World Cup of Poker: Division playoffs late action


Updates on the late action in the PokerStars World Cup of Poker division playoffs can be found here. Click refresh (as often as your poker-filled heart desires) to see the latest action.

4:40pm - And that's a wrap!

Nothing more to see in this particular post, folks.

This afternoon, we found out that Mexico, USA Team 1, and Canada's Nova Scotia will be heading to the live finals in January. Not a bad way to spend the second week of the new year, eh?

Thanks for joining us today, and we'll be providing you with some division recaps very shortly.

4:35pm - Nova Scotia going to the beach for Canada

Tied for last place in Division Canada were Canada 2 and the Canadian Territories, each coming in at 38 point totals. Quebec looked good with 47 points, but Canada 1 had them beat with 51. It was the Nova Scotia team that scooped it with two wins, a second, and a third to accumulate 66 points for the victory.

The Nova Scotia team consists of lobstrman29, dendoggone, AK**QUEEN**, and born_in53, all of whom should go looking in their summer clothes stash for some beach gear, because they're going to the Bahamas in a few weeks.

4:33pm - dendoggone takes a win for Nova Scotia

murok was crippled moments ago on a hand where dendoggone flopped top pair and a gutshot draw with 7-5 on a board of 5c-4s-3c. dendoggone made half-pot bets on the flop, the 6h turn, and the 9s river; murok called on the end but lost out, leaving himself only 714 chips.

We were still going, though, after murok's A-J held up against dendoggone's 8c-6c to double him to about 1,400. Then murok moved in with A-9, dendoggone called with K-Q, and the flop brought a king and a queen. The ace on the turn gave murok some hope, but he couldn't make two pair on the end, giving dendoggone the win.

4:30pm - Team USA 1 can start packing their bags for the Bahamas!

Division USA has been decided. It was a close race, though South Dakota with 34 points and North Carolina with 37 points were the low scorers of the teams. But USA 2 came in with 54 points to the 56 of Wisconsin, and both were trumped - just barely - by the 59 points of USA 1.

It looks like shaundeeb, xthesteinx, J@M0K3Y!, and ba-detroit are going to the Caribbean!

4:28pm - Still just two in Canada

The blinds are up again on TLB2, moving to 100/200 this time, but there shouldn't be much change in the style of play for either dendoggone or murok. They're still within 1,000 chips of each other, with dendoggone holding the slight lead.

4:25pm - Last USA table ends with J@M0K3Y! as the victor for USA 1

With the elimination of MR BigRed66 in fourth place, three-handed action ended when toddsplace and his A-K fell to the pocket sevens of J@M0K3Y!.

Heads-up began with LaddFactor and his 2,905 chips trailing J@M0K3Y! and his 4,595 chips. LaddFactor tried but couldn't make a comback, eventually putting his jacks into action against the Q-T of his opponent, only to see the board come K-9-6-7-8 for J@M0K3Y!'s straight.

LaddFactor took 15 points for Wisconsin, but J@M0K3Y! grabbed 20 points for USA 1.

4:20pm - Still heads-up on Canada TLB2

Neither dendoggone and murok is giving up anything in their heads-up match on TLB2. With only 7,500 chips in play at 75/150 blinds, one misstep could mean a quick exit.

4:15pm - johncrack won 20 points for Canada 1 team

johncrack has emerged victorious after coming in with a big deficit against born_in53. On the final hand, all the money went in on a Kh-Td-9h flop. born_in53 held Jh8h for the flush draw and open-ended straight draw, but johncrack's Qc-Jc had already flopped a straight. The 9d-5c turn and river ended the match as johncrack's straight held up.

4:12pm - TLB1 is heads-up for Canada

Play is now heads-up on TLB1 thanks to two eliminations. First to go was ch0ppy in 4th place, when his A-8 couldn't catch against dendoggone's T-T. murok managed to double up to 2,800 with aces on the next hand, putting the pressure on ROCKETMAN44; he then moved in with K-7, but dendoggone's J-T caught a jack on the flop.

