EPT Warsaw: Doubling up and going home


We always try to bring a flavour of a location to PokerStars blog, and this post from yesterday evening introduced us nicely to Warsaw. You can also take a look at the video blog team's introduction to the Polish capital below.

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However once the cards are in the air and the action starts, this could be anywhere in the world. The tournament is now underway in Casino Poland, which is neatly tucked into the basement of the Regency Hyatt Hotel. And that means no windows and no distractions, just time to concentrate on the seven or eight others around the table; time to pick up early reads -- or early hands.

Such was the case for Anthony Lellouche, the Frenchman who is a common sight on the European Poker Tour. He found kings on the second hand and got it all in pre-flop against the one holding he didn't want to see: aces. But Lellouche spiked a king on the turn to double up and send his opponent home with miserable memories of his EPT. Two hands and out.

Some other familiar faces are scattered around the room this afternoon: we've seen Andreas Hagen, Arnaud Mattern, Albert Iversen, Alan Smurfit, Johnny Lodden, Kara Scott, Priyan de Mel, William Fry, Joe Elpayaa, Richard Gryko, as well as the Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin.

Their chip counts will all be updated on our chip count page at regular intervals.

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