EPT Warsaw: Action stations


"The official number for today's play is 99!" bellowed the PokerStars media rep to the press room. "Official" numbers have a habit of changing, but for now we have nothing better to go on so will happily bellow into cyberspace: "The official number for today's play is 99!"

There's been a huge tournament on in Holland this week, which accounts for the the slightly lower than usual day 1A player count. But rumour has it that Amsterdam to Warsaw flights are going to be busy today, bringing reinforcements for a bumper day 1B.

The general plan, as far as we understand, is to play seven hour-long levels which, with an hour-long dinner break, will take us up until about 11pm local time. No one can know how many players will depart, but we could be left with fewer than 30 at the end of the day.

As yet, only one has fallen (the victim of that aces versus kings hand featuring the villainous Anthony Lellouche) but there are already some action tables developing. Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald is opposite Johnny Lodden; Ilari Sahamies is opposite Gavin Griffin. And the Lellouche table continues to see fireworks: a local player called a raise with 3-2 and saw a flop of J-3-2.

That should keep the action running.

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