4:11pm - sclarke792 takes a win for Quebec

sclarke792's J-6 beat AK**QUEEN**'s A-T with a six on the river to put the match into heads-up mode, but boodluver on had 500 in chips left to make a stand. His 9-6 fell to sclarke792's Q-J on the last hand, though, wrapping up the action on table FR1.

4:10pm - Short-stack survival

AK**QUEEN** survived a short-stacked all-in with K-K against boodaluver's 6-6 to reverse their position at the table a moment ago, but neither of them is over 600. Their table might finish any moment now.

4:08pm - Some tables actually reach break time

The last remaining USA table just returned from a short break, and the Canadian tables are running back now. Whew! The first hour was a whirlwind of action for both countries, so the end might be in sight...

4:05pm - Canada knows its small-ball

The heads-up match on FR2 has been a small-ball festival, seeing the lead swing in both directions multiple times. born_in53 is back on top at the break with a lead of 4,830-2,670 over johncrack.

4:03pm - Short stacks holding on...

On FR1 and TLB2, the short stacks are hanging on for their tournament lives. ch0ppy and murok are both under 1,000 on TLB2, while dendoggone has 3,085 and ROCKETMAN44 has 2,598. On FR1, sclarke792 can't close out AK**QUEEN** (458) and boodaluver (1,108) thus far.

4:01pm - shaundeeb claims 20-point victory for USA 1

shaundeeb came back from a slight deficit at the beginning of the heads-up match to take the lead. With 6,600 chips to the 900 of devinr12, shaundeeb tried to push all-in holding Qh-3d, and devinr12 called all-in with Jh-8h. The showdown on the board was 4h-9s-Qs-4h-Js, and devinr12 had to settle for 15 points for his USA 2 team.

shaundeeb picked up 20 points for USA 1.

3:57pm - lobstrman29 wins for Nova Scotia

It's all done on TLB1! lobstrman29 raised to 300 on the button and Bonds252525 shoved all-in from the big blind for 1,275. lobstrman29 used a bit of his time bank before calling with 3-3, only to find he'd made a big misstep against Bonds252525's J-J. A three on the flop erased that misstep, though, and gave him the win.

3:55pm - Canada's johncrack doubled to stay alive

The tide has turned on FR2, where johncrack got all-in on the turn holding Kc-6c against born_in53's Kh-4c on a board reading Ks-3d-2d-9c. A jack on the river doubled johncrack up to 5,020 and dropped his opponent to 2,480.

3:54pm - TLB2 in Canada finally lost a player

We've broken the deadlock on TLB2 at last. tjhopkinsiv moved all-in beore the flop with 4-4 but found himself up against ROCKETMAN44's 9-9. A nine on the turn left tjhopkinsiv out in the cold.

3:53pm - Kenny Rap takes first place for USA 2 team

Seriously, what is the rush?

With the elimination of XbonezX in fourth and thesidedish in third, the TLB1 table is down to heads-up between devinr12 and shaundeeb, the former having a slight lead over the latter.

And on TLB2, Sowerss went out in fourth and xthesteinx in third to make way for a heads-up match between Kenny Rap and D1rtyR1v3r. Kenny Rap dominated much of the match, and on the last hand, when Kenny Rap made a raise to 200, D1rtyR1v3r pushed his last 2,060 all-in with Ad-5h preflop. Kenny Rap called with Ac-6c, and the board came 5s-6d-Tc-Td-Kc. With a little tension on the flop, Kenny Rap ended up with the win for 20 points, and D1rtyR1v3r took second place for 15 points.

3:52pm - Heads-up on Canada TLB1

Action is now heads-up on table TLB1. deaonhope had almost blinded out before moving all-in on the button with Kc-4s, but lobstrman29 called with pocket deuces. A deuce on the turn was all it took to put lobstrman29 in the heads-up match with a lead of 4,245-3,255 over Bonds252525.

3:51pm - Down to three on Canada's FR1 table

We're now three-handed on FR1, thanks to the elimination of SEWB. He got his chips in the middle with pocket tens on a flop of Kc-5d-5h, but sclarke792 had called preflop with Kd-7d and did the same on the flop. sclarke792 now has almost 5,500 in chips, while his nearest competitor, boodaluver, has 1,158.

