World Cup of Poker: Germany 1 team Advances to Bahamas in World Cup V


Six teams from Germany each sent representatives to four tables to battle it out to see who would win the right to represent their country in the live final of the World Cup, to be played in the Bahamas on January 6th.

Representing Berlin was D.Nowitzki, xxB 52xx, NiceBet_1985, and Max Pro 101. For Nordrhein-Westfalia, utopias13, Watte, TomTomSnow, and DeepBlue3112 did battle. Sitting at their computers in Hamburg were GoaMick, fips2708, 1 Man@work, and noregretsall. And for Sachsen Unam1337, Rennwurm, nobody I, and Jo1701 played.

We also had two non-city specific teams playing: Germany 1, represented by Boku87, joscha45, Mados4k, and SmArTdOg1970, and the Germany 2 team, consisting of AjaxAchill, BongBob, Meledi 69, and HG25.

Play was fast and furious at the six-handed tables, and within an hour-and-a-half we had our winner, the Germany 1 team, whose representatives managed to claim first place at three of the four tables.

Over on Table TLB2, AjaxAchill (sporting a Sarah Palin avatar, you betcha) moved out to an early lead at Table TLB2, then suffered a huge hit in a big hand versus Boku87. After some modest preflop jockeying, both players seemed to like the flop of Qs-10h-5d, and thereby did Boku87 get all of his stack in the middle, and AjaxAchill most of his. AjaxAchill held Ad-Qd for top pair, top kicker, but discovered himself way behind Boku87's flopped set with 10d-10s. The turn and river didn't help AjaxAchill, and he was suddenly down to just 985 chips.

AjaxAchill battled back, though, and was still there at the end to battle Boku87 heads up. Down to less than 1,000 chips, AjaxAchill got them all in on a flop of 6c-10s-Js holding 6s-4s, giving him a pair and a flush draw. Boku87 had 9s-2s for a higher flush draw, and the 7s on the turn meant Boku87 had taken the table for the Germany 1 team.

1. Boku87 (Germany 1) - 20 points
2. AjaxAchill (Germany 2) - 15 points
3. D.Nowitzki (Berlin) - 11 points
4. utopias13 (Nordrhein-Westfalia) - 8 points
5. GoaMick (Hamburg) - 6 points
6. Unam1337 (Sachen) - 4 points

TBL1 finished soon thereafter, with xxB 52xx of Berlin taking it down. The tourney ended with BongBob (Germany 2) pushing all in for 2,185 with 8h-6h, and xxB 52xx calling with Kd-Jc. The board came 4d-10d-Kh-5d-Kc, giving xxB 52xx trip kings and the 20 points for first-place.

1. xxB 52xx (Berlin) - 20 points
2. BongBob (Germany 2) - 15 points
3. Rennwurm (Sachsen) - 11 points
4. Watte (Nordrhein-Westfalia) - 8 points
5. fips2708 (Hamburg) - 6 points
6. joscha45 (Germany 1) - 4 points

Table FR2 was the next to complete. After an hour or so of play, DeepBlue3112 (Nordrhein-Westfalia) and SmArTdOg1970 (Germany 1) made it to heads up with nearly even chip stacks, and the pair battled for some time with neither taking a significant advantage. Then came the decisive hand. SmArTdOg1970 had 4,880 to start the hand, and DeepBlue3112 4,120. The pair each committed some chips on a flop of 8d-10h-8s, then after the turn brought the Qd they managed to get the rest in, with DeepBlue3112 holding 10s-2c for middle pair, and SmArTdOg1970 As-Ah for the overpair. The river was the 4c, and Germany 1 had won its second table of the day.

1. SmArTdOg1970 (Germany 1) - 20 points
2. DeepBlue3112 (Nordrhein-Westfalia) - 15 points
3. HG25 (Germany 2) - 11 points
4. Jo1701 (Sachsen) - 8 points
5. Max Pro 101 (Berlin) - 6 points
6. nogretsall (Hamburg) - 4 points

The last table to finish was Table FR1. There Mados4k of Germany 1 had his way for most of the match, finally finishing off nobody I (of Sachsen) when the latter committed the last of his chips wiht Kd-Jc versus Madosk4k's Ad-Th. The flop came 9h-8c-Qs, and Mados4k's ace was still tops. The turn was the 6h and the river the 2c, giving Germany 1 a third first-place finish.

1. Mados4k (Germany 1) - 20 points
2. nobody I (Sachsen) - 15 points
3. NiceBet_1985 (Berlin) - 11 points
4. 1 Man@work (Hamburg) - 8 points
5. Meledi 69 (Germany 2) - 6 points
6. TomTomSnow (Nordrhein-Westfalia) - 4 points

With those three first-places, the Germany 1 team finished well ahead of Berlin and Germany 2 to advance to the Bahamas. Here are the final totals:

World Cup of Poker V -- Germany Division

Germany 1 - 64 points
Berlin - 48 points
Germany 2 - 47 points
Sachsen - 38 points
Nordrhein-Westfalia - 35 points
Hamburg - 24 points

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