk&nit. Bonitaines raised pre-flop, with flk&nit making the call from the small blind. flk&nit check-raised the 5c-3h-Jc flop and led out on the 7d turn. He slowed down a bit after the river Jh and just check-called Bonitaines’ bet. Both players had A-5 in their hands to make jacks and fives with an ace kicker, but Bonitaines also had A-4 for the low.

5:14am--m3tph crippled, eliminated

Just one hand after being crippled by the full house, aces full of sixes, shown down by hazardous88, m3tph has been eliminated. He was left with just 53,842 chips and decided to three-bet preflop after fabsoul raised. hazardous88 called three cold, hoping to finish out the job he had started the previous hand. porcelet and fabsoul also called.

All four players checked the 3s-3h-Td flop. On the turn 9c, hazardous88 bet and m3tph called, leaving himself only 3,842 chips behind. They went into the pot on the Ts river. hazardous88 showed down Ad-3d-8h-2h for trip threes and the winner. m3tph's 11th-place finish earned him $4,145, and with his elimination we are on the final table bubble.

5:07am--The Cooker has left the kitchen

The Cooker was down to 34,426 in chips when he decided to raise to 20,000 on the button. A big-stacked porcelet made it three bets, and The Cooker shipped the rest of his chips into the middle. He had Ah-5s-Js-3d against porcelet’s 3h-Th-8h-Ac. Both players flopped a pair of treys on the Kc-9h-3c board, but the Td gave porcelet a second pair. With no low hand possible, The Cooker needed a queen to survive. Unfortunately for him, the river was the Ks, sending him to the rail in 12th place for a $4,145 payday.

5:04am--UHave_3_Outs has no outs left

After being crippled in a three-way hand against cpfactor and Bonitaines, it was just a matter of time before UHave_3_outs was eliminated. He survived one all-in confrontation by rivering two pair, but the next hand he was all in again from the small blind with 6d-6s-5c-Qh. cpfactor tried to finish off what he had started by showing Ah-Ad-3d-7c. Neither player connected with the board in any way, and with no qualifying low cpfactor's aces played as the best high hand. UHave_3_Outs was eliminated in 13th place, earning $3,316 for his performance over the course of this event.

5:01am--A brief lull

With just four spots to the final table and most of the super short stacks recently eliminated, the pace of play has slowed. Pots are smaller, with fewer players willing to reraise before the flop or raise on the flop without a premium holding. Expect this pace to continue into the next level, at which point the blinds will once again start to put pressure on some of the shorter stacks.

4:50am--Another break update

Level 23
Stakes 10,000/20,000
Average Chip Count: 318,846
Players Remaining: 13
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. cpfactor 627,449
2. lolovitch 530,610
3. Big10 425,354
4. m3tph 401,342
5. porcelet 373,985
6. Bonitaines 361,981
7. kleberAA 347,884
8. fabsoul 220,071
9. hazardous88 213,254
10. DrParkinson 211,021
11. The Cooker 169,426
12. flk&nit 144,725
13. UHave_3_Outs 117,898

4:45am--updog upended on the river

updog is the latest casualty of this tournament. He got his last chips in on a flop of 2c-6h-7s, holding 2h-8h-Th-Ac, and was called by porcelet, who showed 4s-5c-6c-As. porcelet already had the low locked up, but it looked like a chop was in the works when the 2s hit the turn to make trips for updog. Not to worry, said porcelet, as he promptly spiked the 5s on the river to make a flush and win the high half of the pot too. That river card upended updog, sending him out of the tournament in 14th place. His consolation prize is $3,316 in cash.

4:42am--The hemorrhaging hasn’t stopped . . . Raize It Up is out in 15th place

Raize It Up, once the chip leader and in control of his table, has taken yet another big hit to his stack. True to his moniker, he raised it up to 16,000 from the botton, but both the small blind (cpfactor) and big blind (Bonitaines) called. The flop was 8c-Ad-Qc, bringing a check from cpfactor and a bet from Bonitaines. Raize It Up raised to 16,000, and again both players called. The 2s fell on the turn, and again cpfactor checked, Bonitaines bet and Raize It Up raised. This time, cpfactor checked, but Bonitaines made the call. The river Ks was checked by both players. Bonitaines showed 4d-Ah-9c-5h for a pair of aces (nine kicker) and an 8-5 low. Raize It Up mucked his hand and dropped to 36,899 in chips.

Just before the break, Raize It Up got the last of his chips into the middle against DrParkinson after the flop. Watch how the hand played out:

Raize It Up’s 15th-place finish was good for $3,316.

4:35am--Quads breathe life into Raize It Up while taking it away from bib1

Just when it looked like Raize It Up was going to complete a spectacular collapse, a big hand reversed his course. He flopped a set of nines and turned quads against bib1, who called all in on the river of a 9h-Qd-5c-9d-Ac board with two pair, aces and queens (6s-Ah-Qc-4s). Raize It Up's 9s-9c-6c-5d was a dagger in bib1's heart, eliminating him from this event in 16th place.

4:32am--Bonitaines scoops Raize It Up

Earlier, Raize It Up was an unstoppable machine. Now he seems toothless. He lost another in a series of recent pots after Bonitaines showed down Ad-7d-4d-4c on a board of 3s-2d-Jd-8s-2h. This made the nut low and two pair, fours and deuces. Raize It Up never showed his hand but was left hurting with 113,000 in chips.

4:30am--marcol1969 latest casualty

With only 11,095 in chips in front of him and 8,000 of them already sitting out there in the big blind, marcol1969 decided to call Bonitaines’ pre-flop raise and hope for the best. He held 5h-Qs-9s-5s against Bonitaines’ Qh-Ah-Ad-4h. The Jd-6d-Td flop gave marcol1969 an open-ended straight draw to go with his pair of fives, but a king would give his opponent a higher straight. Sure enough, the Kh fell on the turn, giving Bonitaines Broadway. marcol1969’s night ends with a $2,569.90 cash for 17th place.

4:28am--Nothin' but the nuts for Bonitaines

The easiest way to eliminate two short-stacked opponents from the tournament and consolidate their chips with yours is to make the nuts. That's what Bonitaines did to kcodya and Sidorenko. kcodya was all in by the turn on a Jc-6h-7h-Th board. Sidorenko was all in on the next street after the Ks came down. It didn't matter what other player had. There was no qualifying low and Bonitaines had made the nut high on the turn with Js-Ah-5s-4h. kcodya started the hand with fewer chips than Sidorenko and therefore took 19th place; Sidorenko got 18th. This made a difference as they straddled a pay-jump, with kcodya earning $1,865.25 and Sidorenko taking home $2,569.90.

4:24am--russomatic left to ponder what might have been

Several hours ago, russomatic was one of the chip leaders when big-stacked Raize It Up was moved to his left. He never recovered, slowly bleeding chips for several hours until his recent elimination in 20th place. He got his last 24,000 in preflop with Ac-Qh-6h-4h against the big blind, Big10, who had Kc-7c-7d-4s. Big10 flopped one pair on the 8c-8d-Kd board and tripped up on the turn with the Kh. That left russomatic drawing dead. Once the board completed with the 5s, he was out of the tournament.

4:19am--Times a-changin' for Raize It Up

After running hot for the better part of two hours, Raize It Up has slipped since the last break. He was quartered a few times and outright lost a few other pots to slip down to about 313,000 in chips, well off his high-water mark of roughly 550,000.

4:18am--Is there a doctor in the house?

A short-stacked pycb limped in for 8,000, followed by a raise to 16,000 from DrParkinson. pycb made the call and led out for 8,000 on the 4h-8h-5c flop. DrParkinson made the call. When the 7c fell on the turn, pycb check-called DrParkinson’s 16,000 bet. That put pycb all in and drawing slim. He had 8s-4s-5d-Ac for a flopped three pair and a live ace for the 8-7 low, but DrParkinson showed Ad-7d-6c-Ah for the turned straight and a 7-6 low. The Qs on the river sealed pycb’s fate. His 21st-place finish netted him $1,865.25.

4:15am--halut eliminated in 22nd place

halut had been rocking a short stack for at least a whole level. He made his stand in a three-way pot with The Cooker and porcelet that was capped preflop. porcelet got three bets in the middle (and halut all in) on a flop of 9s-3s-Jc. The Cooker check-called the 6h turn and the Js river. porcelet didn't wind up with much when he showed Ah-Ad-Kd-8c, just two pair, aces and jacks. The Cooker had made a flush with As-3d-8d-5s and scooped the pot after halut mucked. That sent halut out of the tournament in 22nd place.

4:10am--How’s that for the case ace . . . and the case nine?

pycb survived elimination when he flopped top set against the flopped top two pair of marcol1969. After pycb’s preflop raise to 12,000 from the small bling and call by marcol1969 in the big blind, action was capped on the 7s-Ah-9d flop. The 9c fell on the turn, and pycb put all of his remaining chips in the middle. marcol1969 made the call and tabled 9h-Ad-Kd-2c for nines full of aces. pycb’s hand -- Ac-9s-As-Ks -- had him beat and drawing dead.

4:06am--tofu sliced and diced

Another deep run for tofu came up short of the final table. Before the flop, he made it 12,000 to go and was called by both blinds, m3tph and halut. The flop was 2h-Ks-7h, with tofu managing to get his remaining 18,000 chips in the middle against both opponents. halut himself moved all in for 182 more on the 5h turn. After the river came down Tc, the hands were opened. m3tph took the low by making a seven-five with 6h-5s-4h-3h. halut took the high with a flush that was just a little bigger than m3tph's flush, 9h-8h-7d-Kd. tofu's 9s-6d-5c-As qualified for neither half. He's out in 23rd place, winning $1,865.25.