3:49pm - Canada TLB2 has action but no eliminations

The action is tense on TLB2, where nobody has busted out yet. murck was all-in on the short stack a moment ago with pocket tens against ch0ppy's A-K, but the pair held up to keep his hopes alive.

3:48pm - AlwaysTilt13 takes a win for Wisconsin in the USA

That was one of the fastest tournaments in the World Cup playoffs!

CapeFear777 made a tremendous effort to come back for North Carolina on table FR2, but it was not enough for the strong AlwaysTilt13. In the last hand, AlwaysTilt13 came in for the initial raise, but CapeFear777 took it up a notch. AlwaysTilt13 pushed all-in with Ad-Kh, and CapeFear777 called all-in with Ah-Qc. The board did not bring a queen, only 2c-7c-Jh-9d-8c, and that was it for CapeFear777, who earned 15 points for his finish.

AlwaysTilt13 brought 20 points to the Wisconsin tally.

3:43pm - Canada FR2 table heads-up

We're now heads-up on FR2, where born_in53 holds a 5,700-1,800 lead over johncrack. barneyyenrab had been short for a while, and his Q-J couldn't hold up against born_in53's Q-4, sending him out in third place.

3:41pm - Division USA FR2 table already down to two

Talk about aggressive! Is there something going on today in the U.S. that we're not aware of?

ba-detroit had been on the severe short stack for quite some time before he finally exited in fourth place for 8 points. Then it was stellaz who lost his last 35 chips to AlwaysTilt13 and left in third place for 11 points.

Heads-up began with AlwaysTilt13 ahead with 5,275 in chips versus the 2,225 of CapeFear777.

3:39pm - derek8 accrues 8 points for Quebec

derek8 is out on TLB1 after a coin flip gone wrong. He got his stack in the middle with Ac-Kh against Bonds252525's pocket tens, and even picked up a straight draw on the flop, but the tens held up to cripple derek8 to just 30 chips. He went out moments later in fourth place

3:37pm - born_in53 takes big one on FR2 table

born_in53 has opened a big lead on FR2, moving over the 4,000 mark when he knocked out miloup007 a moment ago. milup007 shoved with Ac-Th and born_in53 called with K-9, but the board ran out Jh-7h-4c-8h-Td to give born_in53 the straight and the win.

3:26pm - Latin America decided, and Mexico will be heading to the Bahamas!

And we're done. The last heads-up match for the Latin America division sees LICO01 of Brazil emerge victorious. On the last hand farra311 moved all-in from the button for his last 2,674 holding J-6. LICO01 called with A-8. The flop brought a six, but an eight on the turn gave LICO01 all the help he needed. He takes down 20 points for Brazil, while farra311 earns 15 points for Chile.

The final breakdown put Mexico at the top with 50 points, just four points ahead of Brazil.

Mexico - 50
Brazil - 46
Guatemala - 39
Argentina - 29
Chile - 29
Uruguay - 25
Costa Rica - 22
Venezuela - 21
Colombia - 14
Peru - 5

Congratulations to dhubermex, Pythomunoz, AntoineMex, and Kingeorge63. See you in the Bahamas!

3:29pm - lobstrman29 doing well in Canada Division

Over on TLB1, lobstrman29 just picked up a fortunate pot. His Q-9 flopped trip nines against mign's A-A. mign didn't go broke, but he is now down to a stack of just 495.

3:28pm - South Dakota takes another hit in USA Division

On TLB2, blkjck was the short stack and pushed all-in for less than 1,000 chips to a raise by D1rtyR1v3r preflop. D1rtyR1v3r called with pocket nines, and it was a race against the Ah-Ks of blkjck. The board brought only 7s-7h-3h-Qh-Tc, and blkjck was out of the tournament in fifth place.

That made two fifth place exits for South Dakota, leaving the two remaining players for that team with a little more pressure than before to score big in their tournaments.

3:22pm - No decision yet for Latin America

Heads-up play continues on TLB2 despite the elevated blinds and antes. farra311 holds a slight lead after doubling up with A-9 against K-T, but the two players are very close in chips right now.

3:19pm - Another quick exit for Canada

FR2 has lost a player. born_in53's K-K held up against short-stacked Muck Or Call's Ac-Kd after all the money went in the middle preflop.

