EPT Budapest: Around the tables


With the blinds getting steeper the pace of the action seems to be increasing. Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko just pulled off one of those world class calls, holding A-5 against A-Q. When the A-Q player bet on the five river card, Kravchenko’s read told him that his opponent had nothing. With a pair of fives Kravchenko called, taking down the pot.

Praz Bansi just used various words that we all know but rarely use on the blog to describe his latest predicament, down now to less than 20,000. He lost out on a 100,000 chip pot, all-in with A-K against A-K. For his mood to be so sour you can guess what happened, his opponent making a flush.

“As good as I run in the World Series I run bad in the EPT” Bansi said.

PokerStars qualifier Danny Ryan just arrived at Arnaud Mattern’s table, carrying a bucket of chips, the same type of bucket you’d use to carry your slot machine quarters back to the cage. Arnaud was in the process of continuing his assault on the chip lead, raising on the button pre-flop and then again on the flop to persuade the others in the hand that their intentions were now folly.

Lastly, whilst the Frenchman bounds onwards PokerStars shooting star Johannes Strassmann is out, A-9 against pocket queens that made a set.

That's the kind of welcome you get for day two of the EPT Budapest...

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