4:04am--russomatic doubles at the last possible moment

russomatic wasn't all in, but he was down to 1,247 chips as the river card came down 7h-6d-Qd-Kh-Js. He put them into the middle and was called by Bonitaines. russomatic turned over Ah-8h-5d-Tc for a Broadway straight to double up to about 83,000.

4:02am--Make that one more for the road

In the very next hand, lolovitch eliminated program1 when program1’s flopped nut flush went down in flames to a three-outer.

3:57am--Double the pleasure, double the fun

After pycb raised under the gun to 12,000, both TSAI168 and Mr_win called all in for slightly less. lolovitch made the call out of the big blind, and it was four players to the flop. lolovitch led out into the side pot for 6,000 after the Th-3s-Qh flop, and pycb called. The turn Qs brought another bet from lolovitch, this time folding pycb. When the hands were revealed, lolovitch had the best hand and the best draw:

lolovitch: Jd-Jc-8c-9s
Mr_win: 5d-6d-7h-3c
TSAI168: Ad-6h-Jh-3d

The river 8s helped neither of the all-in players, and just like that, we are down to 24 players.

3:52am--jdawg165 goes for broke and winds up... broke

jdawg165 is the latest victim at Table 68. He raised preflop and then capped when porcelet, on his immediate left, three-bet. The flop was all big cards, Kd-Ah-Ts. jdawg165 led out and then three-bet after porcelet raised. This time porcelet just called. He called again on the 7c turn. When the river came 3s, jdawg165 checked despite having only 6,639 remaining chips. porcelet bet, and jdawg165 dutifully shipped them into the middle. He couldn't win; he had no qualifying low and only a pair of aces with Ad-2s-2h-Js. porcelet collected the pot with trip kings, Kh-Ks-2d-Ac, sending jdawg165 out of the tournament in 27th place.

3:48am--cpfactor sends TipsyPenguin to the rail

cpfactor raised on the button to 12,000, and TipsyPenguin raised out of the small blind to 18,000. That left TipsyPenguin with only 1,682 behind, all of which went into the middle after the Jh-2d-9c flop. cpfactor made the call and tabled 3c-7d-Ac-2h for a pair of deuces. TipsyPenguin was ahead with Ad-Qc-3h-Qs. The turn 6s gave cpfactor and TipsyPenguin the same low draw with A-3 in their hands. The river 3d, however, counterfeited TipsyPenguin’s low draw and gave cpfactor two pair, treys and deuces. With that elimination, we are now down to three tables.

3:39am--Break time!

Level 21
Stakes 6,000/12,000
Average Chip Count: 148,035
Players Remaining: 28
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. Raize It Up 470,467
2. m3tph 338,356
3. cpfactor 269,496
4. Bonitaines 255,803
5. kleberAA 247,384
6. porcelet 221,771
7. Big10 218,363
8. UHave_3_Outs 210,898
9. fabsoul 189,321
10. marcol1969 173,791

3:34am--pepperdiablo eliminated

It's all over for Supernova player pepperdiablo, who made a last stand with Ad-Ks-6d-4s. pepperdiablo got no love from a board of Jd-7c-6h-7h-Ts and lost to kcodya's 2c-5c-9h-9d, which made two pair, nines and sevens.

3:31am--pepperdiablo on life support

Supernova player pepperdiablo was short before, but now is practically knocking on tournament death's door after raising preflop and being called by DrParkinson. One bet went in on a flop of 4h-5c-9s before both players checked the 4d turn and Td river. DrParkinson showed Ah-7h-3d-Th for two pair, tens and fours, and the winning hand.

3:25am--Bonitaines hits river to eliminate ~US&Co~

~US&Co~ had survived a couple of all ins as one of the shortest stacks in the tournment, but he couldn’t dodge Bonitaines’ outs in this hand.

~US&Co~ collected $1,450.75 for finishing 30th, while Bonitaines jumped to 175,803 in chips.

3:18am--Raize It Up can do no wrong

Table 18 should watch out. Seemingly every time Raize It Up is in a pot past the turn, he turns over the nuts or near to it. He capped the betting with pepperdiablo on a flop of Qs-Jd-Kd. pepperdiablo slowed down on the 3d turn, calling one bet. It was the same action on the Qc. At showdown Raize It Up turned over 5c-Ad-6h-Td. He had flopped the nuts, turned the bigger nuts, and they held through a board pair on the river. He has moved well over 500,000 in chips.

3:04am--Raize It Up razing his table

Everything continues to be five by five for Raize It Up on Table 18. He eliminated Deady12 and scooped a six-figure pot by turning a small flush, and since has won several more hands to increase his stack to approximately 420,000 in chips. That amount makes Raize It Up the chip leader once again.

3:01am--Everything but a quarter

A big three-handed pot started to brew among m3tph, program1 and The Cooker. Each player committed 8,000 pre-flop, 12,000 after the flop, 24,000 after the turn and another 8,000 on the river. At showdown, the board read Jd-7d-6s-5c-3h. m3tph had the best of it with 4s-As-8d-2d for an eight-high straight and the nut low. Unfortunately for him, The Cooker had Ah-8h-3c-2h for the same nut low and a quarter of the pot.

2:57am--Double KO

All those short stacks on Table 68 are starting to consolidate. Two of them, fratboy247 and Rex5578, were knocked out in a single hand. porcelet and halut double-teamed to do the work, making a full house for high and an 8-7 for low to send fratboy247 and Rex5578 to the virtual rail. Rex5578 started with more chips, and so finished in 35th place. fratboy247 took 36th, but it didn't matter as both received the same payout of $1,450.75.

2:52am--Trash-talking, vol. 2

kcodya took the betting lead on the turn and river against Raize It Up. With the board showing 8h-8c-Kc-3d-Ah, kcodya turned over Ad-6s-6c-2h for two pair, aces and eights and an eight-six low. Raize It up also had aces and eights with a better kicker, and an eight-five low. He scooped the whole thing and after the hand, he let kcodya know it.

Raize It Up: oooppss
Raize It Up: comon now cody
Raize It Up: 66
Raize It Up: u know who ur messin with
kcodya: yes sir i will quit ****ing with you
Raize It Up: smart

Raize It Up now has 333,415 chips. If we were him, we wouldn't hold kcodya to that promise.

2:46am--talisain51 eliminated

At one point during this tournament, a few hours ago, talisain51 was among the chip leaders. Now he is among the eliminations. He was down to 8,101 and got them in from the big blind against porcelet. porcelet didn't have much with Kh-3d-6h-6c, and was behind talisain51's Js-2h-Jd-As. porcelet took the lead on the Kc-9h-7s flop, gave it back with the Ah on the turn, then finished with the best hand, kings and threes, after the 3c river. talisain51 was eliminated in 38th place, earning $1,243.50.

After one more elimination, we will hit a pay jump to $1,450.75.

2:43am--Monster draw gets there for Bonitaines

After Bonitaines limped in from middle position, m3tph made it 8,000 to go from the cut-off. jdawg165 three-bet from the button, and both players made the call. Bonitaines led out on the Jd-3c-Tc flop for 4,000, which m3tph called. jdawg165 raised to 8,000, and this time Bonitaines was the player to make the three-bet. m3tph and jdawg165 both stayed in the hand. The 4h hit on the turn, and this time both Bonitaines and m3tph checked. jdawg165 bet 8,000, bringing a call from both players. When the 9c came on the river, Bonitaines led out for 8,000. m3tph made the call, and jdawg165 got out of the way. Bonitaines showed 8c-Qc-9h-Ts. That 9c gave Bonitaines the queen-high flush and it completed his wrap straight draw. m3tph mucked his hand. That 118,000-chip pot moved Bonitaines to 180,202.

2:42am--Table 68 very short

Some tables wind up loaded with chips at the late stages of a tournament. Other tables wind up full of short stacks. That's the case at Table 68, where apart from updog, no player has more than 80,000 chips. 80,000 may seem like quite a bit, but par is almost 100,000 at this point, with limits of 4,000 and 8,000. 80,000 chips can evaporate in the space of two or three hands.

2:35am--Time for another break

Level 19
Stakes 4,000/8,000
Average Chip Count: 98,690
Players Remaining: 42
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. m3tph 252,818
2. cpfactor 236,233
3. Raize It Up 231,415
4. The Cooker 209,696
5. kcodya 186,217
6. jdawg165 165,669
7. pdog 156,950
8. pepperdiablo 147,655
9. fabsoul 141,062
10. DrParkinson 134,839

2:28am--Nut (almost) nut only good for three quarters

fabsoul started it off with a raise to 6,000 from middle position. Sidorenko, who was in the big blind, was the only player to make the call. Sidorenko proceeded to check-call fabsoul’s bets on each of the flop, turn and river. At showdown, the board read 5s-4c-7h-8h-6h. fabsoul flipped over Ah-2h-Jd-Jc for the ace-high flush and the lock low. Sidorenko was only able to produce 5c-As-2s-Jh for a pair of fives and the lock low.