3:17pm - Wisconsin & South Dakota lose first players in Division USA

That didn't take long.

On the USA table TLB1, JBDenaro157 left in fifth place for his home state of Wisconsin. And over on the FR2 table, it was deblv3 who was the first to see the virtual rail for South Dakota.

3:15pm - Canada sees first casualty

We have our first casualty on FR1! sclarke92 hit quads with 3-3 against polarbrr's A-A to cripple him to just 50 chips. polarbrr managed to chop the next pot when he got all-in with A-7 against AK**QUEEN**'s A-T, but the queen did him in with A-T to his Q-5 on the next hand.

3:13pm - Latin America on five-minute break

Our last heads-up match in the Latin America division has managed to reach a second break with LICO01 holding the lead 10,588-4,412 over farra311. They'll resume play in 4 minutes.

3:10pm - Divisions USA and Canada off and running!

Four tournaments began moments ago to determine the winning U.S. team from the five available, and the same set-up is running for Canada. Each tournament has five players, so it might not be long before we have our finalists from these two divisions.

3:06pm - Heads-up on last running Latin America table

We're now heads-up on TLB2 between farra311 of Chile and LICO01 of Brazil. LICO01 had the lead by about 3,000 in chips, but with blinds this big anything can change in a single hand. Short-stacked Pythomunoz went out in fourth place for Mexico, earning 8 points, while fellow short stack SPOT1968 picked up a third place finish and 11 points for Guatemala.

3:04pm - TLB1 finished, Argentina takes 20 points for first

TLB1 is in the books now as well. Crisper had been down and almost out before finding himself all-in with A-4 against sebas23's A-2. A four on the flop doubled Crisper up.

On the final hand the roles were reversed, as Crisper held A-6 to sebas23's A-7. With only 200 chips separating the two players it was do or die - and a 6 on the flop meant sebas23 got the "die" this time around.

That's 20 points for Argentina and 15 more for Guatemala.

3:02pm - Mexico in the lead for Division Latin America

Colombia saw all of its players finish and garner a total of 14 points for the team, so there will be no Colombia contingent in the Bahamas for the finals. In addition, Uruguay came in with a strong 25 points, but with Mexico still outstanding but already showing 42 points, Uruguay is also out of the running.

Mexico is looking strong to take the division...

3:00pm - Kingeorge63 wins 20 points for Mexico

FR2 has a winner - and it's Mexico's Kingeorge63! On the final hand he held A-Q against CROSA COLL's A-T. The board gave neither player any help, sealing the win - and 20 points - for Mexico. CROSA COLL takes 15 points for Uruguay with his second-place finish.

2:54pm - Colombia takes 11 points

marroca5 had been leading the way on TLB1, but one bad hand spelled the end for him. He shoved with A-8 from the small blind and Crisper woke up with A-K. Big Slick held up and marroca5 got 11 points for Colombia.

2:53pm - Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica out of the running

All of Peru's players have finished their tournaments, and with a grand total of 5 points, Peru is officially out of the running for the live finals.

Venezuela came up with a total of 21 points for its four players, but Costa Rica did one better with a total of 22. However, Brazil is already beating that score, so Venezuela and Costa Rica are officially out of the race.

2:48pm - Down to the wire

Kingeorge63 just survived two all-ins in a row. The first saw his As-2s beat CROSA COLL's Ah-Qs with a flush on the turn. Then his A-K held up against A-7 to put him back in the match.

ballaperdida, meanwhile, has finished in 5th place on TLB2. His A-J was no good against farra311's A-K.

2:46pm - AntoineMex takes first place and 20 points for Mexico

The first of the four Division Latin America tables has wrapped up after a contentious heads-up battle on FR1. AntoineMex came in with the chip lead, but it was nothing if not a valiant effort on the part of arielbh to try to take over. The last hand, however, found arielbh with only 2,440 chips to the 12,560 of AntoineMex.

