EPT Budapest: From all corners


A quick glance around the tournament ball room and you’ll notice quite quickly how the field has shrunk; meaning the painfully tense moment of bubble play cannot be far off. Still more than 80 players remain.

PokerStars sponsored player Kara Scott, who found herself drawn on the immediate right of Annette Obrestad first thing today, is still here and still on Obrestad’s right. Scott’s stack measures 30,000 at last count.

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PokerStars sponsored player Kara Scott

Arnaud Mattern just added another chunk to his stack, raising big on a board of As-5s-Jd-8c-6c. Lukas Benkovic called in a flash but the Frenchman wasted no time in showing his cards, a sure sign of confidence. His Ah-8h was ahead of Benkovic’s Ac-Kc. Mattern up to 150,000.

On the next hand Benkovic came out firing to make up for his Mattern loss. The last Polish player in the tournament Jecek Ladny started things, raising to 15,000 pre-flop before Benkovic moved all-in, his stack totalling 150,000 and dwarfing the Pole’s meagre reserves of 25,000.

Ladny thought for a while, eventually folding a few seconds before the clock would have taken that decision out of his hands. Benkovic showed A-K. Ladny apparently folded a pair.

_MG_8589Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano

Whilst Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano’s day ended one table along, Annette Obrestad’s was granted a temporary reprieve. She moved all-in for 40,000 and waited patiently while Robert Firestone persuaded himself to call for all of his stack. Obrestad turned over A-Q but so did Firestone. A score draw and back to where they started.

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