EPT Budapest: All quiet on the 1b front


It’s hardly surprising but the first level is a mostly tentative affair. Sure, you hear about the occasional big pot that catapults a player into an early lead and another to the rail, but by and large the road so far has been smooth.

That would go for PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden. The only drama on this table is the arrival of a late player who turns up to find someone in his seat, goldilocks style. The confusion is sorted by a tournament official who asks why the player is sitting where he is. “This is seat nine” he says but is clearly in seat one, something he realises pretty quick, holding his face in shame in a way that he might not do again until he busts out.

_MG_6255Neil Stoddart.jpg
Shooting Star Jan Heitmann

Elsewhere it’s the same tempo on Jan Heitman’s table, albeit everyone is safely tucked up in their rightful place. The PokerStars shooting star assumed his natural position when re-raising a player pre-fop – keeping perfectly still, both hands flat on the table, until his opponent relented. Heitmann up a little with 30 minutes played.

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