Both players saw a cheap 2h-9d-Tc flop, and another 400 chips each went in before the Td on the turn. arielbh bet his last 1,815 chips all-in, and AntoineMex called with 2d-5h for two pair. arielbh flipped his 8c-7c and only had the one board pair on his side, along with the straight draw. It didn't come on the river, and the Ad that did hit sent arielbh out in second place with 15 points for Brazil.

AntoineMex took first place and 20 points for Team Mexico.

2:43pm - Four players remain on TLB1

A three-way all-in on TLB1 has us down to just 4 players. Crisper moved all-in under the gun with pocket tens, and he got calls from Improved with 6-6 and Tullio_B with Ah-Kd. The Kh-Tc-2c-6c-3h gave every one a better hand than they began with, but Crisper still came out on top.

Just moments later, marroca5's A-3 cracked redskin134's A-Q to send him packing as well. So Tullio_B gets 4 points for Venezuela, Improved gets 6 points for Costa Rica, and redskin134 gets 8 points for Chile.

2:38pm - Mucho action on FR2

FR2's heads-up match between CROSA COLL and Kingeorge63 is neck-and-neck. Both are playing cautious but aggressive poker, making for some interesting viewing.

On TLB1, things are starting to get going now that Joao M. has busted out. His A-9 fell to sebas23's 3-3, sending him out in seventh place to give Brazil another 3 points.

2:36pm - More eliminations

dhubermex was down in seventh place on TLB2. After being severely crippled, he got in with Q-J against Crisper's A-K and couldn't hit.

Meanwhile, ratsed was out in third place on FR2. He shoved with K-5 but CROSA COLL's A-9 held up. That meant 11 points for Guatemala.

2:34pm - Kingeorge63, king of the chips

Brazil just notched up 8 points with kinhomd's elimination. His A-7 couldn't beat Kingeorge63's 9-9, so he finishes in 4th place.

On the very next hand, Kingeorge63 claimed the chip lead with a huge pot from CROSA COLL without showing down. The board read Ac-As-Kh-Qc-3c on the river; Kingeorge63's all-in reraise took down a 10k pot and gave him a monster lead.

2:32pm - Venezuela gains six points

CROSA COLL has been applying severe pressure - and running good to boot. His A-Q just caught an ace on the flop to crack pokerfrank76's pocket eights. That meant an even bigger stack for CROSA COLL, and another 6 points for Venezuela.

2:28pm - FR1 table speeds to heads-up action

Suddenly, the play on FR1 went faster than these little hands could type. estefano17 took a sixth place finish for 4 points, and capdevila wasted no time getting involved in a huge pot that went to arielbh, eliminating capdevila in fifth place for 6 points. RCSGOLD was the next to go at the hands of AntoineMex, and RCSGOLD was forced out in fourth place for an 8-point finish.

TIJO was the short stack at the three-handed table, and when AntoineMex made the initial raise, TIJO put just over 2,000 chips into the pot all-in. AntoineMex called with Ac-Jc, and TIJO showed As-8d. The board ran out Ts-7h-Ks-9s-Th, and that was all we wrote for TIJO. The Costa Rican player left in third place for a respectable 11 points.

Heads-up then began with the following chip counts:

AntoineMex (Mexico) - 9,990 chips
arielbh (Brazil) - 5,010 chips

2:28pm - CROSA COLL controlling

CROSA COLL is applying severe pressure - and running good to boot. His A-Q just caught an ace on the flop to crack pokerfrank76's pocket eights. That means an even bigger stack for CROSA COLL, and another 6 points for Venezuela.

2:25pm - More on FR2

FR2 is getting interesting. Kingeorge63 just doubled through kinhomd with Q-Q against A-K, boosting him to 3,608 and dropping kinhomd to just 944.

On TLB2, meanwhile, argenpoker is out in 6th place. His pocket eights couldn't hold up against ballaperdida's Kc-Qc, so Argentina gets another 4 points.

2:24pm - Action on FR2

CROSA COLL has a stranglehold on FR2 at the moment, with 6,058 in chips. His nearest competition is Kingeorge63 with 2,308, so he's getting aggressive and taking pots seemingly at will.

2:18pm - Costa Rica lost one, gained three points

Over on TLB1, dhubermex managed to win his coinflip with Ad-Td against marroca5's pocket nines. That's good news for Mexico.

