EPT Budapest: What is, what could have been, what was...


The Paganos, or “Pagani” as one person quipped, are still in contention albeit with stacks at opposite ends of the favourable scale. Whilst son Luca is one of the short stacks at a table that features tournament leader Sorel Mizzi, father Claudio just escaped elimination with a fortunate double-up against Pierre Husson, whose day has gone from high flying luxury to one of club class misery.

With the chips all in Husson had the better deal, pocket aces to Pagano’s pocket sevens. Crucially though one of Pagano’s sevens was a diamond and on a board of Qd-8s-8d-Td-9d that was worth its weight in gold. He rockets up to 65,000. Husson, who started today on 76,100 now has less than 20,000.

_MG_8317Neil Stoddart.jpg
Pierre Husson earlier this week

Over on Praz Bansi’s table it seems the Londoner is still reeling slightly from the pressures the A-K v A-K hand placed on his soul. Bansi watched as a player at his table called a sizeable all-in with pocket aces, up against A-K. An ace hit the flop and by the river a full house was complete.

“It must be nice...” said Bansi, smiling.

“It is” answered the victor.

Ricardo Sousa almost became the first Portuguese EPT winner in Poland last year where he finished runner-up to Michael Schulze. His chances of a repeat performance in Budapest just ended at the hand of Lukas Benkovic from Slovakia.

The clock was called on Sousa with a board reading 8h-Qc-Tc-Qh. Sousa tried to put on a show of casual contemplation by picking up the knife and fork and cutting up some of the salad he was eating. But after a few chopping motions he put them down again, unable to stomach it.

Slowly, he stood up and shoved his chips across the line, showing Ad-Td. Benkovic flipped up Ks-Qd for the pot, sending Sousa out to enjoy the rest of his meal in peace.

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