2:15am--A little trash-talking never hurt anybody

As the hour gets later and the field gets smaller, that swagger of confidence starts to appear in many players:

pepperdiablo: wow u really are my luckbox daisy :o)
daisyjubilee [observer]: AW SHUCKS
drainu: ur luck cant beat skill
fratboy247: lol
pepperdiablo: that wd be a worry if u had any
fratboy247: agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
daisyjubilee [observer]: SHE'S GOT BOTH
drainu: we shall see
drainu: i take these down for lunch
drainu: beware
fratboy247: like a philly cheesesteak

drainu isn't really in much of a position to be engaging in all that much trash talking, however. He has only 37,000 chips, 100,000 fewer than pepperdiablo.

2:12am--m3tph rivers wheel to eliminate RBC*

A short-stacked RBC* had 12,519 chips left and raised to 6,000 from middle position. m3tph re-raised to 9,000 from the cut-off, folding everyone except for RBC*. RBC* made the call and then check-called the Td-4d-5h flop. With only 519 in chips left, RBC* decided to push them all into the middle after the Th turn. m3tph made the call with 3d-9d-2s-4s for a nine-high flush draw and open-ended straight draw. RBC* had Js-Ac-4h-7d for a pair of fours and an A-7 low draw. The river As gave m3tph the wheel, knocking RBC* out in 47th place. m3tph moved to 190,568 in chips, good enough for second place on the leaderboard.

2:05am--pepperdiablo scoop knocks out LuckyTC

Only one player could emerge from a scrape between Supernova player pepperdiablo and LuckyTC. Whoever won the hand would have a playable stack; the other would be crippled or busted. pepperdiablo got the win, as you can see here:

pepperdiablo has some breathing room now, but still has a fair amount of work with a stack that is less than par.

1:59am--Timely scoop for Bonitaines

Bonitaines had been slowly, steadily losing chips. Down to 68,577 after a high-water mark of about 130,000, Bonitaines raised it up from early position and was called by the big blind, AJB444. The flop was all Broadway cards, Ks-Th-Qc. AJB444 bet and Bonitaines called that flop, and the same action occurred on the 3c turn. When the river fell Td, Bonitaines raised AJB444's bet. AJB444 called, but couldn't beat Bonitaines' full house, tens full of threes, Ac-3s-Ts-9c. Bonitaines is back up to about 92,000 in chips.

1:54am--Lee Nelson eliminated in 52nd place

nelson28.jpgTeam PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson got a cheap look at the flop when he was in the big blind and tofu was the only player who had limped into the pot. Perhaps a good thing for Nelson, as he only had 9,361 in chips to start the hand. Nelson bet the As-Qh-6c flop and called a raise to 5,000 from tofu. The 6d fell on the turn, and Nelson bet all in for 1,861. tofu made the call and tabled 4d-Ad-4c-6s for a turned full house. Nelson had an emergency low draw with 8s-Ah-9s-5h, but it didn’t hit when the Ac came on the river. Nelson collected $1,036.25 for his efforts.

1:51am--Raize It Up rolling

Raize It Up has hit a mini-rush on Table 18. He has scooped four of the last eight pots at his table and split another pot. Those wins pushed his stack up to about 285,000 in chips.

1:44am--Raise It Up gets the best of russomatic

Fortunes are changing on Table 18. Raize It Up, sitting in the small blind, was the only person to call a button raise from russomatic. The two players took a flop of Td-6s-Qs, with Raize It Up checking and then calling a bet from russomatic. When the turn fell Jh, Raize It Up checked again. But this time he raised after russomatic bet. russomatic went for a three-bet, but folded to Raize It Up's cap. Raize It Up now has more than 230,000 in chips.

1:41am--pepperdiablo standing when the music stops

pepperdiablo capped a pot out of the big blind after drainu raised and The Cooker had three-bet. Both players called. pepperdiablo checked a flop of all babies, 6d-4h-7d. drainu checked as well. Both players called a bet from The Cooker, then checked again on the turn Kd. The Cooker's bet folded pepperdiablo, but brought a call from drainu. On the river 6h, drainu went for a raise of The Cooker's bet, but The Cooker called and the pot was chopped. drainu got the high with sixes full of sevens, 8s-3s-6c-7c; The Cooker got the low with a 7-6, 2c-9s-Qc-As.

1:36am--Aces versus aces

tofu and carpenter124 got into a raising war pre-flop, with action capped at 10,000. On the 8c-Kh-3s flop, carpenter124 check-called tofu’s 2,500-chip bet. After the turn (Jc), carpenter124 check-raised to 10,000. tofu went all in for 13,815 total, and carpenter124 made the call.

tofu: 5c-Ah-5d-Ac
carpenter124: 9s-As-4c-Ad

Both players had a pair of aces in their hands for the high, but tofu had a redraw to the nut club flush. carpenter had the better low draw, holding A-4 to tofu’s A-5. The Tc on the river sent the 56,380-chip pot to tofu, while carpenter dropped to 46,544.

1:29am--Through 16 levels of play . . .

Level 17
Stakes 2,500/5,000
Average Chip Count: 72,719
Players Remaining: 57
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. cpfactor 204,924
2. Raize It Up 190,276
3. russomatic 178,497
4. Big10 171,660
5. m3tph 158,082
6. porcelet 145,033
7. TipsyPenguin 141,651
8. talisain51 132,627
9. Bonitaines 128,577
10. jdawg165 114,474

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Lee Nelson 33,736 (42nd)

1:25am--russomatic can't bluff the whole table

russomatic tried to run a bluff against kcodya and plumnelli, but couldn't bring home the pot. He raised the turn on a 4d-Th-Jc-7s board after kcodya bet. plumnelli called the raise cold before kcodya called as well. On the river Tc, kcodya checked to russomatic, who bet. That bet folded plumnelli, but kcodya made the call. russomatic turned over 6h-2d-As-7d for two pair, tens and sevens. kcodya had that beat with Qc-Td-9h-Kd, three of a kind tens.

1:20am--Raize It Up and russomatic holding the line

There hasn't been much in the way of confrontation on Table 18 between russomatic and Raize It Up. russomatic still retains a slight chip lead, about 10,000 chips over Raize It Up, but neither has had much of an opportunity to increase his stack. In the meantime, both have been surpassed by cpfactor.

1:17am--cpfactor flush with chips

cpfactor is the current chip leader, with 238,924. He’s been adding to his stack with hands like this one.

1:07am--Game over for DCJ311

It's been a long, slow bleed for Supernova Elite Player DCJ311. Down to 6,850, he called a raise to 4,000 in a three-way pot, called again on the 9h-3h-9c flop, but folded when the Kd came on the turn. That left him with just 850 chips, which all went in three hands later in the big blind. lolovitch raised from under the gun and was called by the small blind, somebody. somebody took the betting lead on the turn of a Jh-Ad-9d-Ts board, folding lolovitch on the river 3s with another bet. somebody showed Ah-Qh-7s-5d, a pair of aces, for the main pot. DCJ311 showed 8d-3d-6s-2s, coming up with only a pair of threes. He was eliminated from the tournament in 61st place.

1:05am--Quarter pounder

Getting quartered can be quite brutal. Just ask tofu and porcelet. porcelet raised to 4,000 from the button, bringing a three-bet from tofu in the small blind. RiskStar capped it at 8,000 out of the big blind, and three-handed to the flop they went. tofu bet first on the 3h-7s-5d flop, followed by a raise from RiskStar and a three-bet from porcelet. tofu capped the action, and three-handed to the turn they went. When the 6d fell on the turn, tofu and RiskStar both checked. porcelet bet 4,000, and his two opponents called. The action followed the exact same pattern after the river Qc. The hands?

porcelet: 2c-As-Tc-Js (no pair and the lock low)
tofu: Ah-2s-9s-3s (a pair of treys and the lock low)
RiskStar: Kc-Ks-5s-5h (set of fives)

1:01am--thedonator hits the rail

It was a rapid demise for Stuart "thedonator" Patterson. With 7,381 left in his stack, he capped the betting preflop after lolovitch raised and cpfactor three-bet. Both players called. cpfactor bet the 4c-Kd-Jd flop, with Patterson calling all in and lolovitch calling also. cpfactor bet the 7s turn and again lolovitch called. When the Jh hit the river, lolovitch checked, then called cpfactor's bet. lolovitch had two pair, kings and jacks, with Ah-Kh-9c-5d. cpfactor had two pair, aces and jacks, with Ad-Ac-8s-5s. thedonator had four low cards and couldn't beat aces and jacks. He's out of the tournament in 65th place, earning $911.90.

12:58am--The Shark swims into the sunset

Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes was chomping to get his last 1,931 chips in the middle and did so after action folded around to him in late position. He was called by three players: plumnelli, Scared Money and kleberAA. The three players check through the river, hoping to eliminate Brenes. The board ran out Jc-Th-Kd-7c-9d. plumnelli took down the pot with 9c-Ac-As-7s for a rivered two pair. Brenes mucked his hand and collected $911.90 for his 71st-place finish.

12:55am--New table draw

The two chip leaders, Raize It Up and russomatic, have both been moved to Table 18. They are seated next to each other, with Raize It Up having position on russomatic. Are fireworks in their future, or will they take turns savaging the rest of the table?

12:50am--thedonator drops under 25,000

Stuart "thedonator" Patterson has less than seven big bets remaining in his stack after having to fold on the river in a recent three-way pot. Patterson, with the button, flat-called a three-bet from seaplayer69 that was also called by the initial raiser, jdawg165. All three players paid one bet on a flop of 7h-Jh-Kc to see the 4h turn. seaplayer69 bet the turn and was raised by Patterson. jdawg165 called two cold, and seaplayer69 called as well. When the board paired on the river with the 7d, jdawg165 came alive for the first time, betting 3,600. His bet folded each of the other players.

