EPT Budapest: Here one minute gone the next


It’s a sensation just experienced by Christophe Haller, who tussled with PokerStars qualifier Johnny Lodden and came out of it, well, out. Lodden held K-T and found two more on the board, taking the event down to 15 players.

Then came the end of Casey Kastle’s tournament. Kastle, an adopted American sporting a Slovenia cap of his homeland, bet pre-flop and was re-raised by Ciprian Hrisca. Kastle checked his cards again and moved all-in. Hrisca called and whilst Kastle showed pocket queens Hrisca had him beaten with pocket kings.

_MG_9081Neil Stoddart.jpg
Casey Kastle

It was a painful way to go for Kastle, who looked back at the board a couple of times before gathering his things to leave.

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