EPT Warsaw: Looking disaster in the face


I imagine it’s the same after you’ve survived an elevator cable snapping or after narrowly avoiding a stray wrecking ball on the loose. You sit down somewhere, have a cigarette and take a few moments. That’s exactly what PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden is doing at the first break of the day.

Lodden had been up to 15,000 and holding Js-8s had flopped a flush on a Ts-9s-5s board, which also gave Lodden an open ended straight flush draw. His opponent was happy to get his chips in with A-Q when Lodden pushed, but crucially his ace was a spade.

You can probably see what’s coming. The 4s hit the turn, sending Lodden’s chips far, far away after a blank river card. A crushing blow to the Norwegian who has some work to do when play restarts, down to 5,000.

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