Patterson has less than 25,000 chips after this hand.

12:44am--The short stacks continue their march towards the sea

With ten minutes remaining in Level 15, only 77 players remain in the field. Raize It Up continues to battle with russomatic for the chip lead. Currently russomatic has pulled ahead with 183,797. At least one Supernova Elite player, DCJ311, remains in the tournament, but he is verging into short-stack territory with just less than 23,000 remaining chips.

12:41am--Perhaps we spoke too soon

pagano28.jpgLuca Pagano was just sent to the rail courtesy of Rex5578. RiskStar raised from late position to 3,600, followed by a call from Rex5578. Pagano three-bet from the small blind, bringing a call from each of RiskStar and Rex5578. Fireworks ensued after the 6s-Qd-2d flop. After Pagano checked, RiskStar bet 1,800. Rex5578 then raised to 3,600, followed by a raise to 5,400 from Pagano. RiskStar smooth called, and Rex5578 capped the betting at 7,200. On the Kh turn, Pagano led out first for 3,600, bringing a call from RiskStar and a raise to 7,200 from Rex5578. Pagano called all in for his last 464, and RiskStar remained in the hand as well. RiskStar check-called Rex5578’s 3,600 river bet and mucked when Rex5578 revealed Kc-Qh-Jh-Qc for queens full of deuces. Pagano mucked as well. He finished the tournament in 83rd place.

12:38am--Pro on pro violence

Team PokerStars Pros Lee Nelson and Luca Pagano are seated next to each other on Table 68. They’ve already shown a willingness to mix it up against one another, and this hand was no different. Pagano kicked things off with a raise to 3,600 from under the gun. Nelson promptly made it three bets. The rest of the table got out of the way before Pagano made the call. Nelson fired 1,800 after the Qh-4c-6c flop, forcing a fold from Pagano. We’ll see if Pagano can get those chips back from Nelson.

12:34am--Patterson can't get it going

It's been win a little, lose a little for Stuart Patterson over the last half hour. He finds himself with a stack that's just about par after a recent encounter with kcodya. Watch the hand below:

12:21am--After seven hours of action, 91 players remain

Level 15
Stakes 1,800/3,600
Average Chip Count: 45,549
Players Remaining: 91
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. russomatic 139,697
2. Raize It Up 133,469
3. Big10 127,468
4. The Cooker 107,293
5. cpfactor 104,743
6. carpenter124 102,734
7. porcelet 100,154
8. talisain51 97,952
9. drainu 94,857
10. BushwickDave 86,084

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Lee Nelson 61,386 (26th)
Humberto Brenes 34,462 (45th)
Luca Pagano 18,914 (79th)

12:15am--Easy come, easy go for thedonator

Stuart "thedonator" Patterson was not able to hold onto his new-found chips for very long. He called a raise by lolovitch along with BAGSIK829 to a flop of As-Qd-Qs. BAGSIK829 raised the flop, then bet the turn 6d and river Jh. Both of his opponents called to showdown, where BAGSIK829 showed them Ac-4d-2s-Qh for a full house, queens full of aces, and a scooped pot.

12:11am--Raize It Up knocks out another

Chip leader Raize It Up continues to add to his six-figure stack. He raised preflop to 3,200. Action folded to AKShotgun in the big blind, who had 1,577 behind his blind. "Lets do this," said AKShotgun and then he called all in. The board ran out 3s-Kc-5h-Jh-3c, making jacks and fives for Raize It Up with Ah-Jc-5c-2c. That was better then AKShotgun's fours and threes, 8s-4c-4h-2s. Another man down.

12:05am--thedonator accepts donations too

Stuart Patterson's nickname may be "thedonator", but that doesn't mean that he has anything against accepting chips from other players. He took a 23,200-chip pot off of tylerbills. Patterson raised preflop, eliciting a call from tylerbills in the big blind and from Janavel, who had limped in from early position. tylerbills bet the 9h-Js-9c flop and was raised by thedonator. He called.

tylerbills check-called the 5c that fell on the turn, then check-folded to Patterson's bet on the 5s river. Patterson is approaching 100,000 in chips.

12:01am--The floodgates open

The short stacks have been holding back from getting their chips in the middle for thirty minutes. Now that the money bubble has broken, they can't get their chips in fast enough. Twenty players have busted in the last ten minutes after twelve were eliminated in all of Level 13.

11:59pm--The dead man’s hand keeps Pagano alive

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano opened the action by raising to 3,200 from under the gun. MPK_ReaVer three-bet from the cut-off. updog called from the small blind before Pagano capped the betting at 6,400. Both MPK_ReaVer and updog made the call. updog checked the 4d-Kc-As flop, and Pagano pushed his last 1,384 into the middle. MPK_ReaVer and updog made the call. When the 9h fell on the turn, updog check-folded to MPK_ReaVer’s 3,200 bet. MPK_ReaVer had Ah-Jd-2h-3c for top pair jack kicker and the nut low draw. Pagano showed 6c-Ad-8s-2c for top pair with an eight kicker. The 8c hit on the river, giving Pagano aces and eights for half of the pot. Pagano now has 12,476 in chips.

11:50pm--UPLAYBAD2 bubbles off the money; PokerDotty squeaks in with 2 chips!

Things didn't look good for PokerDotty. Down to only 2 chips in her stack, the big blind was approaching. Things were even more grim for UPLAYBAD2. He had more chips, 338 in total, but was in the big blind one hand before PokerDotty. Four players at UPLAYBAD2's table limped in to try to bust him. They all checked the 8h-Tc-8c flop and the 2c turn. On the 5d river, chuckles bet and was called by Feb19. chuckles took the high with 5s-8d for eights full of fives; Feb19 took the low with Ac-4s. That left no half of the pot for UPLAYBAD2. He was eliminated in 127th place. Everyone else made the money, including PokerDotty, the master of a stack of just 2 chips!

PokerDotty was eliminated in the first hand after the bubble burst.

11:48pm--How tough is it to be on the bubble?

For the players with the shortest stacks, it's going to be a couple of minutes of tense "wait-and-see."

miss_six_6, who just made it through the blinds, only has 443 chips. She most recently remarked:

miss_six_6: folded AA23 on the last hand, that hurt!

11:45pm--Who will be the bubble boy (girl)?

pokaplaya98 just went out in 128th place, leaving one more to go until the money. Hand for hand play is now in progress, with a few players holding chip counts of less than one small blind.

11:42pm--Two players to go until the money

Only 128 players remain in the tournament, with 126 making the money. The player with the shortest stack, PokerDotty, just made it through the blinds and now has 2 chips left. We'll see if she can survive two more eliminations.

11:36pm--Another pot for Nelson

Lee Nelson raised from the small blind and was called by the big blind, Feb19. Nelson fired again on a flop of 3c-Ac-Jd. Both players checked the Qh turn. When the river came As, Nelson bet and Feb19 called. Nelson showed 3d-Th-Ad-2s for a full house, aces full of threes. That was a winner as neither player had a qualifying low. Nelson now has about 34,000 chips.

11:28pm--Pagano fills up to stay in the hunt

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano found himself on a short stack after the break. From the big blind, he watched as fishcake56 raised to 2,800 and porcelet re-raised to 4,200. After the rest of the table folded, Pagano made the call and fishcake56 called all-in for less. The 3s-7h-9c was checked by Pagano and porcelet, but Pagano decided to take a stab at the side pot with a 2,800 bet after the 6c fell on the turn. porcelet made the call. The 3d fell on the river, bringing another bet of 2,800 from Pagano. porcelet called again. Pagano flipped over As-9s-9h-3c for the flopped top set and rivered full house. porcelet had the low hand in the side pot with Qc-2c-5s-2h. fishcake56 took the low hand in the main pot with 6h-Jh-Ad-2d.

11:26pm--Katja Thater eliminated

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater knew she needed to make a move if she wanted to cash in this event. She had only 2,345 chips, less than one big bet, and called all in after kidpoker406 raised. JCastle then three-bet, and kidpoker406 called all in for less than the three-bet.

Thater: Ah-Kh-Qh-3d
kidpoker406: Ad-Qs-6d-4s
JCastle As-9c-4c-2d

It was anybody's hand until the flop came Td-5c-Kc. Thater had flopped a pair but both opponents had draws. The turn 7c made a flush for JCastle. The river Kd didn't change the outcome. Thater and kidpoker406 were both eliminated, moving the tournament two places closer to the money.

11:10pm--Hour seven chip counts, enjoy your meals!

Level 13
Stakes 1,400/2,800
Average Chip Count: 30,036
Players Remaining: 138 (12 to the money)
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. talisain51 108,514
2. thedonator 81,092
3. carpenter124 80,443
4. RiskStar 73,807
5. m3tph 73,185
6. russomatic 68,485
7. Big10 67,568
8. Evelyn 65,030
9. lolovitch 65,010
10. drainu 64,757

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes 37,712 (46th)
Lee Nelson 29,286 (62nd)
Luca Pagano 23,418 (72nd)
Katja Thater 4,445 (133rd)

Team PokerStars Pros eliminated this hour:

Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose (159th)
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer (180th)
Bill Chen (193rd)

11:00pm--Bad time to bet, good time to river a straight

Lee Nelson finally played a hand, but it didn't go so well for him.