But on FR2, armandotje95 is out in seventh place, earning 3 points for Costa Rica. He got in with Ad-Kd against Kingeorge63's pocket tens, but he was drawing dead on the turn when the Ts came.

2:12pm - Short stacks moving

It's crunch time now for the short stacks with blinds at 75/150, and we're beginning to see a lot of all-in moves before the flop.

kinhomd survived one on FR2, doubling up to about 1,100, and then called all-in when nikks_07 shoved in front of him a few hands later. kinhomd's As-Kd was outflopped by nikks_07's Ac-Td, but a king on the turn gave him the win. nikks_07 grabbed 2 points for Argentina by going out in eighth place.

2:08pm - FR1 table loses tortumen and poro14

Before the break, tortumen took his ultra-short stack of 158 into battle with Ad-9d, but estefano17 called from the big blind with Ts-3h. Looked good for a double-up until the board came 4h-5h-6c-Th-5c, and tortumen was out in eighth place, which was worth 2 points for Guatemala.

And just after the break, poro14 decided to attempt a double-up with his last 820 chips by moving all-in preflop with Ah-6c. It was AntoineMex who called with the dominating As-Js, and the board brought a six on the flop for poro14 but then delivered a jack on the river for AntoineMex. poro14 was ousted in seventh place for 3 points.

2:03pm - Whew! First break

After some interesting action during the first hour of play, all four Latin America tables are on a well-deserved break. Players will return to Level 5 with 75/150 blinds.

2:00pm - TLB2 slows pace

After some crazy action on TLB2, things slowed down a bit. Mexico's Pythomunoz was suffering connection problems, leading to added time on the clock whenever it was his turn. The pace (not to mention his stack) dropped a bit as a result.

1:55pm - TLB1 picking up the pace

TLB1 now has a points finisher. tiburonbig of Peru moved all-in for his last 380 before the flop holding Qc-Jd, but he was dominated by marroca5's As-Js. An ace on the flop sealed the deal, giving Peru one point for tiburonbig's finish.

1:51pm - Uruguay first eliminated at TLB1 table

TLB1 just saw its first bustout with blinds at 50/100; this has been one tight table! And the hands reflected that. Uruguay's advanced got all-in preflop with Ad-Qd against Brazil's Joao M., who held pocket kings. No hope ever materialized, and Uruguay now has a player down with no points.

1:48pm - Venezuela sees first elimination, three points

tioalberto put up a valiant fight after being crippled earlier, but his journey came to an end here today. He moved all-in preflop with Ad-2d and argenpoker called with pocket nines. tioalberto developed a flush draw by the turn, but he didn't get there and thus exited the table in 7th place, earning 3 points for Venezuela.

1:43pm - Colombia hurt by third early elimination

We have our second point finisher on FR2, but that's not as encouraging as it may sound.

alvagodo had been crippled a few hands before on a queen-high flop holding K-Q against CROSA CROLL's pocket kings. He got his last 237 in the middle against MARWEST, who hit top pair on another queen-high flop to send alvagodo out with 1 point for Colombia.

That means Colombia has three players down already, each of them accruing only one point each.

1:40pm - diegovergara out for Colombia, one point for the team

The FR1 table saw four players see a flop of 8c-Kd-Ad, but when diegovergara bet into the pot, everyone folded but RCSGOLD. Small betting after the Jh turn led to the Ks on the river. RCSGOLD shoved all-in for 580 chips with Kh-Jc for the full house, and diegovergara could only show Ah-7d for two pair. The latter made the all-in call with the losing hand and was forced to accept a ninth place finish and the one point for Colombia.

1:38pm - Crushing dreams on TLB2

While some of the other tables have been quiet, TLB2 continues to swat down players' dreams. Mexico's fortunes just improved when Pythomunoz got all-in before the flop with pocket queens against tioalberto's pocket jacks.

The flop was ace high and all diamonds; unfortunately for tioalberto, his Jd was dominated by Pythomunoz's Qd so there were only two outs. Neither hit, and tioalberto dropped to 240. Pythomunoz shot up up to 3,490.

