EPT Budapest: A two-time champion?


As reported on the chip counts page the current leader on day 1a is Frenchman Arnaud Mattern. The EPT Prague champion now has 64,000 after a pivotal hand against a fellow Frenchman. Mattern made a flush on the turn as his opponent moved in with a straight, a figure around 25,000. Mattern called, his opponent drawing dead, to boost his stack and send his countryman out.

Elsewhere it hasn’t been a good day for two of the three Team PokerStars Pros in the field today. Whilst Luca Pagano ticks along nicely Katja Thater has been eliminated, as has Poland’s Marcin Horecki.

Update: Mattern just took a sizeable hit, doubling up a delighted Italian opponent, who celebrated with his countryman Daniele Mazzia, who made the final table in Barcelona and is still in here. Mattern still has more than 30,000 but he is not quite as dominant as he once was.

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