In the big blind, he was the only caller of a button raise from Gstacks. He check-called bets on the Qc-7s-6h flop and 6s turn before pausing for about 10 seconds and leading out on the 9h river. Gstacks called almost immediately, showing Ac-8d-6c-3s for three sixes to win the pot over Nelson's Kc-Ks-Qh-Js.

After that pot, Nelson was at 16,086.

Two hands later, he would take down a 27,000 pot after flopping the nut flush draw and hitting a queen-high straight on the river, taking him almost to 30k.

10:59pm--Growling stomaches or growling bankrolls?

Barely a hand has gone by where players are either holing out to their time banks or anxiously awaiting the dash for that last pepperoni Hot Pocket in the freezer.

Still 16 players for the bubble to burst and players to rejoice getting about $100/hour for their play tonight should their tournament end shortly after 126th place is announced.

10:53pm--Let us begin the use of those time banks, bubble looms

It seems like quite a few players are now exercising their rights to use the sizable 240 second time banks here at the WCOOP. With the average stack only having 10 big bets, fast play will be coming soon as only the top 65 in chips are above par currently.

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater is in the danger zone with 4,445 chips.

10:51pm--Slow night so long

As we approach bubble time with a big percentage of the field holding stacks of 10 big bets or less, both Lee Nelson and Luca Pagano have gone into lockdown mode. Getting Hillary Clinton to vote Republican would be easier right now than getting either of these guys to play a hand.

10:46pm--Humberto quietly (!!!) taking chips and staying around the top 50

As it may seem impossible, Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is hanging out on Table 18 collecting chips with nary a shark-filled episode. More like the silent eel, snaking around zapping people for a few chips then slithering back into its cave.

He is currently at 35,312 chips as we’re 14 minutes from the dinner break and 19 players from the bubble.

10:37pm--Another pro down, Steve Paul-Ambrose eliminated

Steve Paul-Ambrose really needed a perfect situation to give himself a shot at picking up some chips. Down to just 5,490, he declined to call a raise in the big blind when it came from The Cooker in the small blind.

Two hands later he would make his stand with this hand:

10:31pm--The last supper

126 places pay and 160 players remain as we headed into the dinner break with blinds for level 12 moving up to 600/1200 and an average stack of 26,000. Humberto Brenes is the only PokerStars Pro left in the top 50 chip stacks.

Tonight 126th pays $829.00 for about seven hours of work, well worth it to go away with something more then dried bread at this point.

10:27pm--Seven kicker boots FossilMan out of the tourney in 180th

Not often you’ll see a kicker war in Omaha, but watch this hand as Greg “FossilMan” Raymer takes a good O8 starting hand to the felt and gets out kicked by a seven:

10:23pm--Kravchenko may be gone, but Canuck remains

Nearly six hours later Canuck is still at the same table he shared with Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko at the beginning.

Despite only having 2.5 big bets (blinds currently at 500/1000) he’s still in the tournament and now seated to the left of Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater who is a little healthier sitting with 19,145.

10:18pm--Paul-Ambrose on life support

Steve Paul-Ambrose just took a 10k hit to his stack and is in big trouble at the moment.

He opened with a raise in the hijack and ynika was his only caller in the small blind. ynika pulled out the check-raise on the 9h-7c-3d flop and then capped the action after Paul-Ambrose made it three bets. Paul-Ambrose called and then called one bet each on the 7d turn and the Jh river. ynika showed As-6h-3h-3s for the full house, claiming the 21,000 pot.

b>10:14pm--Pagano scoops

Scott Clements might be gone from Table 68, but the rest of the table just got a reminder that EPT Player of the Year Luca Pagano is still in action there. Pagano opened with a raise in the hijack and his only caller was Crisper in the small blind. Crisper check-raised on the 8h-4s-2d flop and Pagano called the second bet.

The Italian pro called again when Crisper led out for 2,000 on the Qc turn, but it was Crisper who check-called 2,000 when the 3c hit the river. Pagano showed Ac-5c-5s-3s for the wheel, scooping the 17,000 pot and jumping to 32,748.

10:11pm--AngryFish brings his SnG skills to the WCOOP

After making the final table of the very first Battle of the Planets monthly $50,000 triple shootout giveaway, AngryFish is currently in the top ten of Event #28 tonight.

He’ll be looking to expand on the $4,500 he walked away with in April.

Check out the info on how you can qualify for this montly triple shootout from SnG play here.

10:04pm--In the doghouse, Clements out

Just before the last break started, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements took a hit for half his stack against updog, who's cracked the top 10. updog opened with a raise under the gun and Clements made it three bets from the small blind. updog called and the flop came down Qc-Th-2c; Clements led out, updog raised, Clements reraised, and updog called.

Both players checked the Qs turn, and Clements called when the 9c hit the river to see updog show Ah-Ac-Jh-7c for the ace-high flush, enough to drag the 13,600 pot.

Left with just 5,879, Clements had to make a stand. He did so with Ac-Qd-8h-4c against chip leader RiskStar's As-Jh-7s-3h, but found himself on the rail after the board came down 9h-8d-5h-6c-Jd. He finishes in 195th place.

10:03pm--Hour 5 chip counts, dinner break up next

Level 11
Blinds 800/1,600
Average Chip Count: 20,725
Players Remaining: 200
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. RiskStar 60,990
2. Evelyn 59,736
3. The Cooker 51,260
4. piccolino 50,690
5. updog 50,438
6. Scared Money 50,276
7. goldmember23 47,163
8. thedonator 46,113
9. jakz101 45,888
10. lolovitch 45,353

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Bill Chen 11,249 (152nd)
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer 15,556 (133rd)
Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes 27,362 (51st)
Katja Thater 17,027 (118th)
Lee Nelson 18,201 (104th)
Luca Pagano 22,748 (74th)
Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose 16,875 (121st)

Team PokerStars Pros eliminated:

Chris “Money800” Moneymaker (250th)
Alex Kravchenko (252nd)
Dario Minieri (261st)
Raymond Rahme (275th)
Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Roussso (311st)
Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier (336th)
Alexandre “allingomes” Gomes (346th)

9:53pm--Down, but still in it

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements is down to 13,079 after two pots that saw him folding well before showdown.

In the first pot he opened the betting with a raise in the cutoff; tunnny raised all-in for 1,899 total and was called by updog in the big blind and Clements. Action checked to Clements on the Kc-Jd-Th flop and he bet, only to be check-raised by updog.

He made it three bets and then called when updog capped the bet at 3,200. Clements then got out of the way on the 8s turn, a good decision as updog held A-Q in his hand and took the whole pot.

In the second pot, Luca Pagano (who moved to the table an orbit earlier) opened with a raise under the gun and Clements made it three bets in the hijack. RiskStar capped as he bet 3,200 on the button and Pagano and Clements both called. All three players checked the Td-5s-4s flop, and Clements folded when Pagano bet on the 3c turn.

One thing is for sure: nobody will ever be able to accuse Clements of not being disciplined.

9:48pm-- Wife wins, von Halle out in 225th

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater has out lasted her husband as 50outs was short stacked with 5,354 and made a stand with 3c-Ts-4s-4h against desiree777 who raised preflop and never slowed down on any street.

desiree777 turned over a full house on the board of 7h-Js-7c-Ad-Tc and the German pro was eliminated in 225th place.

Now its time for Thater to try to outlast the remaining 212 players in the field for that $76K first prize.

9:41pm-- He’s the jack of all trades, WCOOP 8-game event winner at Katja Thater’s table

Winning the 8-game Event #8 for $50,797.28, Ulett_23 is now seated across from Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater on Table 58 with an well-above average stack at 33,386.

Read up on his victory by following the Event #8 live blog via this link.

9:37pm--Riskk management

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements had two limpers in front of him when he called 1,600 himself on the button to see a flop of Qs-7s-3d. He bet when the action checked to him and both opponents called.

When the Qh came on the turn, pacerookie led out for 1,600 and Clements raised to 3,200. He got the call both there and on the 3s river, and ended up scooping the pot with As-Qd-7d-3c for queens full of threes. He's now up to 23,624.

9:34pm-- Money on the side, out in 250th

Team PokerStars pro Chris Moneymaker is nursing his short stack for all its worth and just took down a side pot worth 2120 after flopping trips with Ad-8d-Qd-Qc on a board of 8s-6c-8h-Kh-4d.

Pushed again five hands later pre flop, this time no dice for the 2003 WSOP main champ as he couldn’t avoid the three others in the pot and Moneymaker is out in 250th.

9:30pm--Keeping an eye on our guys

With the stakes going up, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements is up just a touch to 13,664 after taking down a three-way limped pot uncontested with a bet on the 9-9-3 flop. That's the most action we've seen out of him lately, as he sits back and waits for a golden opportunity to present itself.

Steve Paul-Ambrose, meanwhile, is up to 23,475 on Table 63 after taking the low half of a pot worth 18,300.

9:25pm--Paul-Ambrose on the way up

Steve Paul-Ambrose has been quiet for the most part today on Table 26, but he's taken down two big pots over the last three hands to give him a nice little boost.

First he opened with a raise under the gun and made it four bets after being raised by hg_bg; his bet was called on the Qc-Jc-9d flop, but he took down the 6,900 pot with a bet on the 9c turn. Then he scooped a 10,200 pot with two pair, tens and threes, and a 6-4-3-2-A low in a pot against neeheh.

His table just broke, so we'll be tracking him down to see if he can continue his climb.

