EPT Warsaw: The stomach for it


After the dynamite start two hands in things have settled down a little, returning to a steady and familiar pattern of hands being completed well before anyone sees a river card.

PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden wins one and loses one in this fashion, nothing big, just a few hundred. Lodden is distinguishable today for wearing pink headphones by the way.

It’s the same pattern on Kara Scott’s table, but there the main concern is food. Next to her one way is Albert Iversen who has been begging a waiter for food for ten minutes, being denied each time. Next to Scott the other way is Frenchman Arnaud Mattern, who said he arrived with a croissant in his hand but that it's now missing. It may have been bet.

Anyway. No major changes on their table, or any others table as level one continues.

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