EPT Budapest: Break time


The players have taken their second break of the day, at the end of level four. For some the break is no such thing: the Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano, for instance, has just spent at least 14 of his 15 minutes recording a series of interviews with various media outlets. He won't have minded so much, though, because he still has north of 20,000, well about the average.

Ben Kang and Sorel Mizzi also spent some of their break otherwise occupied. They were actually still in a hand which went all the way to showdown, with Kang sliding out a huge bet and Mizzi calling for all his stack. But the Canadian will return from the break still alive: his aces and kings were better than Kang's aces and twos.

_MG_5954Neil Stoddart.jpg
The PokerStars Shooting Star Benjamin Kang

The chip leaders are all grouped at around 40,000. The French player Anthony Roux has 39,000 alongside new faces on the EPT Frederic Magen (39,000), Alp Okumus (42,000) and Antonio Karman (38,000).

As reported earlier, the tournament is a sell out, which means the officials have already been able to announce the prize pool and payouts. It is as follows, and you will be able to access information via the link at the top of the page.

Total prize pool: €2,128,000

1 - €595,839
2 - €342,608
3 - €197,904
4 - €153,216
5 - €127,680
6 - €100,016
7 - €78,736
8 - €53,200

9-10 - €32,984
11-12 - €23,408
13-14 - €17,024
15-16 - €12,768
17-24 - €10,640
25-32 - €8,512
33-40 - €7,448
41-48 - €6,834
49-56 - €5,320

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