EPT Budapest: All ins and double ups


Robin Keston moved all-in and whilst Marino Serenelli eliminated another player two tables along, Keston waited for a call, got one and doubled up with pocket eights.

But the big news for PokerStars is Johnny Lodden’s progress, a near double up that saw him take a big haul from Romanian Ciprian Hrisca with pocket tens, the same hand he’d folded just a few hands prior in a pot with Ofer Golko. Lodden now has more than 400,000.

Yesterday one of the stories was that of Slovakian PokerStars qualifier Lukas Benkovic and his ascent to the chip lead, knocking out former EPT winner Arnaud Mattern along the way. Well, his adventure ended today in 17th place, all in with his short stack on a hopeful 9-6 but ran headlong into a caller with A-J.

Benkovic spoke with the video blog team earlier today...

Watch EPT Budapest 08: Interview with Lukas Benkovic Day 3 on PokerStars.tv

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