EPT Warsaw: Pressing ahead


There's a new force in Warsaw and he's the first player to break the 40,000 barrier. His name, according to the registration card he handed me in lieu of spelling it out, is Serguei Pomerantsev and he's just accounted for Ilari Sahamies.

Sahamies, the aggressive Finn, raised pre-flop from mid position. Pomerantsev re-raised from one closer to the button. Everyone got out the way and Sahamies re-re-raised all in for his last 10,000 or so. Pomerantsev was going nowhere, called with A-Ko and Sahamies never caught up with A-Qo.

_MG_0037_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Serguei Pomerantsev

Sahamies' departure came only minutes after he'd arrived to the table, where there's already a titantic battle going on between Pomerantsev, Richard Gryko and the rest of the table. Pomerantsev was actually the "other player" referenced in the previous hand with the English PokerStars qualifierand between the two of them, they've got the table dominated.

A big pot between the two of them could put significant distance between the winner and the rest of the field. It seems in the offing.

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