9:23pm-- Down to the last drop

Chris “Money800” Moneymaker is on borrowed time on Table 56 as he’s down to his last 740 in chips and will need to make something happen soon. Several times as the blinds are currently 300/600 and going up in 4 minutes.

9:19pm-- Not too high, not too low

The two Omaha Hi/Lo bracelet holders still out on Table #58, Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko (WSOP 2007) and Canuck (WCOOP 2002) haven’t exploded on the leaderboard, nor imploded to the rail. Both are currently under par with Kravchenko at 5,261 in chips to Canuck’s 9,019.

9:14pm--Time to get Riskky

Dario Minieri's table has broken, so we're going to follow WSOP Omaha Hi-Lo bracelet winner Scott "BigRiskky" Clements for a bit. He's sitting on 10,663 as we pick up the action on Table 68.

9:11pm-- Score one for the ladies, Thater jumps out a big chip lead over husband

Not to mention the field as well, Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater now sitting pretty at over 28,000 in chips as we have lost nearly 2/3rd of the field with 200 more eliminations to the money with 128 getting paid tonight. von Halle has slipped under par with around 10,000 chips but still holding his own.

Katja Thater: 28,039
50outs: 10,092

9:08pm--Another lifeline

Vanessa Rousso just tripled up her minuscule stack, getting back to 2,358 when she split the low with DO$UN*9* but took the high with two pair, aces and sixes. A couple more of those would help right about now.

9:03 pm--Hard to chip up that way

Just back from the break, Vanessa Rousso flopped an eight-high straight with 6s-6d-5h-2d in a three-way pot and managed to get herself all-in.

Things were looking good for her to take the high and have ladde1 and drainu split the low, but the turn and river came Ad-3c and all three players split the pot with the wheel.

9:00pm-- Hour four chip counts

Level 9
Blinds 600/1,200
Average Chip Count: 11,142
Players Remaining: 372
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. porcelet 41,992
2. sandow 33,020
3. Big10 31,938
4. Scared Money 30,580
5. m3tph 29,434
6. The Cooker 29,135
7. Raize It Up 28,725
8. Donald 28,403
9. fratboy247 28,152
10. plumnelli 27,231

Team PokerStars Pros remaining

Alexandre “allingomes” Gomes 3,233 (351st)
Bill Chen 17,979 (61st)
Chad Brown OUT (575th)
Dario Minieri `6,063 (78th)
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer 15,583 (86th)
Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes 10,816 (153rd)
Katja Thater 17,583 (66th)
Alex Kravchenko 8,553 (212nd)
Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Roussso 4,608 (323rd)
Lee Nelson 10,701 (157th)
Luca Pagano 21,663 (35th)
Chris “Money800” Moneymaker 11,842 (136th)
Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier 10,105 (169th)
Raymond Rahme 6,572 (265th)
Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose 10,650 (159th)

Team PokerStars Pros eliminated this hour

Victor Ramdin (378th)
Tom McEvoy (383rd)
John Duthie (398th)
Gavin Griffin (469th)
Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan (494th)
Barry “barryg1” Greenstein (501st)

8:50pm--A lifeline for Rousso

Vanessa Rousso picked the right time to get her chips in the middle. She flopped a straight flush with Kh-Kd-Td-6d and managed to outrun Ulett_23's nut low draw to scoop a pot worth 4,808.

8:48pm-- Big to gone, Duthie out in 398th

Leader at the break and still a big stack midway through this level, Team PokerStars John Duthie never slowed down in this bust out hand against sonofchufty:

8:44pm-- Checking in with the German pro couple

Jan “50outs” van Halle has jumped out to the lead in chips, amassing over 23,000 chips currently as Team PokerStars pro Katja Thater continues to hang in there with over 9,000 as we’re 5 minutes from the break.

50outs: 23,308
Katja Thater: 9,245

8:40pm--Vanessa's fall

Vanessa Rousso is down to just 3,136 after a series of pots gone wrong. In the space of twelve hands she has dropped over 10k, which is more testament to the stakes at the moment than anything done badly wrong on her part.

It just goes to show that even when you build a big stack, you're never really safe.

8:35pm--Scoop for Dario

Since arriving at Table 98, Dario Minieri hasn't been, well, very Dario. We usually expect to see him splashing around in a lot of pots, but he's been fairly tame for the most part.

That doesn't mean he's not been chipping up, though; he just scooped one pot worth 5,400 after getting three bets in before the flop from the big blind with 8c-7h-4c-4s, going runner-runner for trip eights and taking the low with 7-4 on the 5s-3h-2h-8h-8d board.

Add that to the 6,400 pot he took down on the river with no showdown on a board of Qh-Td-8h-Qd-5c, and he's up to 15,963.

8:31pm-- Two players capping the river not a good sign, Griffin out in 469th

Starting the hand with 3,740 in chips the Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin was all-in by the turn as four players capped preflop. Jan “50outs” von Halle three-bet Griffin on the turn when the rest of his chips went in and strela also called.

The board showed 5c-3s-Jd-8s-Ac on the river and both von Halle and strela capped the betting as Griffin remarked:

GavinGriffin said, "that's not good..."

Both players turned over A-5 wheels as Griffin mucked finishing in 469th place.

8:26pm--That's one way to come back

After slipping backward for a bit, Vanessa Rousso came back with a vengeance. She limped in before the flop and everyone but the two blinds folded, bringing a flop of Qd-9h-3d. She bet when the action checked to her and only drainu called from the big blind.

drainu checked the 3c as well, but this time he check-raised Rousso; when she popped him back, he called. One more bet on the river, and Rousso showed Qs-Qc-Jh-6c for the full house and scooped an 8,400 pot to get back over 18k

8:24pm-- Duthie’s stack finally shows signs of fatigue

While continuing to employ the aggressive style, Duthie now finds his once huge stack down to under 10,000 from several lost capped pots. Fear not action lovers, he ain’t going out like that, as Duthie continues to raise and cap nearly all pots preflop.

We down to 470 players with 128 getting paid tonight and the blinds have just escalated to 200/400 for level 8.

8:19pm--Rousso down a touch

Much like her fellow Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie, Vanessa Rousso has lost some steam since rocketing to the top of the leaderboard in the early going.

She's on 13,736 right now after dropping chips in three straight pots, including a loss of 2,200 when she flopped top pair and a gutshot draw without a low and got to the river against a flopped set and two nut lows.

8:14pm--McEvoy hits the nuts, loses a bit

Tom McEvoy just hit the nut low in a three-way pot - and lost money.

He dropped a total of 300 on the hand after getting the bulk of his 3,500 stack in the middle when both he and soundgarden4 turned up A-2 on the Qs-5d-3c-3h-7c board. jellycz took the high all by himself with a seven-high straight.

8:11pm-- Ground found, Griffin quadruples up

He not have as many chips as in this picture from his win in Monte Carlo...

... but Nut-Nut is good for Gavin Griffin as he was all-in preflop for 1065 with blinds at 150/300 against fellow Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, strela, and armor.

The board came down Js-8h-4c-6s-7s as Griffin turned over 5d-2h-As-8s for the runner-runner nut flush as he already had the nut low on the turn.

Griffin’s second life starts with these 4,560 chips.

8:06pm--Three quarters=g00t

Isabelle Mercier has made up some ground on Table 91 as well, after quartering rkuok in this pot:

8:04pm-- Moneymaker moving up while Griffin trying to find some headway

Gavin Griffin and Chris Moneymaker are out on Table 14 together as Moneymaker just snagged an 8,400 chip pot with a turned nut flush. Griffin on the other hand just had to throw his remaining 495 into the middle with 3h-6d-2s-7h pre flop but managed to double up off tunny.

Griffin still short stacked at 1,065 chips, while Moneymaker is above average at 14,114 with another made flush as we got this post up.

7:58pm--Rahme fighting back

Raymond Rahme has been a raising machine since we came back from the break, and he's up to 6,198 as a result.

He took down one pot worth 3,000 with no contest on the turn, scooped one worth 2,350 with the nut flush for the high and the wheel for the low, and took another worth over 4k against a short stack.

Another run like that, and he'll be over 10k in no time.

7:55pm-- After settling down from his aggressive run, the rail offered some help for the chip leading Team PokerStars pro John Duthie:

He's still at over 20,000 chips but has lost a little steam.

DontLookBack [observer]: hey duthie theres a button next to call says fold
DontLookBack [observer]: found it yet?
John Duthie: no
zenman: LOL
DontLookBack [observer]: keep looking, youll get there
zenman: there's a button next to that says ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR
oerockets: meow.........
John Duthie: i see the one that says raise any

7:49pm-- Hour three chip counts

Level 7
Blinds 300/600
Average Chip Count: 6,931
Players Remaining: 598
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. John Duthie 28,286
2. porcelet 25,432
3. cpfactor 22,743
4. BlackSpur 20,471
5. Raize It Up 20,130
6. Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 19,881
7. NoHarmin 19,674
8. Mormak 19,554
9. DO$UN*9* 18,596
10. csumpi 18,251

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Alexandre “allingomes” Gomes 6,169 (307th)
Barry “barryg1” Greenstein 5,275 (356th)
Bill Chen 11,039 (94th)
Chad Brown 3,637 (456th)
Dario Minieri 8,088 (204th)
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer 11,865 (74th)
Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes 5,866 (320th)
John Duthie 28,286 (1st)
Katja Thater 6,113 (309th)
Alex Kravchenko 4,667 (402nd)
Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Roussso 19,881 (6th)
Gavin Griffin 2,505 (516th)
Lee Nelson 8,995 (158th)
Luca Pagano 12,703 (53rd)
Chris “Money800” Moneymaker 5,324 (349th)
Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier 3,225 (474th)
Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan 1,195 (585th)
Raymond Rahme 2,375 (525th)
Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose 12,537 (60th)
Tom McEvoy 4,712 (392nd)
Victor Ramdin 9,334 (151st)

7:34pm-- I'll take being lucky over being good at poker anyday

As Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie continues to roll over his table (as shown on the last 6,813 chip pot, taking it down with a rivered flush with 3h-7h-3c-7d), players are getting a little skidish of the British pro’s luck versus his skill:

piscopo1129 [observer]: john is terrible
John Duthie: but very lucky

Duthie is now at 29,000 chips and has a 6,000 chip lead over porcelet in 2nd place.

