EPT Budapest: Where there are winners...


With just 155 players remaining from the monstrous field of 262 on day 1a, all the tables in the overspill tournament room have now been broken and everyone is seated around 18 tables in the main ballroom.

Although many of the tournament's biggest names are still in and prospering - Pagano, Obrestad, Mizzi, Jelassi, Mattern, Iremark, Ryan, etc. - there are some finding the going less than comfortable. The PokerStars player Keith "The Camel" Hawkins, for instance, has little more than 2,500, while Marcel Luske may look chipped up, but his stack is deceptive. His habit of collecting the small denomination chips means that the towers in front of him barely represent much more than 3,500.

That, however, is 3,500 more than the home-field hope Valdemar Kwaysser.

_MG_7970Neil Stoddart.jpg
Valdemar Kwaysser

The Budapest native burst onto the poker scene earlier this year when he won the inaugural LAPT event in San Jose, Costa Rica. But unfortunately he won't be adding an EPT title to his collection after a hand moments ago. The under-the-gun player limped, and seven others came along for the ride, spotting increasingly good value step-by-step around the table.

Kwaysser was in the big blind and looked down at A-Q, which seemed like the perfect time to shove his entire stack of 9,000 into the middle. But that under-the-gun player, who had started all this, saw a dastardly plan work to perfection. He had kings, called and knocked Kwaysser down and out.

Before all that happened, Kwaysser had been chatting to our video blog team. Here's what he had to say about the EPT on his home turf:

Watch EPT Budapest 08: Interview with Valdemar Kwayser on PokerStars.tv

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