1:31pm - Table of death...or aggressive players, if you will

TLB2 is our death table right now - we already have another player down.

Costa Rica's LAJG opened for 90 in middle position and farra311 called in the hijack. tioalberto came along from the small blind and the flop was Ad-Jh-6c. LAJG led out for the pot, 300, and farra311 min-raised. tioalberto got out of the way and LAJG got all-in holding Ah-Kh.

The bad news was that farra311 held a pocket pair of sixes for the flopped set. The board ran out with no help and LAJG earned 2 points for Costa Rica. farra311, meanwhile, is up to over 3k in chips.

1:28pm - Player down on FR2

There's a player down on FR2, and he won't get any points.

Chile's apostolchile limped in with four other players to see a flop of Ah-Kh-7h, and when the action got to him he shoved for his last 576. Colombia's alvagodo called immediately with 6h-4h for the flush, while apostolchile had a shot with Ad-8h. In the end, he didn't catch, though, and he exits the competition.

1:26pm - Peru took another hit, lost ficofico75

It has not been a good day for Peru in the division thus far. On table FR1, four players saw a flop of 2s-As-7h, but when capdevila bet out 240, ficofico75 raised all-in for his last 835. Two players got out of the way, and capdevila called. capdevila showed Ah-Kc for top pair, and ficofico75 showed Ad-Qc for the same but with a lower kicker. The turn and river were 9d and 6d, respectively, and ficofico75 was out in tenth place.

Peru found its second finisher out of four players who was forced to accept no points for the effort today.

1:21pm - First point finisher gains, well, one point

We've got our first point finisher of this round, and it wasn't pretty.

Argentina's argenpoker raised to 60 in early position and got calls from Venezuela's tioalberto on the button and Colombia's juanfer_ap69 in the big blind. Action checked to tioalberto on the Ks-Js-Jd board and both opponents called when he bet 100 into a pot of 190. Everyone checked the 2s on the turn, and juanfer_ap69 led out for 340 when the Ts hit the river. argenpoker got out of the way, but tioalberto shipped it for more than juanfer_ap69 had left; when tioalberto showed Js-Td for the full house he scooped the pot against juanfer_ap69's Qs-9c for the flush.

That's one point in the standings now for Colombia.

1:20pm - AntoineMex in control of FR1 table

After coming out of the gate as one of the aggressors at the table, AntoineMex took another significant pot to hold a dominating chip lead after only 20 minutes of play. In a pot that grew after each street, diegovergara tangled with AntoineMex on a 3d-Jd-Kd-5s-4c board. diegovergara showed a solid hand of pocket jacks for the set, but AntoineMex's momentum held up as he showed pocket kings for the higher set. diegovergara then sat with less than half his starting stack.

1:12pm - Peru lost one, gained no points

Peru finally lost its first player, after crema2005 got all-in preflop with Qd-7d. Venezuela's tioalberto called in the big blind with pocket nines, which held up to mark our first elimination. Unfortunately, Peru started off with one of its four players garnering no points.

1:06pm - And...action!

After a slow start on two of our tables, we finally got ourselves some action. On the FR2 Latin America table, ratsed flopped a flush with 4d-3d and managed to get apostolchile to pay him off in a pot worth 1,600.

The bigger action, though, was on the TLB2 Latin America table. On the third hand of play, Peru's crema2005 had Qh-Qc in the small blind and saw a flop of 9d-5h-2h with Brazil's LICO01 in the big blind. Unfortunately, when all the money went in on the flop, the queens were no good against LICO01's Kh-Kd. crema2005 is still hanging in there, having tripled up to 90 chips, but the Peruvian has a long fight ahead of him now.

1:00pm - Latin America Underway

Welcome to coverage of the last three divisions in the World Cup! Division Latin America started as players took their seats moments ago, and the four tournaments have virtual cards in the air. There are four tournaments, each one consisting of a player from each of the ten countries competing for their seats at the live finals in the Bahamas. Points will be accrued based on the place each player finishes, and the team with the most points when all tables are complete wins that privilege.

The countries involved in the Latin American division are Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Guatemala.

Updates as the action happens...

For more information on the World Cup of Poker V, click here, and the schedules for today's action can be found here.

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