EPT Warsaw: Mattern pays overtime


“A tough game, exciting and fun”. That was Maciej Dowbor’s account of the day on his way out, busted by Alan Smurfit shortly after we mentioned him on the blog.

Whilst he made his way into the Warsaw night Arnaud Mattern was getting serious in a pot against Leszek Krawcynski.

Mattern made it 825 to go pre-flop which Krawcynski called from the button. The flop came Th-2d-Kh. Mattern, who was having his right hand massaged at the time, used his left hand to bet 1,875. Krawcynski, who had both hands free, used them to count out and then re-raise 4,875.

Perhaps it was a trick of the eye but Frida, who was administering the massage, seemed to speed up, moving her attention towards Mattern’s right shoulder. Maybe she sensed Mattern was about to move all-in and wanted to get the job done in case the all-in turned bad. The Frenchman did push. Frida quickly switched over to Mattern’s left shoulder and began working on that. Time was of the essence.

_MG_9865_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Arnaud Mattern

Krawcynski went into the tank.

“It’s just to impress a girl” quipped Arnaud, watching Krawcynski working on whether to call or not. The Pole chose the latter, mucking his hand. Mattern won the pot and Frida got to keep the clock running. Everyone's a winner. Mattern up to 30,000.

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