EPT Budapest: Lodden signs on


The Norwegian player Johnny Lodden is wearing the PokerStars colours in Budapest, hoping to prove once again why he is among the best young players in the world game by securing a place on his first EPT final table. Lodden is widely tipped to become one of the all-time poker superstars and already has six cashes on the EPT, without ever completing the push into the top eight. It really is only a matter of time.


Lodden spoke yesterday with our Swedish blogger Lina Olofsson, whose tournament coverage you can always read on PokerStarsblog.nu. And she even translated her interview with Lodden for the English speaking audience. Here it is:

A new Norwegian poker star: Johnny Lodden
Interview by Lina Olofsson

Johnny Lodden just signed with PokerStars and he will play in our colours here in Budapest and in Prague. After that we'll see what happens with this young poker star who is already a well known face on the EPT circuit.

Johnny started this year at a low point, having lost all of his online bankroll and it seemed as though the hotshot from Norway would have a tought year attempting to win it back. But then came the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and he finally made it deep in a live tournament for the first time in what seemed like ages. He finished 20th and just a few weeks ago he came 11th in the WSOP Europe Main Event in London. And that's not all. He also made four final tables in major online tournaments over the past two weeks alone.

What are your chances for tomorrow?
- They look good. I'm in good shape at the moment. I haven't played that much live lately but it went well in London and I have a good feeling about Budapest.

What do you think makes you a good tournament player?

- I'm always mixing up my game and I'm really good at reading my opponents and put them on hands.

You had a hard time before Monte Carlo this spring. Was that tournament your turning point?

- Yeah I think so. Before Monte Carlo I really didn't feel like playing poker but then I really needed the money since I was stuck so I tried harder than before. I got unlucky in a few tournaments though. In San Remo I lost with middle set versus top set and in London with pocket aces versus kings.


Do you consider yourself a cash-game player or a tournament player?
- Before I mostly played cash-games but nowadays I play a lot of tournaments online. I don't like the big ones though. There are too many people in them and they take too long. With 1,000 entrants I normally finish in the top 50 but I never final table.

What are your tactics when playing a live tournament?

- It depends on the table. If there are only poor players I will run over them. If there are only good players I play a totally different game.

How does your dream table look then?
- It's with a mix of good and bad players. With good players I focus more and they are easier to put on a hand. I have problem reading bad players and I don't have a single clue what they are thinking. For some reason it's always bad players who knock me out of tournaments.

Describe yourself as a poker player?
- Most would say I'm aggressive but I'm not that aggressive anymore. I've calmed down lately. I played with John Juanda in WSOP and he played every hand.

What do you think of Budapest?
- I've spent most of the time in my hotel room but the little I've seen I really like. Everyone I talked to says it's excellent so I think I'll have to go sightseeing before I go back home.

What are your plans for the winter and the spring?

- I don't have any plans really. I will try to travel as much as possible. Now I'm single it's easier to leave home and I can go wherever I want.

Who don't you want to have to your left tomorrow?
- Antony Lellouche or ElkY.

Who's the best tournament player and the best cash-game player in the world right now?

- When it comes to tournaments ElkY and John Juanda. In the big cash games, there's just one name and it is Patrik Antonius for sure.

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