7:28pm-- 15 minutes left in level 6 and Thater still leads over 50outs

Holding on to the lead over her husband, both Katja Thater and her husband 50outs have slipped a bit in the chip counts. Katja is still above the average chip count of 6,400 while von Halle just took down a 3,846 chip pot to get near par.

Katja Thater: 7,413
50outs: 5,941

7:27 pm--Still going!

Tom McEvoy was all-in on his big blind and managed to take down a quarter of a 4,571 pot with an eight-high straight, giving him a little bit of hope.

Raymond Rahme also survived an all-in a few minute ago, hitting trip deuces on the river to keep his hopes alive.

7:22pm--Ambrose on the rise, Mac almost out

Tom McEvoy hasn't had a very good day; he's now down to 471 and will have to hope to outdraw a multiway field if he's going to chip back up.

Meanwhile Steve Paul-Ambrose is chipping up. He scooped one pot worth 6,150 about an orbit ago, before scooping another for 2,700 and splitting one worth 2,175 with Vanessa Rousso. That takes him up to 12,637.

7:19pm-- Split down broadway

Gavin Griffin just picked a few chips while splitting broadway straights with the tobacco fan and big stacked Supernova SKOAL. After hitting the nut straight on the Kh-Qd-8s-Js turn, both players check the dangerous As on the river and turned over identical A-T in their hands to split the 3,900 chip pot.

Griffin is currently at 7,205 chips.

7:15pm--McEvoy in trouble

Tom McEvoy just took a big hit against Kongsgaard, dropping to 1,821 after Kongsgaard hit his ace-high flush on the river to win a 5,325 pot. They got three bets in before the Kd-Qh-Ts flop, one on that flop, and they capped it on the 5d turn.

The 6d got one more bet out of McEvoy, who mucked his hand after Kongsgaard showed the winner.

7:14pm-- Gamble indeed

davebreal: gamboooooooool

With Duthie’s aggression currently running over the table (winning 10 of the last 17 hands), the O8 specialist davebreal just tossed in his last 216 chips to no avail and busted in 711st

7:10pm--The true Maverick

Vanessa Rousso's stack has been yo-yoing as she tangled with Andy McLEOD. She got the best of him on this one to scoop a 5,025 pot:

7:07pm--Ambrose with the scoop

Steve Paul-Ambrose is at the same table as Vanessa Rousso, but he's not playing quite as many hands.

As long as he keeps playing for scoops, the way he did a moment ago when he hit deuces full of sevens to claim a 3,525 pot, he'll do just fine. The Team PokerStars Pro is now up to 9,424.

7:03pm-- If you’re looking for action, may I suggest Table 22?

John Duthie is holding court to some great action as he pushes his chip leading stack around by raising and capping several hand in a row causing many players to try their luck against the big stack.

Despite losing a few of those hands, Duthie still has over 18,000 in chips while four players have exited in the last three hands due to his aggression.

Make that 23,000 in chips after a rivered flush knocked out two players and crippled O8 specialist davebreal on the hand.

6:57pm-- 76 thousand reason to stay awake for the chip leader

As its nearing midnight in London, chip leader Team PokerStars pro and European Poker Tour founder John Duthie has decided the monster chip stack might be a reason to stick around for a couple more levels.

John Duthie: I was trying to get to bed. Now i'm chip leader


Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso has already gained ground since coming back form the break. Check out this hand where she goes over 16k:

6:49pm-- Battle of the sexes update: Katja now leading for the fairer sex

Team PokerStars pro Katja Thater has taken the lead over her husband Jan “50outs” von Halle as we start level five and both of them are still in the running for the first place prize of $76,268.00

Katja Thater: 9,295
50outs: 4,585

6:46pm-- Team PokerStars Pros Duthie Rousso near the top

As we begin hour three, Team PokerStars Pros John Duthie (2nd place) and Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso (3rd) are currently enjoying the vantage point near the top of the leaderboard as the blinds have increased to 75/150.

6:39pm-- Hour two chips counts; Break time!

Level 5
Stakes 150/300
Average Chip Count: 5,286
Players Remaining: 784
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. BlackSpur 14952
2. John Duthie 14,766
3. LadyMaverick 14,290
4. cpfactor 14,063
5. bad_beat_bud 13,002
6. cabonly1 11,870
7. weaktight 11,741
8. StanDman 11,505
9. porcelet 11,455
10. Annsi88 11,408

Team PokerStars Pros:

Alexandre “allingomes” Gomes 9,085 (48th)
Barry “barryg1” Greenstein 8,432 (76th)
Bill Chen 6,770 (197th)
Chad Brown 2,154 (712nd)
Dario Minieri 7,400 (149th)
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer 6,690 (202nd)
Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes 7,372 (151st)
John Duthie 14,766 (2nd)
Katja Thater 9,670 (29th)
Alex Kravchenko 5,105 (396th)
Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Roussso 14,290 (3rd)
Gavin Griffin 4,555 (467th)
Lee Nelson 5,420 (358th)
Luca Pagano 5,753 (319th)
Chris “Money800” Moneymaker 6,202 (262nd)
Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier 4,575 (464th)
Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan 3,945 (546th)
Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose 4,256 (510th)
Tom McEvoy 4,485 (479th)
Victor Ramdin 9,085 (50th)

Team PokerStars Pros eliminated:

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier OUT (789th)
Andre “aakkari” Akkari (819th)

6:34pm--Rahme rising

Raymond Rahme has mounted a slight comeback after galling to 3k earlier. He scooped a 2,600 pot against ~US&Co~, catching a set with Ts-7s-7c-4s on the Qh-Jd-7d flop against his opponent's Kd-Ks-Td-Tc and dodging outs the rest of the way.

That put him back up to 4,850.

6:32pm-- Back to back for Thater

A wheel and a nut flush for Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater just boosted her to a 10,000 chip stack.

She whipped ThePokerBody out-of-shape to gain 3,150 on the first pot with a rivered wheel, then nailed a nut flush and got paid off on the second hand for a 4,200 chip pot.

6:30pm--Mac takes a hit

Tom McEvoy just dropped 1,200 of his stack in a three-way pot with hasumutas and jellycz. Each paid two bets to see the 7d-6s-5s flop; hasumutas led out and jellycz called, before McEvoy raised and both called.

The 8h came on the turn, getting hasumutas to bet and jellycz to raise. McEvoy called and hasumutas raised to three bets, but jellycz made it 800 to go. McEvoy and hasumutas called to see the 3c on the river; a bet and raise in front got McEvoy to let the hand go, and the two split the pot among themsevles.

McEvoy is now down to 4,685.

6:23pm--Isabelle on the move

Sitting back for so long finally paid off for Isabelle Mercier. First she scooped a 1,050 pot with a 6-5-4-3-A low and an eight-high straight for the high. Then she followed that up by taking the low in a 1,400 pot with As-Ah-7h-3c on a board of Qs-4s-2s-Ks-7c; alex987 claimed the high with a flopped set of queens.

The lovely Miss Mercier is now up to 4,925.

6:20pm-- Yikes, table change might be nice

Out on Table 22 is Team PokerStars Pros John Duthie (currently 2nd in chips), Lee Nelson, and O8 specialist davebreal. Duthie is also sporting his Platinum star VIP status today while davebreal one ups him with his Supernova status. We’ll see if davebreal can dig himself out of the hole, he’s currently below average with 2,690 in chips.


After two pots that didn't go his way, Raymond Rahme finds himself with 3,050 left in his stack.

He dropped 400 in a pot with acehole67 before folding on the turn when the board read Jc-Td-9c-2h, and then another 700 when alex987 scooped him holding Jd-6c-3d-2c for a six-high straight and 6-5-4-3-2 low on a board of Qd-5s-3c-4h-8h.

6:15pm-- Good afternoon Mr. Griffin

Also awaking from a quick slumber and taking a few pots lately is Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin. He just took down a 1,750 off 50outs, when von Halle three-bet Griffin’s UTG raise preflop and found two other callers. Everyone checked the 2s-Qc-Th flop, Kc on the turn got some interest as Griffin lead out and only von Halle called.

The river Jd completed all sorts of straights as the two checked while Griffin turned over the turned set of Kings with Kh-Ks-4d-6d for the winner, von Halle mucked shipping the pot to Griffin.

6:11pm--A little life

Tom McEvoy finally got involved in a hand heads-up and ended up splitting the 1,400 pot with pokermn66. That means very little profit, leaving him at 5,535.

Raymond Rahme, meanwhile, grabbed a pot worth 800 with no contest on the river on a board of Js-Td-6h-7c-Qc, bringing him back to 4,650.

