EPT Warsaw: A surprise evening off


A spate of all-ins after the break brings a little more action from the tournament room. Also eye-witnesses claim Johnny Lodden has played about 98% of hands since the break. It may not be quite so high but he’s already back up to nearly 9,000.

The big hand so far in this level though featured EPT Budapest fourth place finisher Albert Iversen.

It started with a pre-flop raise by the Dane form the cut-off after Emmanouil Chatzimichail, Arnaud Mattern and Kara Scott all limped in. Of those only Chatzimichail called the 725 raise for a flop of Jc-4h-Js. He then made it 1,000 to go which Iversen re-raised to 2,650 total.

“Total?” asked Chatzimichail.

“Total” replied the dealer.

He called, for a 8s on the turn which had hardly hit the table before he said “two thousand”. Iversen, who had been wearing his hood in the up position since the flop, tanked for a while, looking down at the 6,500 he had left. “I’m all-in” he said, which seemed to keep with the spirit of the hand and Chatzimichail called.

By now everyone without a seat had homed in on this one table, kind of curious as to what the showdown would reveal. Kd-4d for Chatzimichail, giving him bottom pair, but that seemed enough to make Iversen cringe, the Dane showing Ah-7c, making this is a valuable call.

Iversen stood up from his seat ready to leave, flashing a look on his face that suggested a large weight had fallen from the ceiling and thwacked him on the head. Dazed, he was soon gone from the Casino. You win some you lose some. Chatzimichail now up to nearly 25,000.

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