Isabelle Mercier hasn't played many hands at all in the last 15 or 20 minutes, taking her down to 4,375.

6:06pm-- Whew!

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater got caught up on two capped streets in this hand to be shown a saving a low on the river that allowed her to avoid the cooler:

5:58pm--Did someone hit "snooze"?

It's slow going right now for Tom McEvoy, Isabelle Mercier, and Raymond Rahme. McEvoy hasn't claimed even a quarter of a pot in quite some time; Mercier took one worth 560 down without a fight a little while ago, while Rahme grabbed one worth 480 an orbit back. Outside of that, there's no action to speak of with these three pros.

5:57pm-- Wheeling and dealing

Team PokerStars pro Katja Thater just got herself almost back to the starting stack of 5,000 after nailing a wheel on the turn of this board Jd-3h-5s-4d after the betting was capped four ways preflop.

The 2,440 pot has Thater sitting on 4,830 chips as her husband seems determined to one-up today and holds 7,560 chips currently.

5:52pm-- Regular in the high stakes O8 games, BuklaH takes a hit

At Katja Thater’s tables sits BuklaH, who is a regular in the $75/$150 O8 games at PokerStars and currently is sitting below average at 2,830 chips after losing a 3,160 pot to ThePokerBody.

5:49pm--McEvoy drops a bit

Tom McEvoy just fell below 6k for the first time in a while, thanks to this hand:

5:46pm-- Yes, I have one too, and its bigger

Jan “50outs” von Halle just scooped a nice 2,360 chip pot when PimpingU2 raised his river bet on a board of 9h-As-Qh-Jd-Ah. von Halle called with 8c-9c-Qc-Qs as PimpingU2 showed the smaller jacks full boat Jh-Jc-2c-3h.

von Halle is up to 5,690 after that hand.

5:42pm--Rahme down again

Raymond Rahme has tumbled from his high point toward the end of the last level, finding himself with 4,530 in his stack now. That comes after getting scooped in a 1,240 pot by alex987's Ac-Kd-9c-4s on a board of Kc-Qs-2c-8c-7c.

5:37pm-- At least he waited until after the break

malicous222 gets today’s gigli honors as he busted right after the break. We’ll begin with level 3 and 40/80 blinds.

5:32pm-- First hour chip counts; no one determined enough to bust!

Level 3
Blinds 40/80
Average Chip Count: 5,000
Players Remaining: All of them! (829)
First Prize: $76,268.00

1. runcheese 12,150
2. amichaiKK 10,520
3. Blute 9,830
4. porcelet 9,443
5. cpfactor 9,385
6. drainu 9,053
7. dr ket 8,670
8. strela 8,620
9. TroppoBravo 8,512
10. generalland 8,446

Team PokerStars Pros chip counts:

Andre “aakkari” Akkari 1,900
Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes 4,130
Barry “barryg1” Greenstein 5,690
Bill Chen 3,660
Chad Brown 3,282
Dario Minieri 5,090
Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 4,130
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer 5,800
Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes 5,527
John Duthie 4,920
Katja Thater 4,270
Alex Kravchenko 4,780
Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Roussso 4,950
Gavin Griffin 4,160
Lee Nelson 5,110
Luca Pagano 5,843
Chris “Money800” Moneymaker 6,802
Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier 5,235
Raymond Rahme 5,090
Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan 4,625
Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose 4,690
Tom McEvoy 6,416
Victor Ramdin 5,115

5:26pm-- Limit game but big stacks early

We already have our first two double stacks of the event, amichaiKK and runcheese have taken down enough scoops to amass 10,000 in chips as the break is incoming in two minutes.

5:22pm--Rahme jumps ahead

Raymond Rahme just claimed the chip lead at his table, grabbing a 1,680 pot from alex987 with no contest on the river when the board read Ts-9h-5h-9s-3h. He's now up to 5,810.

5:20pm-- In the husband versus wife race, 50outs is currently leading

We’ll be watching Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater and her husband Jan “50outs” von Halle today to prove who is the better four card specialist in the house. We’re 10 minutes till the first break, here’s their current chip count:

Katja Thater: 4,660
50outs: 5,230

5:16pm--Drawn and quartered

Isabelle Mercier just took down 3/4 of a pot against zexe01, making two pair for the high and splitting the low with 8c-4s-3d-2c on the Ac-Jc-8d-4h-9h board. She's now up to 5,325.

5:12pm--Rahme grabs one

Raymond Rahme is back to his starting stack. His 4h-3h-3s-2h made trip deuces on the Ad-9c-2s-2d-6s board, claiming the high pot and a third of the low when Isabelle Mercier and acehole67 also showed 4-3 in their hands to split the rest of the low.


Tom Mcevoy at the PCA

Tom McEvoy is now sitting on a stack worth 6,865 after paying two bets along with six other players to see the flop.

Kongsgaard led out for 60 on the Ac-Qh-4c flop and got calls from soundgarden4 and pokermn66 before McEvoy raised. The three others called and the turn was the 3; they all checked to McEvoy, who bet 120, and then all called again.

The river was the Kh; again it checked to McEvoy, and again he bet. Kongsgaard and pokermn66 both called, but McEvoy scooped the 2,160 pot when he turned up Qd-Qc-Tc-8s for a set of queens on the flop - and no low.

5:10pm-- Not the only bracelet holder at the table

Team PokerStars pro Alex Kravchenko isn’t the only player at his Table #58 with an O8 bracelet. Canuck took down the 2002 WCOOP Event #2 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better event.

We’ll see how Canuck handles the min betting of this event as he’s currently at 4,890 while Kravchenko slipped a bit to 4,450.

5:06pm--Mercy mercy me

Isabelle Mercier has climbed back just above her starting stack after splitting one 560 pot with alex987 and taking down one worth 330 with no contest on a flop of 7h-6s-4c.

That puts her at 5,010, exactly 700 ahead of Raymond Rahme, who hasn't been able to catch a break so far today.

5:01 pm--McEvoy down, back up again

Just after Tom McEvoy had made up some ground, he lost his footing and slipped back down again. He went to war with hasumutas with the board reading Kc-Qc-6h-5c, only to find his opponent held Ac-Kd-Jd-6c for the nut flush; there was no low and hasumutas scooped the pot.

No worries for Mac, though - he picked that all back up and then some in a pot capped four ways to the 9c-6s-4h flop. Three made it to the 2d turn and just LucasMarcano and McEvoy to the 5h river, but McEvoy scooped the 1,220 pot with As-Ad-2c-3c, taking him back up to 5,270.

4:59pm-- Early nick, then rebound for Gavin

In a 1,700 chip pot early on with blinds still at 20/40, Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin watched the chips get split up to his left (strela) and right (CheapThieves). On a board of 7h-8s-5h-4s-5s strela turned over the ace high flush, while CheapThieves the nut A-2 low.

Gavin is currently at 4,280 in chips as we’re about to go into level 2 with 30/60 blinds. Then of course, to rebound four hands later, he splits a 2,420 chip pot with a wheel to CheapThieves' boat and rebounds to 4,610 chips.

4:53pm-- Kravchenko wasting no time

Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravcehnko is currently at 5,500 chips after scooping two pots, one with a flopped set of threes, the other with aces full of eights as he got his opponents to call him down.

Being a WSOP bracelet holder in O8 ($1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo) should help him fight through the field today.

4:48 pm--McEvoy up, Rahme down, Mercier holding tight

Tom McEvoy has made up a little ground, chipping back to 4,850 after chopping two pots - one for 220 and one for 590 - and taking down another uncontested on the turn. Isabelle Mercier, meanwhile isn't playing many pots at all.

That's in contrast to her tablemate, Raymond Rahme, who's been playing quite a few pots. Unfortunately he hasn't been on the winning end too often, dropping him to 4,460.

4:45pm-- Griffin and 50 outs share something in common

Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin drew a fun table that includes the husband of fellow Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater. Jan von Halle a.k.a. 50outs got his wife started with a simple hand of Stud a few years ago and now of course, she’s a WSOP champion!

In the early going Griffin is currently at 4,580 chips while von Halle is just above the starting stack at 5,050.

4:40 pm--Slow start

It's been a slow start thus far for both Tom McEvoy and Isabelle Mercier. They've both dropped a small bit since our event kicked off; McEvoy is on 4,740 and Mercier is on 4,680. But this is the early going, after all, and results right now don't mean much unless they ship you to the rail.

4:36pm-- 5,000 chips with 40/80 blinds

Let’s shuffle up and deal!

Event #28 today is a $530 Limit Omaha 8 or Better event and PokerStars might be paying for a couple entries today with the $400,000 guarantee as late registration is open until Level 2 and we're only 19 players off of the full $400,000 so far. Prop bets anyone?

4:30pm-- Here's the list of your humble Team PokerStars Pros playing in today's event

Andre “aakkari” Akkari
Barry “barryg1” Greenstein
Bill Chen
Chad Brown
Dario Minieri
Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier
Greg “FossilMan” Raymer
Gavin Griffin
Humberto “Humberto B.” Brenes
John Duthie
Katja Thater
Alex Kravchenko
Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Roussso
Lee Nelson
Luca Pagano
Chris “Money800” Moneymaker
Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier
Hevad “RaiNKhaN” Khan
Raymond Rahme
Steve “stevejpa” Paul-Ambrose
Tom McEvoy
Victor Ramdin

WCOOP Event #28 begins at 4:30pm ET

The 2008 WCOOP Event #28 Limit Omaha High-Low will begin at 4:30pm ET. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

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